Always been rather curious of what people think.
Lay it on as nice (or brutal) as possible.



  • While I haven't interacted with you much directly, @Tenshyo always seems to be a quiet, solid presence in the background. Not sure if you intend him to be that way but that's the impression I get.

    Feel free to hit me up anytime you see Kendri slumming around Enorian!
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    I liked his energy and enthusiasm at fright night. Solid emotes and great upbeat attitude.
  • Going to echo Kendri. For as long as I can remember, Tens has been there as an example for Mel to follow. More than that escapes me at the moment, but in short, Tens is awesome! Keep doing what you're doing.
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    Always interested in knowing how I'm doing!
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    Tens Tens Tens.

    Tenshyo is just one of the many pillars that Nola has come to depend upon in the guild. He's steady, he's calm (for the most part - press the right buttons though and fwoosh! You've got fire, which can, I think, sometimes end up in a rash response. I won't say unwarranted, though.), he is always -right there- beside her (reminds me a lot of Melantha really, which is always a good thing, let's be honest). Most of all, he's light-hearted in his most casual, most natural environment. If it's a heavy guild discussion, contemplative, considering, but assured. He doesn't shape opinions he doesn't yet have enough information to make, he waits, and he collects what he needs first.

    Tenshyo has shown the most initiative yet to proactively do stuff, whether it being on his own time, his own projects, or something Nola throws at him and is like, hey, I would like you to take care of x for me. Okay! No problem!

    He's well-rounded, with his own past histories, layers and beliefs intermingling and coming to play in his zealot foundations. Admittedly, I see very little of this, though, and I wish I saw more of it. If I had any criticism to give, it's that Tenshyo seems -too- much apart of the background, and not showing enough of his layered self, and I'd really like to see what would happen if he started to take more confident, bolder strides out to the front. He's made small steps towards that, but I'm still eager to see more!

    Edit: I forgot something. Something important.

    Keeping doing what you're doing.
  • So far, I haven't had a lot of opportunity to see Tens in action--so far, I do agree with Moi that the emotes are pretty solid. Haven't gotten much of a sense of his character, probably because Zah doesn't really know him well, beyond knowing that he's of a sound enough character to walk the path and serve the cause of the Monastary--which nets him some pretty instant respect in her eyes. Otherwise, beyond their singular Yeleni vs Idreth conflict, haven't seen much out of you. Hopefully that'll change as my playtime picks up.
  • giving this a bit of a bump

    @Kendri‌ it certainly is a part of his character that I've wanted to develop since his creation a long time ago, in fact it was one of the main things.

  • Thuh name is Tens, yo?

    (sorry, every time I try to say the name in my head, that's what I come up with. And if I try to put the H in there, is the same thing with a lisp :( )
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    @Irruel Think Ten-Show

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    Is that like a gun show for your fists?
  • I mean, I guess? I hadn't really thought about that actually...

  • Been sometime, a lot of things have happened, and I'm curious as to your thoughts (you being if you've interacted with Tens) on how things are panning out. HIT ME WITH IT ALL! FIRE EVERYTHING

    @Nola you'd be right proud of Tens (I hope), what with everything he's started talking to you about.

  • I like Tenshyo. He's alright for a crazy firehead. Solid dude, reliable, almost as lazy as Rashar. It's good. It's real good.

    Needs to stop creepin' on my Four Corners RP though.
  • While your guild interview was a marathon of epic proportions, the freaking snort-laugh of @Benedicto failing at the guild oath was probably the most hilarious thing ever.
  • Yay family
  • So, it has been a year and a LOT has happened.

    Go ahead, fire away

  • So, You're a cool guy, from our limited experiences with each other. I dunno how much we've interacted, but I do know our few interactions have been fun. Like receiving a SECOND invitation to Ten's and Courene's Wedding. (I was so invited, I needed TWO invitations to establish how invited I was, XD) But I look forward to bugging you a little more. It'll definitely be interesting!
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  • I have to say I really enjoyed the brief interaction with Tenshyo I had in which they played that little murder game.

    While I know PK is not your primary focus, it was really cool getting a chance to practice and do better in my own while also having what felt like a natural and respectful role-play reason develop between the two to do so.

    It's a character I'd like to interact more with, even with out the PK.

  • I've always enjoyed Ary and Tenshyo's dynamic, they make good "I'm going to randomly approach you and talk to you about life" friends.

    I appreciate you, as a player, being wiling to just randomly pop in every now and then and see Ary and just spontaneously RP without seeming to have any super-deep-rp-arch reason to come in. Just "Oh hey, how's it going." And doing so in person versus just in tells is awesome.
    /shamless plug to be rp'd at more often

  • Observe the smacked jelly.

    Now that Tens has (to some) negative things under his belt - Not every good guy/super hero is without some kind of bad action or two! - let's see what y'all got!

  • TenshyoAryanne
  • Hmm, what can I say that you didn't already post in hers :smile: They've been best friends for a long time. He's the maker of the best ever weapon/useful parasol to protect from the rain, in retrospect, still the best thing ever! Through the different RP sessions, best friends, lovey dovey, being silly, adorable kiddie RP and even our typical group, Tens has always been one of my favorite people to RP at.

  • Here we go - Lycurgus has a great deal of respect for Tenshyo, so much in fact that he insisted on taking him on as a mentor. Tenshyo has a type of calm, and reserve that Lycurgus takes notice of, and respects. I guess Lycurgus takes on a view of Tenshyo as a wiser, older teacher type that is worth investing time and energy into learning from him, which helps to expand the whole blueprint that is still being created for Lycurgus at large, so it's defiantly good for fleshing out more of Lycurgus as he develops more and more into a more solid character. As far as the player behind Tenshyo? No idea, but I assume he's a well enough fellow!
  • Tenshyo is <3. He's great to RP with, really good at making light of the right moments while being serious when he needs to be. He's a great presence in the Illuminai, always keeping everyone informed of what's happening. Every time I get to spend time with Tens, my day's pretty much guaranteed to be better.

  • I'm honestly not really sure who this guy is. Does he even go here?

    jk Tens does a lot of things really well. I like how deeply he sticks to his convictions while remaining a friendly, approachable person. A bit of goofiness here and there, but it seems to be right. That he hasn't yet tried to kill me for insinuating he's a bird is also a plus.
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  • Tacitus is a actually a little standoffish with Tenshyo. He know's little about him, and only sees him as an authority figure within the guild and city, really. That being said, he trusts Tenshyo enough to trust in his decisions, and has nothing negative to really say about him.

  • well it has been a hot minute or six..

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    I like @Tenshyo as a leader. It might only be because we're encouraged to talk to one another more, but I like 'im. I can't tell if there's been any great shift in character for him though before taking up leading the Illuminai.

    Still wish I could have nabbed him as a mentor from the beginning, but se la vie.

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