• EzalorEzalor Emperor D'baen Canada
    @Rou 350 more damage is a 35.5% increase in damage...and that's not counting the balance improvement. That's a SIGNIFICANT increase in DPS. For comparison's sake, level 3 strength (2500 credits) adds about 18% more damage and even that's too stronk.
  • Level 3 strength adds around +25%, actually. It's just linear, so the effective increase is lower if your str is already high.

  • StrungStrung Halls of Hades

    It has to be done right Alexina, I'm not saying an archer would beat someone 1v1, but they could benefit from increased complexity.


    Also, archers should be able to fight each other 1v1 and kill each other somehow.  They could use the triptycha mini-game to represent triangulated arrows, whoever loses the triptycha match gets skewered by the other guy's arrows if he commits to the archer fight.  Much like psi-combat (does that still exist?) it's a mini-game full of unused potential.

    I am never going to get fully into Aetolia again but if the mini-games or alternative play styles were more developed then I might find the time.

    I am such an aaaalllphaaaaaarrrgh.
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