Defector. Girlfriend stabber. Incredibly handsome. World Champion at Connect 4 (he beat Ere at least.)
Copperhead of the Third Spoke says to you, "Intelligence matrix in moniker Bulrok reveals above average results when compared alongside proximal presence."


  • i find bulrok amusing. he's so much more serious than hawa, which makes him a fun foil. too bad he's a unicorns wasp.
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    Horkval are a feature...
  • Eyes up, Squire.
    Toz says, "Dishonor on you (Mjoll), dishonor on your family (Seirath), dishonor on your cow (Bulrok)"
  • keep being you huzzah
  • AxiusAxius where I am
    The interactions were interesting, I definitely hope to see more. Axius approves of him, to say the least.
  • Bulrok is awesome! So young yet already a force to be reckoned with! I treasure our honorable interactions! B)
  • I remembered self-affirmations were a thing.

    I really didn't have much of a reason to have Galilei seek out Bulrok in particular. She'd heard his name mentioned during a convo with a Chak order member, but the most she saw of him till now was when he attended Swara's knighting. Turns out we didn't really need anything big to interact, just idle hours at West Gate. Even from those I could tell from your emotes and responses that Bulrok is, indeed, a person, with his own history and personality that you put in good effort to keep up - whether it be little snips of conversation or hangouts.

    Put their separate experiences (with Esityi, the Blood, and their families) side by side, and Bulrok and Galilei would draw an interesting comparison. I'm very glad you're taking the time to help our characters know each other better, and I'm looking forward to when/if/how viewpoints will clash or grow to influence one another's.
  • He's pretty cool I guess.
  • What's there to say about Bulrok that he wouldn't already say about himself? He's so damned handsome and the best unicornsing sponsor a baby Carnifex Knight could ask for.

    It's been a genuine pleasure seeing you flex the ol' RP muscles a bit. 10/10 would recommend.
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  • Hi.
    Copperhead of the Third Spoke says to you, "Intelligence matrix in moniker Bulrok reveals above average results when compared alongside proximal presence."
  • Seriously, folks, don't sleep on this guy. Most of you might just see a PKer, but they have range and are an incredibly thoughtful RPer, whether it's for goofs or for serious order RP. Love the character you have here, Bul.
  • Bulrok does RP, guys. He just does it in spurts, and he reveals a lot more thoughtfulness (which I agree here with Iazamat) than he lets on. The best thing is that Elene can bully him with things, and he doesn't give it all too easily to it.

    While he always chastises himself that he doesn't know more about Corruption than Elene, I think his passion in doing stuff for Chakrasul earns her respect more than she lets on. 
  • TetchtaTetchta The Innocent
    Oh yeah honestly can confirm that Bulrok is probably one of the most serious roleplayers in the game, and if you pass it up just because you think he's a PK bot you're doing yourself a disservice. Guy really nails the most important part of RP, which is to react to what's actually happening authentically based on your characters' desires/wants/needs and emotions. Def missing out if you haven't taken the opportunity to RP with this guy.

  • I don't know who any of these people are I have never seen them before in my life.
    Copperhead of the Third Spoke says to you, "Intelligence matrix in moniker Bulrok reveals above average results when compared alongside proximal presence."
  • yay excellence
  • I love Bulrok and the way you portray him to hit the sweet spot between comedic and serious. He's a believable character with believable reactions to things. I love how you work him into scenes and craft what will come out to best telegraph the minotaur in the room. :chefkiss:

  • The fex are a big family and Bul is the oldest, coolest, most handsomest big brother. 

    Even if he isn’t actually any of those things, he fills that role well. Almol sees Bul as someone he wished he’d met early enough in life to see as a role-model, but is grateful to have as a brother-in-arms

  • Bulrok has really become a staple in my RP diet, and even if it's RL days before we really interact, that connection is kept and developed further with each small tell, glance, etcetera (and even more so when we get to actually RP for a length of time). You have created a character that is authentic who has depth, and I enjoy glimpsing the little bits of him revealed as time goes on. Maeve finds him equal parts infuriating and enjoyable, and may or may not have more dolls planned in the works for his collection :p
  • Figure now is a good time to bump this. I tried to do a lot during the War of Night stuff but I think most of it ended up being centered in Bloodloch, but I know I was in public a few times.
    Copperhead of the Third Spoke says to you, "Intelligence matrix in moniker Bulrok reveals above average results when compared alongside proximal presence."
  • It’s been interesting watching Bulrok adapt with his leadership roles when suddenly they were thrust into the pressure cooker that was The End of the World. I think he accomplished a lot and earned a bit of seasoning as a leader. I’m really interested in seeing where that goes and look forward to watching the character continue to evolve.

  • Bulrok has been one of my -favorite- interactions during this war. When he's not playing his evil villain story, he's quite charming and sweet (at least on the outside). His writing and the depth of his character has surprised me immensely and I'm thoroughly pleased to see all of the different elements and backstory that has developed him to who he is today!

    I've included an excerpt of something cute and light-hearted:

    Bulrok's hands are already clasped behind his back as
    he enters the tavern, flashing you a smile when he
    spots you. "Good evening."

    You have emoted: "Good afternoon," Reave calls across
    the tavern as her arm drapes itself upon the bar-top.
    Her grey eyes were sparking in amusement as she turns
    her gaze upon Bulrok, "The doll that Maeve has given
    me does resemble you... quite the likeness."

    Bulrok's smile evaporates, brow furrowing for a moment.
    "She gave you a doll of me?" He asks, disbelief
    carried in his tone.

    You have emoted: "At least I'm assuming it is as I see
    no other reason why'd she gift me a doll of another
    minotaur..." Reave frowns slightly while the light
    from the chandelier from above causes their
    surroundings to dance with glittering motes of jade,
    "Have you not seen it? I'm carrying it around with me
    now..." The dark haired woman reaches for a muscular
    Minotaur doll with gleaming horns hanging at a Selunic
    weaponbelt and loosens it, displaying the creature for
    Bulrok to see, "I'm fond of this."

    Bulrok's tail swishes behind him, terminating the movement with a loud 'thump' as it lashes into the
    ground. "I've seen it." His features soften just as quickly as they turned sullen, a wry smile settling
    across his face. "I had forgotten about it, though. She made this back when I had both eyes." The Minotaur
    gazes almost fondly at the doll for a brief moment, before making his way to the bar next to you.
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  • Bulrok's interactions throughout the war have always held a very nuanced weight to them - to Lena, at least, the powerful impression has been one of a man desperately trying to hold the unraveling threads of the world without showing an ounce of weakness, trying to maintain channels of cooperation without giving an inch or going against the Empire's ideals and directions, and deeply excited for his long-awaited betrothal juggling personal freedom and duty. I've always loved our interactions, small and few as they are - Bulrok is a deeply fascinating character, and there is a LOT that Lena has seen and resonated with. Your emotes are packed with color and meaning even when short and in passing, and what I've seen OOC of your longer ones are even better - here's hoping for more chance encounters, and longer ones!
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  • Glad I don't live in the apartment below Bulrok, all that tail thumping would be obnoxious! And he's way too scary to confront about it 😔
    Toz says, "Dishonor on you (Mjoll), dishonor on your family (Seirath), dishonor on your cow (Bulrok)"
  • I've yet to have an opportunity to RP with Bulrok beyond the shouts, but I've seen/heard snippets in game that really make me want to! Here's hoping these guys get an interaction of value, beyond the fights, though those usually have me cackling.

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