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    Gonna have to read in the morning when I'm not knackered, but I want to voice my appreciation and delight that a devblog has been posted. I hope there'll be more in the future!
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    Question time!

    1) There's slated to be 3 production skills. Farming, Mining, and ???. I can't remember if it was stated, but will we be able to have Farming in addition to Mining when it comes out? Reason I ask is because as it currently stands, comm production ends up becoming the burden of a dedicated few.

    2) Is Mining going to end up like Farming with a production aspect? As in, just as Farming gives you raw materials, will ores and stuff need to be refined? I used to play Mabinogi, which had a LOT of production and craft skills, and turning raw materials into useable commodities was a very large aspect of making anything.

    3) Related to the above, would there be any interplay between Mining and Forging such as forgers being able to smelt/refine ores into usable metals or being better able to mine or prospect?

    4) Since mining will involve finding ores and possibly gemstones, would we be able to get rare/hard to find stuff like platinum, starstone, sunstone, etc? Godstongue and zhikta peppers have been made widely available and in large quantities via farming when they were previously faction-locked with the Epicurean Academy, and could only harvest 5 per/rl day. Kind of wondering if similarly rare minerals, metals, and gemstones will receive the same treatment.
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    1) We've said before, you'll be able to have 2 out of 3, any mix. And we will put in a command to forget one and learn another at no cost, for a little while at least. So enjoy Farming and Mining all you like, there's no fear of loss.

    2) I'll leave this for a moment, deferring to how much @Razmael and @Kyna feel comfortable discussing.

    3) They'll have interplay in tool making and such, but Mining is a much larger project than Forging, so they don't overlap much. Being able to turn an ingot of iron into a sword is way different from extracting iron ore and making ingots.

    4) A lot of them could, but Mining is pretty expansive and can introduce difficulties other than rarity. Don't dig too deep!
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    2) We briefly touched on it before with the release of Farming that each skill will introduce city production rooms. So, yep! Mining will have them as well.

    3) As @Tiur mentioned, we wanted the Agriculture sets to interlink with each other, as well as other crafts. It will always be in a minor way, but one that supports the economy as a whole in both making it feel more fluid and more "real".

    4) As we have seen and introduced with Farming, it has its own little, rare, events that have a chance of giving you the opportunity for a rare material that lines up thematically. Mining will have these events in its own theme as well - so will ???.
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