Who else got taken for a ride with Oasis!


I bought a system for my character in Duiran from the maker of serenity/Oasis. They never gave me a copy and have not returned PMs in game. Why would they do this? Is this how Aetolia works. It is very nasty to say the least that it has happened. I know of others who bought this and have not got a refund or even a system. What do I do? What is the rules with people like this. I know that this happened with serenity too.

Please advice.


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  • Have you spoken to Ashmer before sending the credits? His lastlogin is fairly high, he may be away somewhere or he may have stopped played.

  • To my knowledge, you aren't able to purchase Oasis yet. If you brought Serenity previously you were part of the Beta testing of Oasis if you wanted to. There's a bit of a grey area where Serenity changed hands to Ashmer's project and the focus was on legal battles and things may have been lost in transition. That said, you're right in saying there are a few people in similiar situations ad Ilyon's right in saying Ashmer's been away for a while. That's about all the help I can give.

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    I've been working seven days a week for the past several, along with a few personal things that have cropped up.

    I don't recognize your name - were you in communication with me or Sheirosia at the time you purchased Serenity, or myself? If it was Sheirosia, I apologize. He unfortunately didn't track a handful of payments and never gave me that information before leaving the development team. Send me a PM on the forums with the name of the character you purchased it for and I'll get it straightened out.

    Oasis has not been and will not be available for purchase. It's a project to create a free modular curing system that I might or might not provide other code for, depending on where things stand when it's ready to be released.

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    @Ashmer Yes it was Sheirosia, he got my cash and credits then swore to give me a system for Caitlin that I could use with her when I was going sentinel. He has not replied to anything which is why I snapped on here. So I am sorry to anyone I offended. Because of his actions I have no system or way to play, which should explain my rage. He is a asshat for tricking me and others, out of $130 for the system and 200 credits for a offence.
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