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    @Pieri You're missing the Finale! It needs an epic and uplifting conclusion to properly deliver the chills this suite is capable of.
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    This one goes out to @Chakrasul and Her crew. Not right now. Just in general.

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    Teotl said:

    This one goes out to @Chakrasul and Her crew. Not right now. Just in general.

    Curse you, now I want to go watch that again.
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    Where I feel Roux is in his/her life. Particularly the first lyric line. Also, good good song.

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    Wouldn't be a Sry theme song without a heaping helping of edge.

    Tell me how I'm doing!
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    This is what I imagine plays when @Dourif wins in Sect or shows up to a lesser.


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    3 scenes, no context <3

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    This my my most updated, most comprehensive, and I think most powerful bashing/group PVP playlist at the moment. I do, however, recommend you play on shuffle because the order is not curated at all and pretty much is just stuff I was listening to added in bursts.

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    In a little sunshine and bubbly mood  <3

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    It's not quite the Xenia mood, but those four eyes are legit.

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