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  • We've not had a lot of RP, but the first interaction we had was great. I don't know how you knew it, but you knew bringing up the failure to save Skythrone would get to Rasani, and it created interesting conversations. I really dug it, and hope there's more like it.
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  • DzekkDzekk A training courtyard surrounded by arches
    Api is a really fun character to interact with. She's nice enough that Dzekk truly appreciates her, but has just enough spunk that it rubs off on him and it's great. She is probably the only reason Dzekk isn't some radical, religious zealot running around and shoving Light into peoples' faces, making her the perfect counterpart for him. I really enjoyed the time interacting with Templar Api, and I look forward to Shaman Api even more. :)
    (The Front Line): Aishia says, "U better check yourself before u Dzekk urself."
  • Hey. I'm getting out there, trying to be around people. Make sure to pester me, people!
  • I have not spoken to her once, but I have had her allied since I got back. I don't know why.

  • Leana said:

    I have not spoken to her once, but I have had her allied since I got back. I don't know why.

  • AxiusAxius where I am
    Our conversation was actually rather nice, if a bit short. Civil to say the least. I think that if I radiated any sort of..hostility. It is likely more the fault of an event a while back where Slyphe threatened all of Spinesreach that left Axius with the impression that stepping foot onto Their territory was sort of a taboo thing for a Spirean. Mind you, Axius isn't going to join Their order, but civil discussion is always welcome, and heck, might even be a learning experience for Axius, at least on some level.

    (originally put in the wrong one due to a poor case of mis-identifying and mis-remembering names >.<)
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