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Another repost of one of my threads from the previous forums: 

This is a little project I threw together to parse XML map files using the MMP specification. The parser takes these files and converts them into an IMAP file usable by the aetolian mudbot mapper. Currently it has no support for special exits or any features outside of the MMP specification. It also has no way of knowing if an environment is underwater or requires swimming. This can easily be changed in the first section of the IMAP file. The generated IMap file does not contain any special movement messages either, so any desired will need to be manually added. Feel free to ask questions or provide me with feedback.

List of a few features:
Keeps vnums as is.
Uses coordinates to make well-formated maps.
Outputs any problem exit links.

Acquire an XML map file. IRE publishes theirs here: http://www.aetolia.com/maps/map.xml
Stick XML file in parser directory
Run parser, enter filename
Use IMap

Anyone can feel free to upload their own parsed map. I'm just running low on attachment space and so I chose not to.

Feel free to throw credits at me, as well.


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