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    Not to be a dick, but that's just a cop out and flat out false. A whole shadow guild recently got deleted from existence for the choices they made. If that's not punishment, what is?

    Shadow-sided organisations have gotten the short end of the stick before; this I do not dispute. What irks me is that Spirit can do everything right, every time, and still get whacked for no other reason than there having been no good options.
  • This is...vile.
    I don't think I've ever been this entirely ashamed to be part of a community. This is reprehensible behavior. That's really all there is to it. I don't really have any greater thing to offer here. There is no way to justify this to me, or make me less disappointed that this happened. Even more because I was perfectly willing to shake my head and scoff and "It can't be -that- bad." and then here it is. Exactly that bad. That's probably the only reason I'm saying anything. I never admitted that I was skeptical, but I was, and I'm sorry. It's just...sad. I hope we can do better.
  • I apologize.

    I didn't help the discussion with my reply to Phoenecia.

    We should all just apologize to each other and then figure out how we move forward and not dwell on our mistakes.

    I realized that acknowledging the mistakes I've made, even when I didn't believe they were mistakes, to myself really sucks. No matter how small my mistakes are I feel there's no going back from them because others will remember. And realizing it's not even about being wrong, it's about acknowledging another set of values that makes my actions a mistake. "Mistake" is probably the wrong word but the idea is conveyed, I hope. The only way I've been able to cope with this is to remind myself that the past can't be changed but I can do things to change myself and not repeat it. I'm trying.
  • Why can Severn have a weebsword and the rest of us cannot?

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    If you look at the screenshots, you'll notice that the dates are several real life weeks apart.

    Yeah, I'm "gleeful" when I talk about the possibilities of how Fezzix could respond to things in game. Putting the screws to people, sending assassins, and breaking into houses are fun ways for me to spark some conflict. @Borminchia, you said yourself that nobody likes to lose, and people don't like to acknowledge when they've been beaten. I do the things I've listed above, and of course it makes people angry. That won't stop me from doing it though, because shrines and foci get old after a while. It makes for a good, entertaining source of conflict, and I think it's fun. Also, note how all of this was in April.

    It's been close to a month since I said those things, and nothing has happened in game because I haven't had the IC motivation to make it happen. As much as I think some players might be punks, I haven't had those opinions translate to the game.

    The screenshots talking about becoming a rules lawyer and taking harsh in game action came yesterday after I found out that a friend of mine was called a white supremacist. That is a line you do not cross. I'm angry, and justifiably so.
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    In fact, around 12-15 years ago when I did try to be a little RPer, I became pretty disillusioned when I realized how people play Aetolia.

    I just wanted to chime in and say not everyone plays Aetolia that way. If you're interested and have the time, give RP another shot. You gotta navigate a little bit to find your audience but once you do, Aetolia can really shine.

    And just as a bit of a reminder to the community, despite all the ugliness that's been revealed recently, Aetolia/IRE's community is not a special or unique case on the internet. Conflict in your own backyard will always appear worse because of the higher probability of it affecting your own interests but it's not really any different any where else.
    ¤ Si vis pacem, para bellum. ¤
    Someone powerful says, "We're going to have to delete you."
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    Eye for an eye my dude.

    I honestly completely glazed over the issue/rules lawyer talk. I've heard (read) it 1000 times.

    The disposition you have towards Linfini shown in the first message, and how that seemed to reinforce your potential interaction with Sibatti, is where some of the bad stuff happened. I actually 100% trust that IF you and Sibatti had IC interaction, there would have been a decent chance at interesting RP, good conversation, and maybe even sorting things out. But because we all seem to like this game so much, we end up chatting with our friends outside of it, which is likely to effect you and your character's mindsets.

    As for the 'create conflict' talk, I am pretty sure Benedicto used the exact same reasoning when he and the Templar crusaded (hey look more white supremacy talk) Iosyne's shrines a few months ago. I will use the same argument against you that I would against him: As leaders in the game, your focus should be on creating conflict that you think most people can enjoy (can't satisfy everyone), including those that the conflict is aimed at. Not something that only you will find fun to do.

    I believe Bene failed to do that by shrugging his shoulders and rolling over when the Templar picked Iosyne, instead of calling them all dishonorable cowards and stating that he would go after Bamathis' shrines alone if they all wanted to do Iosyne. I suppose you can decide if you've failed your leadership role by taking the route you have. And maybe Sibatti can ask herself about her role as well.

    Edit: let me also just say that I have almost definitely spoken a lot of those words in those screenshots myself, since I am also a human being.
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    This thread has had enough time to allow for opinions to be shared. It has run its course and we have decided to close it. I think everyone needs to reflect on how they're treating one another. We're a small community, and this type of toxic behaviour has very large ripples.
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