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    That's terrifying...
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    Phoenecia said:
    Rhyot said:
    I feel like you really didnt enjoy the movie Venom, @Phoenecia

    You guys are symbiotes now. Enjoy being a host and having split personalities. Would make for great roleplay. I see nothing but good things from this. 
    I actually did like that movie. But remember that Eddie had to feed constantly, particularly on people, to keep Venom from devouring his organs internally.
    Details details @Phoenecia. This could totally be used for pk purposes now!!! :D gotta feed your symbiote so that they dont try to kill you instead of someone else. Again... Nothing but good things!! :D

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    @Keroc theres stuff in lightside skills where you can't use it with undeath because u don't have the SPIRIT like you can't build nature energy as a shaman would the worm like find some sort of shower power similarly gnarly!? Any plans for some of this?
  • KerocKeroc A small cupboardMember, Administrator, Immortal Posts: 512 admin
    I can't tell you when, but all those checks were removed for reasons I'm not really sure about anymore. Probably so people switching weren't stuck being able to do nothing while waiting on the cure. Not too sure on the details there.

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