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  • I apologize, you edited your original post after I made my posting or while I was making it. Either way, we appreciate continued patience. I am obviously not a main admin or anything, but I can say that we have almost half of the ones submitted already completed, many more in the working phase, and then there are a far smaller number still waiting for full attention. As far as the rest of the comments provided, I don't think it wise for me to comment beyond saying that contact is provided as soon as it is possible.
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    Thank you for the reply....

    But....this is where I am baffled....
    Dristin said:

    we have almost half of the ones submitted already completed, many more in the working phase, and then there are a far smaller number still waiting for full attention

    Where does it harm the game to communicate with people? We get very little communication, to the point that we mistrust it when it does come - if stuff is aware [by the admin] of being there, be it an org req, or info for a meeting, or a custom house request, why pretend it doesn't exist?
  • I am not saying that we pretend it does not exist. Not in the least. And it does not obviously hurt for there to be a communication. It is a matter of main admin, able to provide that contact, having the time to look at requests and provide that feedback. I'm sure that when main admin are able to, they will.


    Since it is almost Christmas in Australia and Christmas Eve here in the states, it may be quiet for responses here. But, hopefully @Oleis can chime in.

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    I don't meant to be dismissive, but I have to ask, when you were a mortal, did you ever ask about item customization, house customization, special NPCs, org stuff, etc - because frankly it sounds like you didn't and while I appreciate your intentions of defending Aetolia, it does nobody any favors to simply state wishes as facts.

    Anyone who's sat through months of waiting TO SPEND MONEY, RL MONEY with no communication knows that this isn't just a holiday-time issue I'm talking about, but simply how Aetolia operates. And man is it sucky.
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    On the one hand, I have to agree with @Moirean. The communication on the Administration's side of things is, historically, quite awful and incredibly frustrating.

    On the other hand, as someone who did not have an active Patron, has no friends on the staff (I'm still relatively new to Aetolia, honestly, 2 RL years of Fae's life I did not play at all), and therefore had to go begging around to get simple things like glitched parts of the Guildhall fixed...

    I love the OrgReq system. I mean, I love it like a fat kid loves oreos, or like my coder friends love Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. So... If it's simply placation, it's the tastiest most loveliest placation ever.

    But see... I'm coming from the position where I couldn't even get a glitched feature in the Guildhall fixed without whining about it on the forums and randomly catching the sympathies of @Haern. ...Or by messaging/emailing @Razmael to the point where I felt uncomfortable (and somewhat stalkerish). I would never have even bothered -trying- for anything more than simple fixes/adjustments... Because I couldn't even get the simple things addressed.

    With OrgReqs, I have gotten several small things pretty much instantly adjusted and corrected... And it's wonderful. (Thank you, @Oleis!) It has actually given me the confidence to request something above just "please add X to the Guildhall" or "please fix X in the Guildhall."

    On that note... I have to throw props out to @Obyn, who actually did take the time to send me a few tells letting me know that he is, in fact, working on the Syssin project I put forth (that I never would have requested without the OrgReq system). He said that it'll take a bit because of his workload but that he was working on it. So... He's pretty spiffy in my book.

    Still, I do understand Moirean's frustration. Personally, I think that if IRE really wants to retain members, provide professional games, and grow, it needs to hire more permanent staff for each of its games.
  • As someone who is not an acting patron of an Organization and is actively seeking to bolster OrgReqs and their use amongst the player base, I can understand the concern in the voices of those who submit numerous requests and do not see immediate response or communication.

    I by no means am offering criticism to the concerns, but I would like to submit a bit of perspective on the OrgReq system and how I see it from a volunteer standpoint. When an Org requests -numerous- things, it comes to us as a volunteer in a list. It typically is more reasonable to seek out the Orgs who have single, less time intensive requests due to the fact we can knock those out and move on to the heavier hitting stuff as time permits.

    The larger requests or Orgs with numerous requests sometimes have to take a backseat, while we as volunteers work alongside the administration in planning, organizing, and execution. These steps require communication between numerous sources, as not all volunteers inherently have the ability to code, or even access certain things.

    As @Dristin‌ has stated, by no means are we neglecting the work, we are just waiting for official response from sources who may be on vacation visiting family and doing REAL LIFE things during this time of year.

    Consider this the notification that we as volunteers alongside the administration will work on contacting and communicating with you after this time of year has settled in, and we ask you as a holiday gift to us to please be patient.

    I assure you there are numerous idea/planning threads currently amongst the volunteers to work on plans which have been submitted, and we are very excited to work on them once we have time!
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    I can feel where you're coming from Moirean. I don't have a direct hand in orgs or anything (i'm only the novice helper person) but I do know that I perrsonally would be happy with an acknowledgement of my request/emal/ettc. If a new form helps, hen good, awesomee, glad to hear it. Bu we've got things hat rely on outside time as well, (Eugenides' candles, for instance) That s far as I know, no one's heard back about. I haven't gotten a respons back for a preservation of an item, which was(In my mine) a yes or no question, which is also frustrating. Should we be sending such things to Olies instead of Razmael? As far as i know the standard has been to send the mail to Raz, and that's what I was told to do byvarious morre seasoned players.  If we can't garner a healthy conversation based community, what will happen to the future of Aet in general, as a whole?

    These things keep me awake at night. 

  • @Moirean again, regarding the org meetings, there have been a number of issues getting them started. Primarily real life constraints for me around this time of year - I've been busy with family and friends out and about. In addition to that, I had to poke at a couple of the guildmasters again to get responses. That all said, I plan on starting them over most likely during the day Friday, barring any major disruptions, and continuing them through the weekend.

    I'm not sure where the hostility here is coming from but it feels like the fact that we're largely unpaid volunteers, with the exception of @Razmael, who is on vacation and has limited access to the game, and @Oleis, who is only considered to be part time to my knowledge. We all have family, friends, and other commitments that need to take up at least some of our time. Please keep in mind that we are offering our spare time for this game and all of us do occasionally want or need to do other things with it.
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    @Volka -- If you don't get a response to a customer service problem, I'd recommend issuing yourself. It can be kind of eye-rolly when people do it to ask simple questions, but it's well-suited for when you've asked for something and not received a response after a few days. That way Raz and I have equal chance to see it and it can't be lost like messages.

    For clarification on orgrequests: If you submit a lot of them, or your requests are very significant in scope or work required, you're going to get a few of them done and the rest are going to wait. Most of the time you're going to get an approval along the lines of "this is low priority, but sure" in that case. Sometimes you're just gonna wait.

    In the case of @Moirean's two requests that are sitting there, I explicitly said "a month or so" and "two weeks" respectively in terms of when I'd even touch them, because we already had a giant Spinesreach request to deal with. That remains true.

    At some point we're grasping at straws, guys. I know I can't ask you to be perfectly happy, because things aren't perfect. But we're making progress in all the areas we pledged to work on this year. And for some people, that may never be good enough. A conflict system that involves strategy and group fights involves too much strategy and group fights. A mechanism to provide communication between admin and org leaders provides 90% of the communication it's supposed to. That's the danger of working on any game. God knows we have it better than WoW and LoL and all those folks. But ranting about the missing 10% does nothing. Ranting in general does nothing. When in doubt, just ask.
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    I have to reiterate, I really love the OrgReq system. I have a bunch of things I haven't heard a peep on, but at the same time, I have -5- things waiting for a verdict, 3 of which take a lot of work and would require reallocating volunteer energy and thus are super low priority, 2 are fairly recent, of which, 1 is asking for some leniency which I am sure needs to be discussed a bit.Everything else has been super responsive, even my last customization didn't take as long as things used to with the updated customization system.

    Pairing that with the time of year and all of the other things that happen? While of course my little inner Veruca Salt is going "I want this now needy needy needy me me me me me", life happens and you need to be more flexible and welcoming of other peoples' lives, not just your own. Would more communication be nice? Of course! I at least don't feel neglected or like I'm just being placated, especially not on Christmas week. But that will always be the case, there will always be room to improve upon, but we as players also need to do some improving too, as we play a big role in the communication.

    As feedback for OrgReqs - a field to set a single one as a priority would be nice, like bugs.
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    To clarify, I'm not grumping about stuff taking time. It's the holiday season and everyone has tasks on their plate in general. I'm not mad at stuff that got a "sure somewhere down the road" - I'm irked at the stuff that doesn't even get acknowledged, like the orgreqs that came after the initial wave that are sitting there submitted and unread, or messages that are never returned. I absolutely understand that things take time, but it would feel a lot better if we got a response letting us know that our questions or messages or whatever aren't just going into the ether.

    Maybe part of this is design flaw, as well. We kinda got a customization system for NPCs so we wouldn't have to poke and bother admin, but it feels unfinished. The message system surely must feel confining at times for admin to use and easily keep track of things. Does the website work correctly? I'm starting to suspect some of the messages I've sent from there just haven't been received. Is stuff broken with orgreqs maybe? @Oleis, you cite my approved ones, but I was referring to the ones with no verdict - are those not showing up maybe?
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    Org reqs can't be used for orders. Is this an oversight? It would be very helpful for orders with inactive gods.
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    I really enjoy the orgreq system, I just sent through two more today and with the last one I have been kept in the loop all the way through.

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  • @Oleis : Very timely response with much needed helpful comments and suggestions! Being able to have a comment conversation was extrodinarily helpful to know what could be changed and done. Would use again. 9/10

    P.s. The 9 is only because I have this suggestion : Once an item is commented on you get a message saying it, but is it possible for the output in ORGREQ (org) LIST to be changed to 'commented' instead of lingering as submitted? I was looking for a change in status to see the comment because I had missed the Aetolian auto-message in a bunch of vial decay spam.

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    A little bit late to the party in this thread, but assuming you're still looking for feedback, here goes:

    I really, really, really, reaaaally like the orgreq system. It means we can choose our patron exclusively based on the roleplay of our org, rather than a need to have an active patron to help us do things. And it helps alleviate the weird IC/OOC dissonance that comes of asking your IC patron to do things that don't make sense from an IC standpoint. (Asking for new mobs, new wares for mobs, stuff like that--these are things that theoretically the mob would acquire on their own, etc.)

    But it's very useful, and a lot of the things are completed in a very timely fashion. Submitted stuff about a week ago that got done in a couple days, including tweaking of the thing that fixed it so it's working correctly. (P.S. @Dristin is awesome)

    I think it'd be nice to be updated every...I dunno, three RL months on the status of things if a req hasn't been completed? I have an orgreq (67) that got submitted/approved five months ago. I commented on it, asking if anything further was needed from me after two months, to no response, and eventually messaged @Oleis for an update about a month ago, also to no response. Even if that update is 'We're still working on this, it'll be done tuesday/eventually/soonTM/whenever we get to it.' I think it'd alleviate some of the communication confusion.

    The stuff that sits there untouched for a while -can- be frustrating, especially when it sits there upwards of a couple months, but I generally assume it's because you guys are off being awesome and such and-or because you're trying to decide if it's viable. If other people use orgreqs the way I do, the stuff being asked for isn't always standard, so it can take time to figure out if it is viable and if it is, the best way to go about doing it.

    Would be way awesome if there'd be more open communication therein. That's really the only issue I have with the system at all. Otherwise it's super helpful, and super awesome, and it doesn't require us to catch each other at just the right time when the stars (and everyone's crazy schedules) align.

    As a tangentially related aside, the communication issue seems to be game-wide, not just contained within the orgreq system. I haven't had @Razmael respond to messages or e-mails in -months- and I'm almost literally trying to throw excessive amounts of money at him for things in every single one.

    Edit: Fixed a sentence that made no sense. Also. I DO understand that you guys, especially though not limited to Oleis and Raz, are excessively busy being awesome and doing awesome things, just counting the stuff you do on Aet, and not accounting for the real lives I'm sure all of y'all have. Not asking for next-day answers -- as awesome as it'd be, it's not really a realistic expectation. But. Eventually would be nice. Know messages get lost at times, or read and then forgotten before getting answered. Stuff happens. Just seems to happen a crazy amount, of late.
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