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@Rashar bullied me into doing this, so let's see what happens.


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    When I left, Rasani was this little nub that was showing great promise. I remember coming to watch you give some of your first interviews and thinking, 'Awesome, someone willing to write some emotes!'

    Now he is back, and where it started off with him ready to support her work out of respect for Areka, it has turned into him forming a genuine satisfaction with her presence. She may not be -his- Pentarch, but she is -the- Pentarch. And for now, that will do.

    He has an almost paternal sort of pride in her and, like I said in that esteem, the urge to occasionally nudge her in what he thinks is the right direction. Whether or not it's always welcome (or if he is even right) is another matter entirely. Either way, it will be fun to write.

    The fact that you're digging into Pk just makes you even cooler. Change not, miss Rasani.


    Because I feel like I didn't express that in the best way, let me finish by getting to the point: If you're not interacting with Rasani, you're missing out. She will throw emotes right at your face, and you will love them.
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    Rasani has been really fun to interact with. She keeps surprising Lexen by actually living by what she claims when he's known so many knights who weren't willing to act on what they had to say. She doesn't compromise on her ideals, and it's very interesting to see how that is playing out in our interactions.

    The entire arch with Callister bringing them together was an unexpected treat, and I'm glad I got the chance to accidentally stumble into Rasani with that first call to the principle's office. Er, pentarch's office.

    A well developed character with interesting ideals and a player who isn't afraid to challenge others. Cudos.
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    Rasani puts up with a lot of crap from Zaila, and generally flips it back at her, which is very fun. Despite their comparative 'sides' (or maybe due to?), I find the give and take they have with each other very amusing and I like that.

    Rasani is reasonably unwavering in her morals, and while that can sometimes make for a very stodgy and dull character, I think you've managed to craft it well enough that it comes across as something that makes her interesting instead of a zealously blind stick in the mud.

    I mean. She is. But in a FUN way. :D

    Still waiting to send her that letter.
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    @Rasani approached me about wanting to pursue Seluno RP which is my favorite lore in Aetolia. While we've not yet dived into this, there have been a few run-ins, all of which I've enjoyed.

    I can't rightly recall any meetings in which there was contention between the two characters, but likely they have happened and both characters acted reasonably because they do not stick out.

    Beyond this I don't yet have much read on the character and hard to say if ever I will. That's OK, what I have gotten to see has been great!

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    Giving this a lil bump! Since the tavern opening, I've rped with a lot more people!
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    As Aymah says, Miss Rasani is a fond acquaintance of hers. I've enjoyed their interactions and she's also always been extremely helpful to Aymah. I love your new tavern, also, and hope to go cause some trouble there when I have more time, hehe.
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    Why do u keep making me enter the same contest over and over.

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    How that I've met some more people, hit me up!
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    Rasani is pretty much everything Dzekk wants to be as a Templar. Despite the guild initially having relatively low numbers, you somehow managed to make it a very inviting experience for me from the beginning. Keep it up!

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    I really enjoy the interactions I have had with you, While being standoffish and not so much. I would have never thought to see a Templar helping fend off someone with a Syssin, so it was pretty memorable to say the least. I always enjoy seeing what happens when we do find time to roleplay, so I hope to see more from you when time allows us.
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    I haven't gotten to see as much of Rasani as I wanted! I don't know if it's our conflicting schedules or what, but we've only really had minimal RP together.

    I know of Rasani what I've heard through third parties, and that she's basically Areka #2, which is by no means a bad thing. I'm hoping I get to see a lot more.
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    Saturnine said:

    I haven't gotten to see as much of Rasani as I wanted! I don't know if it's our conflicting schedules or what, but we've only really had minimal RP together.

    I know of Rasani what I've heard through third parties, and that she's basically Areka #2, which is by no means a bad thing. I'm hoping I get to see a lot more.

    I'll never take a comparison to Areka as a bad thing, but I promise there's more to her :P
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    I tried to RP at her and she just threw a newbie at me and ran away. IM SO MAD.

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    Aishia said:

    I tried to RP at her and she just threw a newbie at me and ran away. IM SO MAD.

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    oh, oh! I get to do this! @Rasani you are absolutely phenomenal! I am sooooo glad you made it a point to keep up with me and make sure I was okay. You made the overwhelming stuff less so, and I absolutely love how helpful you are both IC and OOC!!
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    Rasani's been a lot of fun, acting as one of the parental figures Jaymi's latched on to and he/she always seems to have time for me to pester. Thanks for being around and having a great tavern where I can meet so many cool people, even if I just sit in the corner a lot and watch them.

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    You are always a pleasure to RP with. We have the opposite sides of the tether thing, but I appreciate how Ras and Tara have some strange mutual respect with each other. Thank you for adding depth to the game, and keeping up with the random interactions and occasional arguments!
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    Heyyyy I've rp'd with a lot of new faces lately, it's bump time.
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    Hi Rasani-

    You portray your character very strongly - one doesn't have to RP with you long in order to pick up a general impression. This sort of constancy feels like something you're meticulous about achieving, particularly through your sparse writing style.

    If this comes with a criticism, it's that while your writing achieves an effect of solidity, it also throws me a little because often, in RP styles I'm more used to, short emotes - which you often shoot out - are indicative of disinterest. This clearly isn't the case here, though, and it's nothing wrong with what you're doing at all.

    (Also: if this post seems a bit impersonal/not talking about dynamics so much, it's because I've found that my characters work better when I don't talk shop about them and let them speak for themselves.)

    I'll leave it at saying that you're really fun to RP with (and I want to RP with you more!), you give people things to discover about your character that are interesting, and you overall come recommended to anyone else who might be reading this thread!
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    My favourite troll in the game so far. Until a larger one starts to strut around. Sometimes I cannot keep myself from thinking Rasani as one of those large punk Troll bartenders from Shadowrun campaing/PC game settings though a more high fantasy version instead of cyberpunk.

    Of course, I am well aware that the interactions my character puts forth will never be completely pleasant or nice, and might even be irritating depending on the perspective. Though for playing along and humoring Kalak as much as you could, thank you. Keep up good work by adding your signature to the game in any way you can!
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    I got so many new Templar now, let's do a bump!
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    Miki respects Rasani and appreciates her intentions, but often feels like Rasani is speaking downt to her, which irritates her. I usually enjoy the interactions as a player, myself; theyve been good for her development
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