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    Toz said:

    Serrice said:

    There is no third phase.

    I believe it was mentioned at one point that, at times, optimal strategy is to /not/ fight.

    That's the problem. Optimal for the WINNING side is to not fight. Losing side can throw in 100% of their forces against you, since they lose either way. It creates a point where your side has to be able to fend off 100% of the enemy with a fraction of your own force, which means that unless you're overwhelmingly ahead, you'll tend to not win one no matter what.
    The problem assumptions are incorrect. The only time there's such a thing as winning and losing in a strict, mechanical sense is during gateways, in which case you can concentrate force and the issue you're describing is moot.

    The triple lesser is only one of the 4-5 possible phases.

    EDIT: I suppose I should amend to say that, beginning at phase one, moving on to phase two, there's sort of a 'winning' and 'losing' there as well, in that you may fail to extract sufficient ylem to move on to the next phase. A team might choose to simply forgo ylem entirely, and just attack you nonstop. Don't really see an issue with this, however. Team B decides to sacrifice their own ylem gain to prevent Team A from gaining ylem as well.
  • SerriceSerrice the Black Fox
    Was the Onslaught contention mode disabled? I've been in plenty of majors and I don't think I've ever seen it except at the very beginning. Please be reintroducing? Hotspot and nodes contentions suck.
  • I agree with @Serrice. I've been to almost every major since the introduction and never seen Onslaught. I seem to get more Hotspot and Ylemfields than anything else. Also, can something get changed so that you don't have the chance of the same contention both times? Frankly, hotspot 2x is annoying as hell. Though, hotspot in general is my least favorite contention.
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