A Curious Question of Selling Coded Systems (and the revenue they generate)

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I am reading the ToS for IRE, and noticed something that got turned into a Web discussion:

Can I, a player, purchase from another player with Credits, a coded product, such as a Shapeshifter Offensive System or something similar? Thanks!


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    if not, a lot of people are in trouble
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    I demand shrubbings.
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    No need to purchase a system. Just ask for Sunder and you'll get every offense system for free. 

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    So.... What you're saying is that Sunder is Schrodinger's system:

    Simultaneously garbage and fully capable of dismantling anyone who made their own.
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    That has a dangerous assumption baked in: that something is true because Rhyot says so.

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    We're getting a little off topic now AND on that note, this thread has served its purpose with @Razmael's answer. Combat questions, discussions and various system(s) pro's and con's can move on back to their own thread.
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