Cookie Absence, no, Kyna Absence. Same thing.

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Hey guys!

Some of you may have noticed an absence of both myself as my Celani, Kyna, and the two Gods I get the joy of interacting with you all on; Chakrasul and Tanixalthas.

This is due to this!

My absence will continue for another seven weeks as this day gets closer and for our Aussie honeymoon that will follow. I'm still working with the team in the background on my projects outside of my God roles, but there will just be a lack of me, and Them, in game.

I hold a great amount of mass love for all of you and I look forward to being back in a few short weeks to both spam you with photos and throw my time, love and effort all over you again.


  • TozToz ✭✭✭✭✭ Member Posts: 2,491 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Wish you two a lifetime of happiness. Will be camping in anticipation of dragonmom's return, but don't hurry back on my account!

    Arbre-Today at 7:27 PM

    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

    Lartus-Today at 7:16 PM

    oh wait, toz is famous

    Karhast-Today at 7:01 PM

    You're a singularity of unicorns awfulness Toz
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    Congratulations and may numerous frogs croak in joyous cheer upon your wedding day!
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    yeah, no worries about aetolia stuff. enjoy this season of life! and save me some cake. :p
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)
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    Happy days! Happy life! Enjoy wedding!
    Now with 253% more Madness.
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    I think its mandatory that @Ashmer show up and when the priest says "Does anyone have any reason these two shouldn't get married?" he comes out the back like GAR-RETT.
                 Faaaaaaaaaaabulous!                                          Adorable!                                                               UHMAYZING!

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