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  • I also want to say I think havens are a huge problem to random interaction and interaction in general. @Zsadist is afraid to have personal interaction because of why? There are plenty of ways to have RP that don't require a haven, cities can build buildings is one very simple and easy way, that still allows you to be 'reachable' Trikal rents an apartment in Spinesreach because I personally hate the idea of havens. I've been to mine a total of twice I think, and have more or less stopped going to Sollace's when she wants to interact, which is why I rent an apartment. It's pretty much the same thing, without the complete safety of a haven. There are TONS of ways to stop from being spied on or the like, if what you're doing is so IC sensitive you have plenty of ways to safeguard against these things. Havens are just another set of safety scissors in the game that keep players from having to worry about any possible conflict of sorts. As a Syssin it's kind of our RP to spy on people, which is made easily impossible when RP is just moved to havens because oh hey you can, and it's easy. Get a bell tattoo, some eye sigils, use doors and then both sides of the equation have to try and be smart, instead of oh I'm afraid of spying, so HAVEN ENTER or whatever the command is.
  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox
    Trikal said:

    Trial gets OOC tells to response on market for selling or looking for stuff

    I totally do this.

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    so true Serrice.
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