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  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Braavos
    Aldric said:
    Message #893   Sent By: Arbre           Received On: 11/09/2012/21:31
    "(( PROHIBITION WOOOOO!!! ))."

    ..Things you wouldn't typically expect @Arbre to say..

    Message #1022  Sent By: Arbre           Received On: 12/15/2012/6:28
    "(( You're an RA. I have RA. EHEHEHHEHEHEHIMIGHTBEDRUNK ))."

    ..See: above message

    ...I don't remember sending either of those.  I only vaguely remember talking about bringing in prohibition in Duiran.
  • KiyotanKiyotan spectacular vernacular Summit of the Falconmount
    Message #33    Sent By: Lin             Received On: 4/24/2011/11:15
    "((Oh god don't get me started on tears, I'm such a fucking girlyman, playing Lin))."

    Message #93    Sent By: Sibatti         Received On: 5/09/2011/17:17
    "We're both lucky I smoke a lot. This frequent coupling would have spelled doom for my war plans otherwise."

    Message #284   Sent By: Lin             Received On: 6/15/2011/4:05
    Some may say we've lost our way, but I believe we've not gone far enough.
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         29  Wedric       1/19/2005  
     Woot!  Congratulations!

        219  Wedric       2/26/2005  
     Honors wedric.

        220  Wedric       2/26/2005  
     Lua's idea, don't hurt me.

        222  Wedric       2/26/2005  
     (Arbor): Tarya says, "Ooooooooooohhhhhh." (Arbor): Tarya says, "Lotsa drooids." 
    (Arbor): You say, "Two plus two is four." (Arbor): You say, "Not any more!"

        223  Wedric       2/26/2005  
     Lua is convinced you're secretly my father.

        224  Wedric       2/26/2005  

        228  Wedric       2/27/2005  
     Please, please, please teach Dexter proper grammar and sentence structure.

        392  Wedric       3/17/2005  
     Get on AIM?

        393  Wedric       3/17/2005  
     Aw, ok.

        394  Wedric       3/17/2005  
     Man, I have not seen Dexter around once since he became GM.  I want to join the 
    damn Jherza school.

        528  Wedric       4/04/2005  
     Bleh, you're not on AIM.  Whatcha think of the idea of Wedric getting leprosy?

       1184  Wedric       2/13/2006  

       1185  Wedric       2/13/2006  
     Drop hands.

       1506  Wedric       7/25/2006  

       1507  Wedric       7/25/2006  
     You have slain the dragon Yudhishthira. <-- Solo'ing Yudhi ftw?

       2975  Wedric       9/13/2007  
     Where r u.

       2976  Wedric       9/13/2007  
     Where r u.

       3177  Wedric       10/21/2007 

  • RiluoRiluo The Doctor

    Ah the good old days! When having 5k meant  you were rich and we got mad at credits costing more than 2k!

    Message #25    Sent By: (lost soul)     Received On: 8/06/2005/18:31
    "I got 5 credits for 2.4k per from the city... i f@cking rock!"
    H:6435(100%) M:6006(100%) W:100% E:100% [db eb]
    Message #26    Sent By: (lost soul)     Received On: 8/06/2005/22:40
    "You owe me big time... 14k i made... 14k...wohoo"
    H:6435(100%) M:6006(100%) W:100% E:100% [db eb]

    Abhorash says, "Ve'kahi has proved that even bastards can earn their place."

  • Sent By: Lin on 8/05/2011/1:17
    (( As much as I really, -really- do enjoy gifts, why the incredible bursts of generosity? ))

    Sent By: Lin on 8/07/2011/22:07
    (( Ha ha. Thank you, so much! Transed vision :D ))

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