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I kind of like that I don't have Zoharim on my thing anymore...
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    Though a tendency toward the emo, Arbre is and has long been a solid presence. Her strengths and flaws are realistic and that makes her a fun RP companion. She can make the mundane interesting and doesn't have to create drama to have something to emote about. It'd be nice if we had more people like that.
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    I love Arbre, all around and she knows why. It's nice to see you do more than bash, bash, bash lately!

    Arbre's one of my favorite characters and she is such a huge part of Elwyn's life and who Elwyn is today. There is so much history and what not. Things are still strained right now between them (at least in my mind) and I hope they can find a way to get back to who they use to be to work out the differences. No matter what Arbre will always be Elwyn's sister and best friend.
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    Aldric clearly hates her.
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    You and I go back and forth on these things often and I always feel like I don't know what to say.

    Arbre is so very important to Xavin. Their relationship seems like it's always a bit different and it is certainly far different than it was when they first met way back in 2008.

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    Drana hasn't interacted with Arbre apart from foci hunts, but respects her as a leader, and honestly looks up to her in a way. It made her giggle when Arbre suggested Ladrana be 'put down' when she first became infected, though it was probably intended to hurt her feelings. Not sure.

    I don't have anything bad to say about her since we never really RP'd much. o.o
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    It sounds like something Arb would say, but I don't remember this...
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    You totally said it. She had gotten bit by a vampire or something, was infected and Elwyn asked you about it.
  • LadranaLadrana Member Posts: 29
    Elwyn said:
    You totally said it. She had gotten bit by a vampire or something, was infected and Elwyn asked you about it.
    And Arbre was like "Put her down." Lol
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    Arbre is fantastic. I had hoped to keep Sol's interactions with her going, even after she left Duiran, but there really hasn't been much opportunity for it. Which does make me a sad panda...Arbre taught Sol a lot about being a wolf. She was the first one to take an interest in helping her adjust to it all, which makes her still question if she should be in the Atabahi or if she should have stayed outside of it with the pack. I really do hope that we can interact again soon.

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    she's cool
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    That's what the Masons told me, and now look where I am.
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    Arbre said:
    That's what the Masons told me, and now look where I am.
    A better place?  :D
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    I've been making a concerted effort to talk to more people.
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    It's been interesting, watching Erz's relationship with Arb go from friendly to absurd levels of hatred and then slowly back to friendly again. The dynamic is always amusing, if nothing else. Glad I get to RP with you at least occasionally, despite you being on the other side of the fence.
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    The mood swings leave me scrambling to react. Keeps me on my toes.

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    I love how her distaste for Merelii's new choice in class has her being standoffish and kinda cold hearted. It really surprised me, which in turn kinda threw Mere for a loop. I love this though, because it opens up a new avenue of RP for me,  and allows me to almost start from scratch, which I adore, because having been out for so long, I've no idea what's going on anyway. :P

    I also love that she's still talking to Mere, even if it is a little disjointed, awkward, and clipped.
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    You're a lot less annoying and scary now that I've actually, y'know, -interacted- with you.



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    I am looking forwards to interacting more with Arbre. They used to have a very cordial relationship, stemming from Arbre's original involvement with Albert, and Moi viewed her with a desperate sort of familial affection for years, hoping that Arb could balance out Albert's worse tendencies, especially as Albert revealed more and more of who he truly was to his mother. Moi felt increasingly panicked about what she was learning, and responsible for his cruelty and depravity, and hoped that Arbre's relationship with him could perhaps temper that - at the same time as that rather selfish reason for her interest, Moi also felt rather guilty and sorry for Arbre, since she knew who Albert really was beneath it all.

    Even after Arbre broke up with Albert, Moi always liked Arb. Sure, she was a vampire but Moi never much cared about the undeath/living stuff. Arb never raided or participated in war or stuff, so Moi was always happy to do business with her. I still remember that time you sent a newb to deliver a request for a wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses (chakrasulian green, of course) to Moi while she was in her tent. Easily one of the coolest little RP moments I've ever had in Aet - something about having someone hand deliver the note it was just so perfect.

    These days, Moi feels like there are so few people she knows and finding herself, kinda, back where she used to be two centuries ago made her impulsively and a bit instinctively decide that Arbre - as a long-ago familiar face - would be a safe and welcome acquaintance, hence the invite and the key. She's kinda jealous of Arb for being with Rivas, cuz Moi will always have a schoolgirl crush on Rivas, but it's more of an "Aww, lucky you, girlfriend!" kind of thing. Perhaps a deeper connection will arise from stuff - if not, there's at least a return to the older, more cordial relationship, and a polite political connection. Definitely looking forwards to interacting with her again.
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    I like how Arbre isn't afraid to tell people that they need to provide input or opinions, or be left behind. I enjoyed the recent guild meeting, and the fact that it sprang from nothing more than Macian making a few comments at the bar.

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    Arbre confuses and scares Rhine, though she'd never admit to either. I'd like to interact with her more, even though your first several attempts ended up with me falling asleep at my keyboard. WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RP! I swear. I have the strangest work schedule which makes for a weird sleep schedule. 
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    You need to change the name of this thread, Arbre SILVERAIN.

    Where would Aryanne be without Arbre? Oh man. A level 80 Teradrim or something, I expect. Arbre's had a profound impact on Ary's development, even if we haven't had a lot of actual RP during most of it, but, she has always been there for Aryanne when Ary really needed it (or just kinda wanted it, or sorta-kinda-slightly-needed it). Ary always looked up to Arbre and felt a bit second-rate to her until super-recently (although, you know that, I need something to say here!). Now that they're spending a lot more time together, I'm really enjoying seeing more of Arbre and seeing more of the Aquilaverse through her. I really -really- enjoy you as an RPer as well. Arbre is believable and interesting and you get bored with things at a seemingly-equal pace as me, so RP doesn't string out mundanely.

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    Arbre - too many things to say really. Elwyn wouldn't be where she is right now without Arbre. They've gone through so much together and I love seeing how things continue to progress/ Their relationship is always evolving and changing, it's a breathing, organic thing. They have their ups and downs, always coming out stronger together.

    It's also been a privilege to see how Arbre has progressed and changed, slowly becoming more and more stable. It's lovely to see her in a such a good place now.

    Thank you for teaching me how to actually RP as I spent the first several years having not a clue. Love you, darling.
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    Arbre has been an amazing mentor, guiding me back into Aetolia. She's generally patient, hasn't groinripped me (yet), and is also (figuratively speaking) human, with her own flaws which often lead to rp. Unstilted, fun rp. She likely thinks I'm a bit stalkerish for often just showing up and following her whenever she's around, but it's only because I know I'll likely learn something or hear something interesting.

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    Arbsy is amazeballs. She has slipped into Benes life without a by-your-leave and taken on a weird maternal role. She's irrevocably Benes sister now and Arbs has opened up her own family to him. Even if he doesn't know how to deal with them and their completely relaxed attitudes to peoples personal spaces!

    Honestly can't say enough good things. I just need to make more time to RP with her. But that seems to be a pretty common failing on my part.
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    I'm almost afraid to RP with her, as the whole exes relationship is rather bitter on the fox's part. After last month, there might be a couple ways I can see it going. Looking forward to more. Hopefully without his head burned off.
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    Been a month or five.
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    You are definitely one of my favorite people to RP with. Thank you for being patient on my bad RP nights. I have enjoyed seeing our characters go from awkward strangers to friends to a caring mother-daughter relationship. Arbre has totally helped Jas keep the fun, bouncy, adventuring side of her personality alive. Which has been great fun for me. I love how you just randomly show up while Jas is in the middle of something and change the dynamic of the scene. Don't ever stop. You make me smile every time.
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