Changing of the guard

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From announce #2605:

Hi Aetolians,

You may or may not know me, but I'm Matt Mihaly, the CEO of Iron Realms.

You don't hear from me often, at all, so I'll get right to the point: I know there's a lot of discontent over Aetolia's direction this last year, with much of what was promised at the beginning of the year not materializing. I fully understand that discontent, and agree that this state of affairs is unacceptable.

Recently, Razmael/Mike and I had a talk, and we agreed that he would step down as producer of Aetolia. I'm not looking to cast blame at Razmael here though, and neither should you. He was thrust into the producer role after we fired Galleus/Eric Lamy, and was never really thrilled with it. It's my fault for leaving him in a position where he wasn't comfortable for so long. He was originally hired as a coder, and would vastly prefer to go back to being a straight-up coder, so that's what we're going to do. He'll continue on in Aetolia, but not as the producer going forward.

Now, what we don't have is a permanent producer to replace him with yet. That's something we're going to work on at the beginning of 2017, but in the meantime Oleis/Riley Pagett is going to come back and serve as acting producer. He's not available to be full-time producer going forward due to other things in his life, but he'll fill that role until we find the right person for the job.

Riley's going to be making a statement himself, but what we're going to be focusing on is identifying where we can make the most impact in Aetolia in the next, say, 6 months. Riley will be talking to the existing staff, volunteers, and you - the players - at some length, to gather sentiment on what's important to get done rightr now.

He's got some pre-existing commitments between now and the end of 2016 that'll limit his time in Aetolia more than he'd like for the next two weeks, but he's already back and he and I are talking about how to approach this and really give Aetolia back the energy it deserves.

In any case, the failure here is mine and I apologize for letting you down.

If you've got any comments, I'm opening a forum thread on this, or you can email me directly at [email protected], or Oleis at [email protected]

Looking forward to righting this ship, and you'll hear from Oleis/Riley in a post soon.



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    Yeah you definitely presided over the best eras of Aetolia. REFINING FREE RAZMAEL.
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    I've always had the utmost respect and adoration for @Razmael as a producer, a dear friend, and sometimes boss. I'm happy to hear that he's going to continue to put in work for Aetolia, because the level of commitment there is just insane.

    Also very encouraged to hear that Riley will be around to set the stage for what's to come, since he's had a hand in running the game for a minute now. I think this is important for a number of reasons; the type of game Aetolia is - its theme, its playerbase, its selling points - are unique among the IRE games and many of us elect to play Aetolia over the other games FOR that direction. @Pericles can you speak to whether that direction (the theme/storyline/current path) is going to be preserved, or is that the direction that was supposedly dissatisfying?

    Thanks for opening up this discussion! I'm anxious to see what comes next.
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    Tedrunai said:

    tl;dr whiskey #1 i'll fite u if u disagree

    Just keep it away from @Razmael, he's such a lightweight.
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    As someone who has lingered about in various positions from player to volunteer in IRE games over well....a long time, I have had the honor of being here from the beginning of Razmaels tenure as Producer of the game and truly I feel he was always a keen ear to listen and give constructive criticism, putting in the top tier a team of volunteers and coders who not only worked well as a team but also cared about the well being of Aetolia as a whole.

    I am very pleased to see Oleis back as well, because I think during his time here before he did help field some of player-based interaction while Razmael could truly put into his passion of code and straining the noodles so to speak deep within. I am pleased to see that Raz isn't leaving us and I am excited albeit a bit nervous to see the direction things go from here on out, I know though with the current volunteers, coders and paid admin that we will do as we do and figure it all out.

    It's late and I am rambling, but welcome back Oleis and enjoy the break from managerial responsibility Raz.
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    I wanted to chime in last night when @Emelle showed this to me on Skype. However, I was too tired.

    I just wanted to also thank @Razmael for his work and transparency with the community. He has been a part of the Aetolia community since its early inception and took the game into a good direction. I'm glad that he is remaining a coder because it's hard to imagine Aetolia without him. I'm also incredibly glad to see @Oleis back even if it's temporary. As someone who used to have the immature mentality of criticizing administrations for content and lack thereof at times, the Pools as a whole really do a fantastic job at delivering quality events, content, and it's clear that they listen to feedback from the community. It's why of all the IRE games that I've played over the last decade and a half, Aetolia is the best that I've played. The Pools have managed to foster a roleplay environment that has not been successfully replicated anywhere else (and believe me, I've tried to find one). It has better roleplay than even roleplay dedicated MUDs like Armageddon.

    So yeah. A rave for @Razmael, @Oleis, and the Pools on a whole.
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