Custom Golems.

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Thread for sharing your custom golem descriptions. Not sure if one already exists but didn't see any around.
Here's mine

Current type : golem
Current appearance : a monolithic golem of basalt columns
Current dropped : A monolithic golem of basalt columns stands here ominously with its knuckles near the ground.
Current examined : Ominous and grim, this monolith of a golem has been hewn of large columns of basalt. Resembling an overly-tall helmet with two tiny eye holes, one column makes up its head all the way down to the upper half of its face. The bottom half of its face resembles that of an orc that has been mummified, its sharp teeth in full view due to a lack of lips, with two tusks jutting upwards from its jaw on each side of its front teeth. Its chest is quite large and wide and shaped to look muscle-bound, with even wider shoulders where its head rests on a stumpy neck. A column on each side of its body makes up its upper arms, rising up beyond where one's shoulders would usually stand, nearly reaching the top of its head. Two massive, muscular, humanoid forearms extend down from the column-like upper arms and end at boulder-like fists which hold it up upon its knuckles like a gorilla. Where one might regularly have a belly, this golem does not. Large ribs of dragon bone cage empty space instead and have been blood-stained at the ends. Two short pillars of basalt act as the legs with a ball joint slightly over half way down on each for maneuverability.

Current enter : A monolithic golem of basalt columns knuckle-walks in from northwest.

Current leave : A monolithic golem of basalt columns knuckle-walks southeast.

Current death : A large mound of basalt gravel is all that is left of a golem of basalt columns.

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  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox Member Posts: 1,207 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ezalor's was really cool, and Lim had one that was like, a golem in a tux (lol). Should see if we can't get those!
  • FyrrenFyrren Member Posts: 121 ✭✭✭
    Serrice said:

    Ezalor's was really cool, and Lim had one that was like, a golem in a tux (lol). Should see if we can't get those!

    I really wish I had my old golem description from before the revamp, back when you could make golems from flesh as well. Mine was a mix of all kinds of body parts from different animals. Had legs from a dragon, head was just a mass of flesh with a gap for a mouth, filled with shark teeth. Had a cape made from Bahkatu fur. Was great.

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    My old golem was a legit Angel/Seraph replica, in stone form. It was pretty.

  • FyrrenFyrren Member Posts: 121 ✭✭✭
    Satomi said:

    My old golem was a legit Angel/Seraph replica, in stone form. It was pretty.

    I remember seeing this golem before a while back.

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    So I don't have full descriptions for every one of these, obviously, but the current list of all existing custom golems is in golem rankings. I think it includes golems from people who no longer have the class too, or maybe have it, but not tied to their tether.

    (rank) (short desc) (level) (owner)

    2 a hulking insectoid construct 163 Ezalor
    3 an onyx golem with inlaid sanguinite 149 Sarita
    5 a behemoth teradrite golem 141 Mephistoles
    12 a jade golem filled with black fire 122 Tina
    15 a guardian golem 116 Akara
    16 a stormlike, quartz-studded golem 116 Damonicus
    17 a massive earth and sand elemental 115 Macavity
    18 a large earth elemental 113 Paithan
    21 a burly golem in a faded black tuxedo 109 Lim
    23 a daemonic golem 108 Malcanthet
    26 a massive bloodstone golem 107 Grimdale
    29 a sinister desert construct 106 Haedyn
    30 a menacing, ruby-infused onyx construct 105 Xemnas
    31 a monolithic golem of basalt columns 104 Fyrren
    34 A golem of earthen armor 103 Toz
    37 a colossal golem of black sand 102 Feichin
    93 a putrescent ursine flesh golem 70 Aarbrok

    Just for fun, Sarita's earthenform is white and silver, with blue crystal eyes, and slightly feminine looking. Her golem is onyx and bloodstone, and all hulking and sort of masculine. She made it purposely to have a very visual contrast to her.

    Onyx carved into the shape of an enormous humanoid creature forms the body of this golem. It easily reaches over ten feet in height, and the muscular appearance of the creature only adds to its massive size. Only crude facial features are etched into the golem's face, but the overall effect is masculine, with a broad nose and strong, square chin. Running along the golem's arms are thin lines of sanguinite, following the lines of the muscles much like raised veins. Where the lines begin to converge on the creature's chest, they connect to larger shapes of runes, which have also been carefully made out of sanguinite. Throughout the golem, the sanguinite decorations are smooths and unfaceted, with the exception of two matches stones set into its eyes. Those are round to resemble irises, but have a few small facets that give them a noticeable glint when touched by any light.
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    I just saw this posting! hehe here is mine

    a massive earth and sand elemental.

    A massive earth and sand elemental towers over you here.

    Humanoid in shape and formed of purest Earth, this elemental towers over all but the largest of
    creatures. From the waist down, sand has been used to keep the elemental upright and allows it to
    move. The sand is not split into two legs but rather one fluid mass that crawls along the ground.
    Continuing from the waist up, large amounts of stone have been carved to give the look of the
    humanoid muscular system. Between the well-built, muscular body parts are streaks of a bluish hue
    that pulse with an eerie light. Upon its head are two uncut sanguinite stones that glow red as eyes
    for the elemental, set above a cavernous mouth from which a strong earthy scent emanates.
    A massive earth and sand elemental looks weak and feeble.
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    I saw this just a bit ago m'self, I dunno if I posted yet, and a cursory scan through indicates not.. so here's mine, with help from Nenelos' player to help me work through some writer's block on the description!

    At a towering nine feet in height, a gargantuan golem of Earthen construction
    stands tall. An aura of salt and cinder surrounds this mysterious creature. A
    curved helm of iron and glass is donned, leaving three ports glowing with violet
    hues and releasing miasma like mist which shrouds the features within in shadow.
    Fully encircling the metal bindings upon the creation's shoulders, wrists, hips
    and knees are inscriptions of Numerological symbols, each giving off their own
    dull glow like a dying ember. Each foot is encased in heavy boots, the soles
    made entirely of solid iron. What little of the leather clad creature can be
    seen is made entirely of heavily compressed clay. Each fist is bound in a tight
    leather glove, tendrils of what may be dripping ichor or oil leaking from the
    knuckles. The imposing figure bears a strange measure of evident sentience, the
    shifting violet hues betraying uncanny intelligence beyond. It is called 'Tau.'
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