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All the newbie Enorian people doing it, so I'll join the trend!


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    Though the only interactions thus far have been through tells. It's been made very clear to Ardent he should likely not approach at all given her stance on things. He cautious of even trying to farsee her (stupid bracer) when a foci pops because the last few times it's ended up in a conversation that's left him all together confused or uncomfortable. Not in a bad way, but again, hesitation to even approach or speak to her. Which is a good thing in the grand scheme. It makes stances clear and if there is future interaction, or face to face, it'll be curious to see how it all goes.

    All in all, 10/10 solid interactions thus far. Good job!
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    Enthusiastic Renter. 
    Biased GM opinions: Rihrin is good, and the thieving of her from the Templar was excellent! I am very glad to have you and Rihrin in the Illuminai!

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    Rihrin is awesome!!
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    She didn't run away at my showing affection to a complete stranger and that makes her a good egg.

    She's sweet and energetic and motivated (from my outsider view), and overall pleasant conversation.

    Our interactions have been mostly in tells but I always enjoy hearing from Rihrin and look forward to the next time Escelika and her are together!
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    edited May 2020
    Rihrin is terrible. Absolutely atrocious. I hope she never leaves ♥️

    Though Tens is the Duck Master

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    Is it okay to give this a bump? I think maybe it's time to.
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    I like Rihrin.... even though we never talk in an IC manner... I do enjoy our OOC communications. :)

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    What can I say? 
    Rihrin is a delight. 

    The way in which our characters came to know each other was so organic and believable. Yesterday she spent hours (and I'm not referring to Aetolian hours) indulging in an interaction with Straid that began with tells and evolved into an outstanding RP that had me grinning the entire time. Rihrin defied Straid's expectations in a manner that very few characters have and it was truly a pleasure to get a glimpse beyond the surface and see just how deep and thought out this character is.

    To borrow a phrase, Rihrin and Straid seem to be becoming fast friends and I am very much looking forward to the next time their paths cross. 

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    Now, to add in the other half, since there's been some interaction with him, and see if anyone has more recent feedback.

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    omg I wanna pinch his cheekies
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    They are both adorable!!
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    Figured I'd just do a ping here. Please feel free to grab me for some RP!
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