Free commission in exchange for redbubble purchase!

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Hello, all!
I wanted to try a little something different with you all. I recently started a redbubble shop with various designs of mine. Redbubble is a print-on-demand online shop service, where you can upload your photos, drawings etc and have them printed at purchase on coffee cups, tshirts, socks, totebags, bathmats, coasters and so SO much more.
A while back, a friend asked if I could make wares with a chibi I made of her, just in case her family would want to buy that t-shirt with her chibi that she really really want. That got me thinking. Perhaps there are other people out there who would want something similar? Perhaps a t-shirt with your aetolian character doing something fun? Or a mask with your favorite minipet? Or a coffee mug with your character in chibi form? Or perhaps you have that special friend you want to gift something to?

So, here is what I am thinking... I would take commissions and make them for free, with the only request being that you buy something from my redbubble shop. I will upload the picture without making it public first, to show what it would look like on the wares you want to see. Once you decide what you want to buy, even if it's just one sticker or one post card, I will post it for you to buy, without tags so it won't be easily found by strangers. Once the item(s) have been shipped, you send me a message and I remove the picture.

There is still time to make xmas themed items, though time is slowly running out for that. Should people be interested in this, I might do something similar after new year in preparation for Valentine´s day, so then we can get all cutesy!

To check my art style, though it has become slightly better if you ask me, you can look at both
And my redbubble shop can be found here

I can also make fancy pictures of your pets, such as the picture below.

If you are interested or want to learn more, send me a message here on the forums and we will start a discussion!

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