Worst Descriptions Ever 2: Golden Dragon Milk Strikes Again



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    Hadoryu said:
    This is a thing now? People defend 8 foot mhun-orcs with naruto eyes on the forums with a straight face?


    I don't think it's so much the 8 foot orc as it is just people defending others from ridicule/mockery. What would happen if someone made an 'Aetolia's Fattest/Ugliest' thread? I think it's safe to say it probably wouldn't fly for obvious reasons.

    I never liked this thread from the beginning, seems like nothing more than a place to bully and for high-schoolers to try and impress their friends with preconceived wit. The world is a cold, harsh place. Luckily the game and its other media is a controlled environment that doesn't have to be.

    *unnecessary banner*
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    As an aside, it being a game, if you really are curious about how/why certain people desc the way they do - Could just RP with them and learn about it and maybe tell them OOCly at some point how or why their RP does not justify their description. (My own comment way up there was at Ivoln's silly pic)

    We're all people, man. :) Though I could see this thread as something useful it should not be in a place where there's obviously a focus on Newbies etc who are looking for extra help and could come to this and get to feeling randomly victimized if their stuff is here. Not really bullying  but these forums are apart of a game and represent said game in a sense where it'd be nicer for all involved not to shun/dismiss people for how they play.

    (Edit: I might be being a little sensitive though since i've interacted IG with said player in question and he's a cool dude. >.>)

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    Xenia said:
    To be honest, the 'elitist' RPers, in my experience, do more to snuff out RP growth (OOCLY) in other people, than to actually enhance their ability. It's like come on *insert jackoff motion here* I get it, you've been playing the game for years and know the lore like the back of your hands, yet instead of saying something constructive, you're just going to make snide remarks when the person isn't (or sometimes IS) around. This hasn't happened so much with me (that I'm aware of :p), but it's definitely something that I've seen happen, through OOC Clans in game, about other people who get a bit zealous with their RP. To be honest, it just made me avoid as much interaction as possible, initially, with the ones I labeled as '1337', cus I didn't want to accidentally find myself the subject of their mockery. 
    I think you're painting with a pretty broad brush there, a lot of the people that I can think of who are precious about the lore are also the type to attempt to ding someone with a little FYI about what they could modify to better fit in. I guess in my mind there's the people who are precious about lore (and yeah, I get ruffled if I see someone swanning around with something that just shouldn't work) and there's the jerks who just want to attack someone. Not terribly fair to assume those two are always the same.

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    You're right Eleanor, and actually I wasn't insinuating that you were one of those people. Just this very thing is a subject that, for a while, has been irking me and it just all vomited out in that way. My apologies.

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    Seir said:
    2.) An ample bosom, or anything stating how the breasts are huge. Generally, if the breasts are mentioned in any detail at all, it's generally a bad sign.
    I feel like making a male character with the size of his bulging package specifically mentioned in the description. Gotta have equality, yanno!
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    My old description was pretty bad. I shamelessly present it here to be ridiculed. :(

    She is a normal Human for whom the word 'comely' fails to apply. She is primarily short, barely coming to shoulder height among other Humans. If it were possible to be more pale than a vampire, she probably would be. A chaotic splattering of freckles, varying in size like a swarm of bugs, thoroughly coats her cheeks and limbs. Her dark brown hair is jaggedly cut around her jawline as if she took a battleaxe to it, and her nails look bitten rather than filed, with flecks of cheap polish still remaining on them. Her feminine attributes, or lack thereof, do her no favours: she is skinny, looking to be nearly flat as a board with hips rivaling that of a prepubescent boy's. A touch of muscle tone does show up along her limbs, though, hinting to a lifestyle at least one degree above 'sedentary'.
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    I actually really liked that description, to be perfectly honest.
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    Piper said:

    I actually really liked that description, to be perfectly honest.

    It wasn't BAD bad, it just really didn't fit the character I had in mind and was overloaded with silly metaphors and such. It almost felt like a reverse Mary Sue - all negative with a single attractive feature to make her seem not like such a useless piece of unicorns. The new one she has is a bit more neutral and allows for more variation in character development.
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    She kinda reminded me of the character, Maree Mallory, from a favorite book of mine- Deep Secrets by Diana Wynne Jones. I see what you're saying, though.
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    Well spotted! Carry on.
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    Ya know, people were ready to mock every description that landed in the thread. Xenia made a good post about how this is kind of farmstinky, and people fell in line.

    Props @Xenia
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    Ghasts are known as being superior ghouls for although they look almost identical, ghasts are much stronger and have retained a great deal of the intelligence that they had in life. Cunning and evil creatures, these monstrous beings are a match for most adventurers and it is rumored that the very touch of one of these undead horrors can cause the very marrow of someone's bones to freeze which paralyzes their unfortunate victim in place to be fed upon at the ghast's leisure.
    A ghast looks weak and feeble.
    He weighs about 100 pound(s).
    He is loyal to [vampire].

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    Did they just copy/paste the skill ab or something?
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    Ingram said:
    "Oh my arms are suddenly lubed"
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    I'm fairly confident that that is the base description for them.
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    Ooooooold descriptions.

    i am rapture coder
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    That's almost as bad as old lemmings wearing little mini sweaters (they did wear little mini sweaters)
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    Don't hate on the lemmings. It was glorious and they were so toasty warm and adorable :)
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    I'm getting a mini sweater for my raccoon
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    He is a typical Tsol'aa standing at six foot six inches tall, his figure athletically muscular. His shoulder-length charcoal grey hair is gathered up and pulled back with a thin strip of leather, one pointed ear clearly visible, the left missing the entire upper portion. Bandages cover the majority of his face, only one bloodshot but piercing green eye visible and his thin lips visible beneath. The black cloth continues over his body, covering his skin almost completely, though the fabric is thicker with excess wrappings and caked with dried blood along his forearms and hands. His right shoulder remains free of the bandages, the lightly tanned skin tattooed with an black and red ferret.
    He is wearing:
    This one swears he isn't naked. But... he is. He's just naked and bandaged. He got pretty mad when I pointed this out and ended up snubbing me. Sad day. He was hanging out in Enorian with this young lady!

    She is a wise Rajamala but is obviously half of some other race. She
    carries very little of the primal rajamalan resemblance, and instead
    appears more graceful and Tsol'aa-like at first glance. She has retained
    the pointed claws on the ends of her fingers, and her teeth appear to be
    sharp and predatory like the rest of her kin. She has no fur on her body,
    but faint, rosy streaks of iridescent bronze criss-cross her bare skin in
    stripes. They are most notable along her forearms and legs, and give her
    body a strange shimmery quality. Her hair is a curtain of wispy bronze
    strands, decorated here and there with tiny braids laced with colorful
    seashells. Her eyes are a strange, vivid copper color and filled with a
    haughty confidence. They seem almost strange in her humanoid face, with
    cat-like pupils shared by most other Rajamala. Her body is just
    approaching womanhood, with steady curves and long legs that lift her to a
    modest height. Aside from the light dusting of stripes, a plethora of
    colorful oceanic fish have been tattooed across her sun-kissed skin.
    Dozens of tiny, vividly colored creatures swim along her arms and down her
    spine in a rainbow of sea life. A singular, vividly blue starfish
    decorates her temple, wreathed in tinier black stars, and a loop of metal
    has been pierced through her nose and bottom lip to complete her bodily
    She is wearing:
    a plain grey pack, worn on the back
    a white cloak trimmed in gold, hanging from the shoulders
    a powder blue skirt, hanging low on her hips
    a corded white shirt, covering the torso
    a delicate gold hoop earring, pierced through her bottom lip
    Who was actually pretty cool despite the Mary Sueish half-breedishness. I wonder why she just doesn't reincarnate tsol'aa and RP being a tsol'aa with long nails? Eh.
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    I'd go with the racial skills for rajamala generally being more helpful before endgame. You get scent and dash.
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    He is a typical Xoran with skin the colour of burnished steel, and turquoise 
    eyes which seem to take in every detail. <name> appears---at first glance---to 
    be quiet and introspective; this is exactly what he wants you to think...

    That's gold, Jerry! Gold! 
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