To those from Midkemia

Hello, on Sept 9th 2016, Midkemiaonline will be closing its doors. What this means is several iron realm games may find several new faces trickling slowly as things begin to wind down. Several players have stated their interest in coming to Aetolia because they are interested in immersive roleplay, the combat, meeting new people and essentially a new start. It can be very difficult being the new guy, especially if you have been so used to things for years. Some of us are going to be intimidated approaching the established players here while others will be jumping right into the fray. If anyone from Midkemia happens to read this, I wanted to let you know that I will be hopping between here and the other major games, (Achaea, Lusternia, and Imperian) as Jarnul to try and make contact to see how you all are doing. I know a few of you have already started your journey ahead of us and I guess I just wanted to keep in touch. While this is still going on, I will still be in MKO for the time being working to save a few things for nostalgia purposes. Goodbye my fam.

Until we meet again,


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    Don't be shy, you converts! Any established player will be more than happy to help you out or find someone that can for whatever you need, regardless of which side of our conflict system you choose.

    Anyone who shows up on HELP [organization] should be willing to at least point you in a direction. Welcome and have fun!
  • Missari put it well, don't hesitate to ask or chat if anything comes up or if there's anything we can do to make you guys feel welcome. There are several former Midkemians playing Aetolia, for that matter, though it's not really for me to name names without asking them. I played it many years ago myself, before taking a break from muds altogether for several years. Hearing what happened to Midkemia was a surprise, and made me feel more than a bit nostalgic about all the good times in SSG, raiding Krondor and Elvandar and then Krondor again.
  • KynaKyna Victoria, Australia
    I am certain the player base of Aetolia will be welcoming and assist wherevery they may! Whether that is IC, OOC or here on the forums!

    @Razmael has also put together a post with our team that will hopefully make any adjusting just a little easier. 

    You can find it over here:

    Welcome to anyone who decides to join the community and get involved in the stories of Aetolia!

    Don't be afraid to ask questions. 
  • Final roleplay event for Midkemians is going to occur on September 4th 2016 at around 10 est. @Akaxi will be hosting the event. Hope to see you Mkoers there. Take care.
  • Update: It will Sept 3rd 2016 at 10 est. A poll has determined Saturday is a lot easier for players.
  • The event was a success, thanks to those that came to participate. I wish you all the best. This is Good Bye.

    as requested by my fam in @aetolia.

    Jarrul of Sar-Sargoth out.
  • Jarnul said:

    The event was a success, thanks to those that came to participate. I wish you all the best. This is Good Bye.

    as requested by my fam in @aetolia.

    Jarrul of Sar-Sargoth out.

    Yo J, I best see you around.
  • With the closing of Midkemia, I want to thank everyone from the admins to the players that made this game enjoyable. I have a log of the final moments of this mud that I can share with anyone interested. That game was my first introduction to Muds, which I never knew existed before. I never understood the amount of work it takes to make a text game until I sat down and talked with people. Aetolia seems to have a really vibrant roleplay community, which is something midkemians cherish a lot. PvP was something I was very interested, but the story is also just as important. Thank you Mkoers for playing with me all those six-seven years that midkemia has been around.

    Jarrul of Sar-Sargoth. Signing out.
    Lartus of Imperian.
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