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    • So, factions! Does anyone have any idea when they will actually be happening?
    • Is there any point at all in mobmessages?
    • In lieu of the above, is there anything OOCly that you can share about how plots get chosen and who gets involved?
    • I almost don't want to point this one out, but I find it depressing and irritating that my guild can sit at the bottom of topguilds for ages no matter what the handful of awesome people logging on do, but it's only when we get a 24/7 afk-er who does nothing that the numbers shoot up. That seems, to me, to be the opposite of fun activity; when I talk to someone and get zero response, I actually get put off, yet that's what, according to the numbers, makes us a better guild. Is there any possibility that the mysterious formula by which topguilds gets calculated can be looked at?
    • This is completely arbitrary, but is there any possibility, ever, that org leaders could do roomwide illusions without needing to rely on a particular class skill? I know I would be a lot more keen on emoting a mob doing something if it wasn't so blatantly obvious that it was actually me typing an emote and forever in the format of something along the lines of "emote (Iernos, the Eidolon of Spirit flaps his madly, his usual placid expression replaced by one of great anxiety.) , in the meantime, looks on and blinks in surprise". You could limit it to certain rooms or something like that.
    I appreciate that this is more than the town meeting's couple of questions limit but I've already written a long post. Why not? Anyway, I'm done, and likely retreating back to forums-retirement. If you want to drag up personal problems with me from last week or 6, 12, 18 months ago directly, knock yourselves out - PM, whatever, but I probably won't give you the response you're looking for in this thread.

    Sorry for the silence, all. I was out teaching all day today. Wicked v-neck tan intact.

    Factions are mechanically supported right now. The problem is creating content for them. My fingers are crossed that we'll make player-visible progress soon.

    Mobmessages are very difficult for us to monitor. Areka tossed out a command for sending in OOC event comments and indicators. Plots tend to evolve as they go. Whoever seems appropriate and convenient at the time is the person who moves on with the event.

    Topguilds is terrible. We don't use it for anything objective, and frankly neither should you.

    Most likely.

    You say to Slyphe, "You're so freaking smart."
    "^," Slyphe agrees with you.
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