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  • Me first! Oh, what to say about Xavin. Like you said in mine, there really isn't words to describe it all. Xavin is my favorite person to RP with and not just because Elwyn and he are in a relationship. It is because I know he would always be there for Elwyn no matter what and that you go with whatever she throws at him and he -cares- deeply. It's amazing to see how comfortable you are in Xavin's skin and that really does show through in your interactions with anyone.

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    Xavin and Arbre have been together for nearly five years now.  When I first ran into you, I had zero interest in getting to know you, but I'm really glad that Macha and Avaesse ditched us for each other and I had the urge to come talk to you outside of "you're going to be my sire, embrace me and never talk to me again."

    It's been an interesting progression to watch him go from uncertain and unsteady, basically Arbre's protege, to outshining her in many ways, and I think I'm more pleased with the dynamic they have now than ever have before.  It's nice to have someone I know that Arbre can always fall back on.
  • Drana/Xavin never interacted much, except over city channel, and from that, he's hilarious. He makes Duiran chat amusing, which is saying a lot because it's usually about... Bleh... He probably hates Ladrana, I'm not really sure, but Drana likes him as a person and respects him as a leader, hence her gathering the pearls (what few she did gather) to fix the Master Crystal. Because apart from that, she had no affiliation to the Ascendril and could have cared less. Lol.
  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos
    Xavin has remained one of my absolute favorite people to RP with over the last five years that we've been together.  He's one of the few people who have stuck it out with Arbre through time and learned her - outside of her sisters, he knows her best and understands her best.  Your writing is amazing and moving, even when we're just screwing around or I'm complaining that I'm bored because cuddling is stupid.  You want to RP out even the most mundane things which makes Xavin feel like a living, breathing person instead of just a text dummy.
  • Well, I can chime in now!

    He is definitely an interesting character, even though their conversations have ranged from amusing to intensely serious about life changes.

    He cares for his family so much, I love seeing that. Even if it is a tad over protective. 

    And he can be sneaky. Damn sneaky Duiranite bastards. 
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  • @Angwe: Your image didn't work.

  • AngweAngwe I'm the dog that ate yr birthday cake Bedford, VA
    Oh. It shows up on mine :9

    It's a screencap from an episode of Futurama that has the caption: "When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." Xavin is really quiet about all the /stuff/ he's doing and what he gets done. Occasionally, I get glimpses into a surprising amount of activity and the deep personality behind the screen of the sort of 'workplace comrade' relationship he and Ang seem to have.

    Now let me go back to communicating in gifs and trollspeak.
  • I really enjoy the dynamic between Rhine and Xavin. She -tries- not to make him worry about her and he worries anyway. You play the protective father to the hilt, and I like that. It's very natural and not overly done. It's fun seeing the different sides of him, all of which you play very well. 
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Grats on Feral Will! I don't really have much IC interaction with Xavin, but I do respect you lots as a player and think you're one of the cool levelheaded reasonable types, so you should do well in the job!
  • Xavin's a cool cat. Rashar still feels slightly (or a lot) guilty for running out on the Ascendril, so he sort of avoided Xavin quite a few times. We've had a couple more interactions since then, but nothing significant.

    He is probably one of the only characters in the game that Rashar would actually stop to listen to an ass-chewing from without bucking up, and that stems from the combination of Xavin's competence and the way he carries himself.
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    I'll believe he isn't Artifice when I see him.




    [spoiler]I kid, though seriously we should RP sometime. I've heard you're pretty fucking awesome.[/spoiler]

    the way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine

    open hand or closed fist would be fine

    blood as rare and sweet as cherry wine

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    Oh man, Xavin's on that list of people who Aishia has been around for so long that she kind of starts to take him for granted. I think he also thinks she/(me?) is a totally psycho. Which is totally fair... I think I need to drum up fresh new RP with him and some other people. Aishia also tends to overabuse him. (But in general Aishia is very abusive!) I guess I should do some affirming in here too. HE IS VERY PUNCTUAL AND RELIABLE. He always remembers to bring his school supplies.
  • AishiaAishia Queen Bee
    I miss Xavin! He's always been there when I needed help with something or to complain to about things. I even miss his mistrust of my motives any time I am friendly to him.
  • Okay, last one for today I promise. And I had to hunt for this one, so I better make it good.

    Xavin and Kai have a really cute relationship - he is definitely very fatherly. She likes asking him questions and getting his input on things - Xavin in a mentor role and as Archmage was really, really natural for Kai to adapt to.

    Ever since you mentioned to Kai about that student, I have been -waiting- for that roleplay. One of these days, you're going to be innocently going about your life ( ok let's be real probs not innocently) and I am going to demand that roleplay so I can learn more about this fabled student.

    Until then, I enjoy their professional interactions and the more cutesy ones (need another shirt?). Thank you for RPing with me!
  • It has been a long while and I'm a little nervous about what people might say, but I'll give this a bump.

  • Xavin!

    It has been an absolute joy to watch Xavin grow and change since he joined the Templar! Kale and Xav have been friends for a long time, so it was definitely an interesting mix to go from both being GM's to being his guildmaster. It's even more fun when they disagree, Xavin has endured Kale's rage and survived, even if they are a little hesitant around each other now! You play a great character and I hope that we get to keep interacting for a long time!
  • BenedictoBenedicto Tentacles Errywhere!
    Xavin is one of Benedicto's oldest friends and comrades - right up there with @Sryaen for length of time they've all been around and known each other form. He's steadfast and loyal. Thoughtful, yet doesn't hesitate when action is required. He can, at times, be an extremely sensitive sausage, allowing things that are relatively minor to annoy him to a much greater degree than would be expected. There have been several occasions where Benedicto has had to talk to Xavin to calm him down. That being said, his fire and passion is a large part of his charm.
  • Xavin was a patient guide through Inthirath reaching his Knighthood. You did not make it a huge job interview to take him on, and were willing to work with Inthirath in the place of his growth. You are always willing to help and be a go-between if things are confusing.
  • AxiusAxius where I am
    Xavin is a welcome presence for Axius, and is definitely going to continue to be the recipient of cookies, treats, and goodies as time goes on. Thanks for being a friend and helping some of Axi's settling in!
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