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I'm super self-conscious so didn't want to make one of these, but life has been whacking me in the figurative balls lately so I could use a nice word or two if anyone has one.

-hides face-


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    What's not to like about Aolin? It always makes me giggle when I realize I have a pocket full of cookies that were secreted to me. : :D
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    Aolin is quite possibly the sweetest person I've ever met who was willing to immediately jump into the childlike sense of wonder that I fling at her and double down by feeding squirrels cookies. She even picked up their names and immediately went with it! She's caring, lovely to talk to, enjoys fun surprises and making people's days brighter! What's not to love?
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    Cookie imp is best imp. I adore all the accidental "THANKS FOR THE COOKIES" messages I get thanks to this tricksy, sneaky little lass. And having to redirect the thanks back your way, hahaha. AND the player's an amazing artist!
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    I have yet to really lock Aolin down and have a good sesh with her but seeing her brightens up my days. I wish I noticed the cookies faster, I often get messages on the app at work about them decaying while I'm away. Keep being a good influence and a nice addition to the community. Thanks.
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    Our interactions have been brief, but they are always a pick-me-up. You are doing a fantastic job of bringing her to life! I'm always happy to get the chance to rp with you :smile:
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    Excellent jam session! I... am pretty sure. Gods I hope that was you and I didn't just make this weird <3
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    Aolin is a fascinating character and, though Iesid has been distant of late, she is a character that both he and I keep an eye on a lot. I am always pleased when I find someone who is willing to go off the deep end for a scene or two. Aolin's entry into the order was a good example; I was thoroughly impressed with how swiftly you and your character took to the tone of that scene - especially when you had watched a totally different scene for the same result a week or two prior! Your writing is a splendid contrast to those others that are around you in that environment and it makes you stand out delightfully.

    I am looking forward to where she goes, most of all! Please continue playing this wonderful character. She has definitely become an excellent addition to Omei's Order.
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    Now that some of Aolin's grittier side has come out and she's interacted more deeply with people, made big changes, etc.. I'd love to hear any feedback!
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    I finally got Aolin RP and was so happy for it! You portray her energy and feelings so well. From what I saw, she has a lot of conflict going on inside that I'm sure I'll get to dig into later. Really excited for us to be interacting. :)

    (sorry this is short, but we just started. I SHALL HAVE MORE LATER)
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    She won't have sex with Tetchta which I think means she has a 10/10 head on her shoulders.
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    She's friend with Aramaeus, which puts Tet's estimation in serious doubt.

    Seriously, though, super cool character, love the hidden depths and all the inner goings on that so rarely bubble to the surface - but are always there, and feel like they are. A very deliberately constructed character with weight, and gravitas if you have eyes to see it with. I don't get as many scenes with her as I'd like, but every one is a treasure.
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    I haven't gotten to see this mythical gritty side or really interact as much as I'd like with Aolin but all the little times I've gotten to so far have been an absolute delight. You're really good at using the environment and the little nuances of things to give a good idea of what's going on in her noggin.
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    I am long overdue in adding my voice to these multitudes. This is in large part due to the fact that I don't know what I could say here that hasn't already been said in the form of esteem. Nevertheless, Aolin more than deserves the formal shout out. 

    Straid has had the opportunity to interact with a number of characters that feel organic and are masterfully played, as well as designed. So please don't take it lightly when I say that his dynamic with Aolin is second to none in this regard. Nothing about their friendship has ever seemed forced or rushed or awkward. It simply developed as the result of serendipitous path-crossing and dynamic conversation. There is a genuine sense of history and weight to Aolin's character. She feels like an essential part of the lore and is played in such a way that many could easily never see beyond the surface. Deeper aspects of her must be earned and are not readily given away. As a storyteller, I have a lot of respect for that. 

    As a player, your willingness to shift direction and adapt to unexpected changes in a scene is nothing short of delightful. The ways in which you describe things, the patience you show in service to the story, the lack of presumptuous action... It all makes for an RP experience that never fails to leave you wanting more. 

    Mad respect, and here's to many more fascinating scenes. 
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    Oh my god where would aya be now if not for Aolin? Probably a failed mess of an attempt and hiding away. 
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    Cookie Imp is Best Imp. Axi's always appreciative, and calling her his unofficial daughter, in some capacity.
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    just generally the very best bean that ever did bean. I don't know how you keep up with it all, but your writing gorgeous and Aolin is such a wonderful character. All the cookies for you.
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    First, I love all of you, and thank you so much. Second, a piece of art I realized never got posted:

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    I know it was far from on friendly terms and Alela was a big bully butthole, but! I appreciated bumping into Aolin today. I find it interesting for Alela to clash with people who don't rise to her barking without outright ignoring her. Sorry I didn't give much back this time - hopefully a future encounter will be less knife's-edge!
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    Iesid said:

    Aolin is a fascinating character [...] She has definitely become an excellent addition to Omei's Order.

    I still think this. I am always incredibly impressed with the way you characterize Aolin.

    As a representative, she makes a very good foil for Iesid in a way the others do not.

    This character has more layers than an onion. Please keep letting people peel them back to see what an amazing writer you are.

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    New wings, who's this? :3c

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    I cannot properly express what a surprise it was to run into that feisty little street urchin of an Imp in a tavern in Spinesreach. Aolin was the first character I encountered who acknowledged everything that Qelres is (filthy, smelly, malformed) and still chose to like them. It was a choice which immediately endeared her to the Nazetu. I am so, so, so glad you made it.

    Being allowed to watch Aolin grow, even from the sidelines and in passing moments of friendly closeness, has been a joy. She's matured over the years in a believable way that makes her feel alive and part of the world. She is a whole character; whenever I interact with her, there is the sense that something else is going on off screen that I am not allowed to witness. These are the characters I treasure most in the game, because they are always new and always vibrant.

    And your writing! Ugh! It is light and descriptive, full of movement and charm. It matches the character perfectly, and I really can't get enough of it.

    P.S. Also your character design and outfits are always really aesthetically pleasing and on point. A+++
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    Another art
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