RP Mode (WIP)

TetchtaTetchta The Innocent
Hey everyone. Someone was wanting my help to make Mudlet's main output look a bit more like Nexus's, which has linebreaks, hides excess prompts, and doesn't display your sent commands. Basically, it's less cluttered. Been working on it a few hours here and there, and thanks to @mjoll, I'm dubbing it "RP Mode." Here's an example of how it works:

It toggles on and off with "rpmode on" and "rpmode off" respectively.

This is mostly meant to make the onscreen experience more pleasurable while RPing. It has some quirks, which is why WIP is highlighted heavily in the title. It functions using a series of deleteLine() commands, since disabling command output stuff isn't (presently) possible via scripts in Mudlet, so this was the only way to get it to work in a toggleable way. I definitely wouldn't reject people workshopping this and getting it tighter.



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