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    I quite enjoy the interactions with Teani. Sure, Z a fair bit gruff with their convos, but he makes it a point to be sociable with her when she does speak with him.

    On an OOC level, I still enjoy talking to you and us venting with each other. Its nice to be able to relate to current issues in our lives to some extent... makes one feel less alone.
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    I've only interacted with Teani once, and it was actually pretty enjoyable.

    Teani was loitering around the entrance to the Jaru, so Tens went to investigate - Only to find Teani was upset, and seemingly lonely. Tens actually kind of felt bad for her.

    of course, there is more to that story, but it's the simplicity of the story that still resonates today.

    Basically, I would certainly RP with you again.

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    While their portrait painting time was short, I thought it was rather enjoyable.

    I don't know hardly anything about Teani, or what she does, but Jura's definitely interested in learning more.
    To Jura, Teani seems to posses an air of presence and command. An expressed respect, if you will.
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    I'm always interested in more cross-tether RP, @Tenshyo. And the everyday things are usually quite good. They add depth to the character.

    @Jura, you need to come find me for some more RP. I'm still working on the calendar, but hoping to get it done soon!

    And for everyone else: Yes, there is a second edition of the Spirean Pin-up Calendar in the making, though this time I have opted not to share the RP logs of all the painting sessions along with the ascii art. People will just have to come buy it to see it ICly instead. If you feel like reading the past painting sessions, they can be found here (the ascii links don't work anymore though): forums.aetolia.com/discussion/1782/spirean-pin-up-calendar/p1

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    Giving this a bump. A lot has happened since the last comments and I'd like to know if people have noticed changes in her or if it's not changed her enough. Take it away!

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    Teani is still the same person at her core. I think being a guildmaster has the potential to change her a great deal, like it did with Fezzix. Let it happen organically, go along with the game's lore, and you'll find it incredibly enriching. Best of luck!
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    I really enjoy Teani! The fact that she seems to get excited by how excitable Oisynne is tickles me pink and makes me want to strive harder to work on things to boost the Scios. <3
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    Settled in a little as a GM and set things up a little more for the Sciomancers (thanks to some awesome help from people). How is she doing?

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    I only got to see Teani very briefly (and in a very bad mood), but I very much liked how she comported herself.
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    Both Tek and myself are so very sorry for all the headaches we've caused >.> But Teani is an awesome character who good things should happen to more often.
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    I like Teani!

    Polite and professional. She is an excellent crafter, and I catch my self checking the city Directory more than once for the rare chance of snagging any new items she makes.

    The two have not engaged to much, but hopefully that changes in the future.
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    From a flippant comment asking about a pile of gold (she of course knew exactly where to find one) to literal real life day long conversations full of crazy detailed breathtaking emotes that constantly force me to improve and up my own game it is fair to say that Teani is my favorite character to RP with in aetolia.

    I could say so much more but then that would cause all the rest of you to try and grab some of her time.

    Seriously though if you have any reason IC to interact with Teani you should do so, and if not you should make one up.

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    That is all.
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    Crafter of shiny things and cool attire. A really good Crafter! Interacting with her feels fairly organic and fluid, never really had any awkward or tense moments. Sklax gets the impression that there is probably way to much that he is missing concerning Teani, especially being the current Shadow Warden right now. But for now, he enjoys the impression he has of her.
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    I absolutely adore the RP with Teani. And learning Triptycha. Combos are evil. The back and forth is great, the interactions are fun as hell. It's the little interactions that make the RP better.
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