Favorite Aetolian Moments

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Just a topic to share some of the things that have been really memorable and fun from Aetolia for you. Big or small, what are your favorite moments and memories from Aetolia?
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    • The first treasure hunt. <3 web boots
    • Meeting Rivas and Kylan.
    • Meeting Ensoi and Kikon.
    • Kikon beating the Paladin guild (all of us) at the Shadow Gate.
    • Watching Ensoi fight two Arionites. Ravek turned on shrine powers to help them kill Ensoi. Ensoi then KILLED Ravek and offered the body to defile the shrine, before killing the other one. 
    • Most of my old (esp combat) memories with Kikon and Ensoi. They used a lot of weird and creative things.
    • ...like that nonstop freaking mind control attempt against those Horde when we made a guild over in WoW. GIVE UP KIKON YOU KEEP DYING. We got them after an hour. *pride*
    • ...or that DBZ MUD you guys had me play one night. I still have no idea what was going on.
    • My first RP log.
    • My second RP log. <3 Kikon
    • Sryaen cashing in an event reward to propose with fireworks (before pyrotechnics was a thing)
    • The first CTF. Such a glorious clusterfudge of Syssin slipperiness.
    • The Moghedu Goblin vs Mhun war. 
    • Meeting Kantigor. Everything about Kantigor.
    • Getting banned by Ostria from making signs after leaving directions to the exits all over Duiran.
    • Helping Ensoi set the Sentinel GH on fire.
    • Helping Ensoi rob 2 million gold from the Druids. 
    • My first kills as a forestal (4 vamps, voyria slashes).
    • Meeting Irruel.
    • The Cake with Chak drama and subsequent North Tribe adventures with Irruel and Tralendar. Fires in the Mamashi! Fires in Enorian! Fires in the Kalydian! (we hatched some snakes, too).
    • Meeting Argo.
    • Tuiln
    • Meeting Benedicto.
    • The Pirates of the Balaton
    • Benedicto selling me to pirates.
    • The first big Eno-BL war under the new war system. Kylan, Edhain, Hadoryu, Paris, Kurl, Anya, Kikon, Mazzion/Traven - all of you were great
    • Desian's Eggs
    • Thrims.
    • Kadvar.
    • Meeting, killing and befriending Althalush.
    • Orak!
    • Evacuating the Tsol'aa from the sludge and training them as rangers.
    • Kiyotan showing me Xaanhal. O. M. G.
    • Bene and Moi's crazylovehate romance.
    • The crazy freeforall fights Tral and I turned lessers into during our side-crossing engagement.
    • Meeting, killing, befriending and Tekaling Kogbatoz.
    • Making Satomi fight Xaeron's bodyguards.
    • Opening the Abyss gate.
    • The Shadowplague Saga.
    • Logging in to find my office full of balls.

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    The Divine voice of Razmael echoes in your head, "God of imps."
    Eugenides says to you, "Imp, Are you sure you were not born a Troll?"
    The Divine voice of Arion echoes in your head, "Every time I try to punish you for being so flippant, I find Myself laughing instead."
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    I'll play. By character, because why not?

    - My first war
    -- Becoming the Bahkatu golden boy BECAUSE of my first war
    -- Getting 30 levels in said war
    -- Winning a team fight with some RL friends backing me up, only me having a trans skill, against @Mazzion/@Isto/@Samos
    -- The ensuing melee that followed where our battle plan was 'right leg'
    - Mhawl stripping naked and crying at Kog's wedding, because the player was tipsy and thought it an appropriate response I guess?
    -- Mhawl getting titled 'Darth', by @Lin
    - My first dbomb
    -- Every dbomb ever after
    - That time I killed @Lin in bear stance, in a CTF. Bearmonk OP.
    - Meeting @Suri/@Periluna/@Catty via Bahkatu.
    - Fighting @Luna one on one, all over the place, all the time. I miss them :(
    - Getting killed by @Moirean, I suppose
    -- Pony
    - Getting Tekal (8 levels in like 13 hours) by bbting @Akimoto at a lesser
    - Joining the Atabahi
    -- @Aarbrok and Kog bickering on GT, @Kelliara having some weird 'thing' for watching us fight. Like we were mudwrestling or something?
    - Being called a 'terror' by @Kelliara after killing some people during a war

    - Stalking @Moirean
    - Discovering the wonder that is launch -> lunge -> rinse -> repeat
    - First solo Templar kill (lungewhore then hemorrhage tempest, because I don't know)
    -- Bastardsword combat in general
    -- Whatever that move was that let you hit and heal yourself with damage. Templar was(is?) broken
    - @Mazzion's first words upon me swapping sides: 'Thank God no more lunges'
    - Joining Carnifex and transitioning from the little fair-fighting fuzzball to Toz
    - Helping Moi take over the guild
    - @Xenia/@Barda teaming everything in sight
    -- ...and running past me to go try to 2v3 people. And dying. And then trying it again
    - @Xenia getting full Carnifex
    - Throwing a hammer at @Iosyne's head
    -- Spawning a forum thread complaining about how much damage I do. Twice.

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    You're a vindictive lil unicorn

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    oh wait, toz is famous

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    You're a singularity of unicorns awfulness Toz
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    The Divine voice of Razmael echoes in your head, "God of imps."
    Eugenides says to you, "Imp, Are you sure you were not born a Troll?"
    The Divine voice of Arion echoes in your head, "Every time I try to punish you for being so flippant, I find Myself laughing instead."
    Hugo has expressed his esteem of you for the following reason: Being a badass leader.
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    I'll post here too, 

    Mine has to be...well..I've only got a few

    1st few days as a recruit as a Carnifex IGly
    1st time I proved a point by figuring out the biggest, toughest denizen in the area I was hunting, and making it a point to murder him just to prove my worth to Moirean as a recruit
    my only win in the Great Hunt.
    The time I not only called out a Knight-ranked Carnifex as a vampire, but called him weak, and then proceeded to refuse to back down, even when a fight broke out between Lykorn and said Knight, and it was rather obvious that Lykorn wasn't gonna win, but just to prove a point, he took his medicine with full on defiance.

    The fact that Lykorn probably left a larger impression on any and all future RP I did in the other IRE games, and hopefully he left a relatively promising impression on @Moirean too!
  • LinLin SMASHER/DEVOURER MASCHINEKLASTMember Posts: 1,573 mod
    These are not guaranteed to be in chronological order.
    • Becoming the childe of a notorious PK-whore vampire and being embraced at the age of 19, back when it was not uncommon for people to stay as Thralls until their mid-twenties or later. This was also when blood rank greatly influenced blood use, Frenzy damage, etc., so I was pretty powerful.
    • Said Sire (Mephiston) being shrubbed for trying to sell his character. In-game. Over... Market.
    • Thera.
    • Being killed by the scary beast of Thera.
    • The contest where all the Divine Orders came up with an artistic gift to make for their God. My first character's girlfriend took me to see Slyphe's gift. It was my first time in the Vashnars and I WAS EATEN BY A LION. There used to be this huge lake near the top of one of the peaks, and floating on the water was a rose made of ice. I think we MUDsexed in that lake but I don't remember.
    • Not a moment the roleplayer in me loves to remember, but this time we had a meeting in House Bahir'an and then, when everything on the itinerary was discussed, we... all lapsed to OOC without warning and began talking about Soul Calibur II. Right there in Zoharim's castle in says. It was surreal. I remember the House being run by a level 33 Grand Duchess named Isabis who no longer exists.
    • ANFINI IS MADE. I found this newbie vampire who had managed to bash to level 41 by KICKing cultists in the Great Rock ad infinitum. I made illusions at him and then we roleplayed a lot and he turned out to be a girl IRL and I ended up living with her for about eight years so that was cool.
    • The Old Guard of the Syssin. Mahakala, Noxume, Winger, Bartok, Missari, Exodus, Tiphareth, and more.
    • Mahakala in particular was very inspiring. I didn't PK at all back then so I don't know if he was good, but I saw him on the winning end of deathsight a few times and basically assumed he was a god.
    • The halloween event where we all catch like a disease (or something?) I remember my vampire being in Enorian for some weird reason, and Averroes was instructing us to break down a wall. My first character was horrible and yet she managed to get into all these events.
    • Back when you had to insert spaces to make illusions two lines (literally calculating 80 characters - the length of the first illusion, dear god), I improved on Mahakala's Zmud script, the one commonly used by every Syssin back then. It was the first time I'd ever actually fixed or improved a piece of code in my entire life and I was so damn proud!
    • Noxume being a total tsundere unicorns and Anfini falling for her like crazy, though he never really told her.
    • Procell's other character, Rivaine, and her translucent, ethereal oddness.
    • Osai, Aetolia's original Pinata, who would drop herbs in the low hundreds when he was killed. And my god was he silly.
    • Creating a curing system for the very first time, with functioning affliction priorities and all balances taken into effect. It was actually really damn good for its time.
    • The producer wants to stress-test Aetolia's new servers so ANARCHTOLIA is born. Procell, using the curing system I wrote, manages to tank Daskalos for several rounds. I swelled with pride like that admiral guy from Irresponsible Captain Tylor.
    • Mahakala politely inviting Anfini into his office. The scary office beneath the Syssin GH that still exists to this day, in a part of the GH I didn't know existed. AND THEN THREATENING ANFINI AT KNIFEPOINT. I don't even remember why! I know I was being a loose cannon but all I remember is the fear of god he put into me.
    • Being a Guide for the first time!
    • Being a mortal builder for the first time! I have been a mortal builder about... five times, I think, or six, and to this date I have only completed one area. It is not accessible.
    • Karim being Ard-Dhasani and trying to be a playwright. I only saw one play she put on in Tasur'ke but I was fond of it.
    • The very first Demon Blade event. My vampire character got stabbed with it, thus setting me on a course in which all of my characters would be impaled by an exotic array of divine/legendary weapons.
    • Wedric and Kikon having a tumble race from Bloodloch to Ashtan.
    • Haern appearing in Bloodloch and ensnaring a Teradrim's arm in vines. I don't even remember who it was - Zaene? Moirean? - but that person ended up giving into nature or something and becoming a Sentinel. I mean how freaking awesome was that!
    • Hypnotizing Rivaine and eradicating her memory, stealing her from the Sentinels and going on the run from a number of their fighters.
    • Then deciding Anfini SUDDENLY NEEDED TO RETIRE and taking a pension of one million gold from the Syssin's bank.
    • Very very quickly losing the gold I stole from the Syssin.
    • Anfini being sired by Procell.
    • Four years of World of Warcraft. For the Horde.
    • Lin is created during a war between Spinesreach and Enorian (or was it Duiran)? I nearly quit because I can't find RP for the first week of her existence.
    • The Syssin and the bizarre, tense atmosphere under Nahasa's leadership.
    • The first RP encounter since my long hiatus from Aetolia is with Ingram. I then draw a picture of him, my first digital piece of art in maybe two years. I've been drawing infrequently, but consistently, ever since.
    • Lin meets Ishin, the first Azudim she has ever seen. He's terrifying in appearance but totally humble, and still one of the players I respect most to this day.
    • Lin hangs out with Ishin in front of his house, and shoots him with her darkbow. He pretends to have been mortally wounded. Severn shows up just to mock her. Turns out to be a huge joke.
    • Orisae, and the awkward but adorable relationship she and Lin had (have). Because I am completely incapable of playing a character that doesn't want to boink women.
    • Kerryn, Sryaen, Isto, Aithene, and the whole familial unit around that time. Living in Kerryn's house but never being a more tight-knit member of the group. Lin liked being a bit of an outcast.
    • Lin getting knocked down by Sibatti in Enorian and scared out of her wits by her.
    • As Glasse, and then Anfini, I had always been a slacker and never accomplished anything in the game. Lin became a secretary in the Syssin at the tender age of 24.
    • Keshena with her many faces and guises, and her difficulty in earning the trust of her guildmates.
    • And then she took over the guild at 27, marking the first time I had ever gotten to be a guildmaster. To this day it was the most rewarding experience I've ever had in Aetolia.
    • Rebuilding the Syssin guildhall. They loved it!
    • Elanth squares off against Lin in matters of philosophy. Elanth sings her a ballad. She swears him into the guild at once.
    • The grand party we threw to celebrate the new GH.
    • Ferrik wailing "MAH WOMAAAAN" while belting out a honky-tonk rock number on the piano.
    • Having an exclusive vintage whiskey created for the guild whose ingredients were kept secret under contract.
    • Brynn's weird womanizing playboy golem.
    • Someone who Ishin apprentices antagonizes the guild. Lin cuts off his finger. And dear god was I terrified that entire time.
    • Resolving a plot point with Kazael and Lemaen. Pissing off Missari's daughter by replacing her post with Lemaen, and assigning her to watch over the novices' quarters. It was my first time being even remotely in control of a mobpos event and I was so nervous!
    • Isaac and his gallant courting of Lin. Still my favorite relationship to this day, and I miss being able to see his house.
    • Visiting the Garden of Dreams with Sibatti.
    • The Duiran-Bloodloch war. Just... the entire thing. Dear god. The kinship, the joy of coordinated attacks, or just beating up right legs with Kog all day, erry day.
    • Joining the Sentaari and being beaten half to death by Hadoryu in a vicious training session.
    • Developing a curing and offensive system in the thick of constant PK; writing and re-writing my code to adapt to every situation I found myself in.
    • Accidentally Kai Enfeebling Hadoryu during a crucial group fight but still winning that room from the enemy.

    Dear god I could keep writing forever. My flight's going to board soon so I'll have to do Round 2 later!

  • JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher Member Posts: 1,821 ✭✭✭✭✭
    • Joining the Starion family at 18 or 19
    • Reaching GR3 for the first time ever, back when that mattered.
    • Held my first ministry position when I left Duiran for Ashtan
    • The RP event where npc's beckoned my return to Duiran, I came back, contested, and was a Benandanti that week.
    • When Haern returned and I became his cardinal plus highest order ranked member at the time
    • Marrying Braiza
    • Having Cantata as a daughter
    • Reaching circle 80 for the first time ever, followed by tekal/yeleni
    • Getting into PK and getting my first real kill, followed by beating people 1v1 in the arena that used to stomp me
    • Going from complete noncom to head of security in Duiran and combat sec in Sents
    • When Illidan and Kiyo were calling me 007 for getting into Spinesreach and Bloodloch portals rooms
    • Before they nerfed tracking, leading the group of like 8-9 people to a lesser target only to find him back in bloodloch.... we all died real fast
    • The rp story lines of being a Syssin and Warden of the Ironmaw
    • Cooking people
    • Brewing
    • All the fame kills I have that I never in a million years thought I'd ever get

  • IrruelIrruel Member Posts: 670 ✭✭✭✭
    You mentioned a whole bunch of my favs in your list, especially the cake with chakrasul thing.
    A few others, and in no particular order:
    • The Morgun corruption event. Except, I wish Wedric had won it. He had clueless allies, so I blame them.
    • Tasur'ke totem event
    • Leaving Bloodloch in the first few weeks/months of Aetolia, in the days when leaving was against their rules, and being hunted for it. (Thanks Anya, between us we kicked butt.)
    • And then you stole me a shop <3 @anya
    • Peace talks with Desian (and his loincloth). I had fun making jokes about his manhood. I don't know why this half hour of RP has stuck in my mind.
    • Fighting people with Macian's earlier characters. We sucked so much at coordinating back then.
    • Fighting Zahmekoses (and his confused thralls).
    • The period in Ashtan when the Bahkatu/Atabahi were released
    • The birth of Elanti's triplets, and the RP that day. Iamael is not a horse, damnit.

  • BenedictoBenedicto Tentacles Errywhere! Member Posts: 666 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    • Joining the game in the first place. I was a truenewb and the immersion and first year or so of playing were incredible.

    • Indalecio. Goddamn he was a stick in the mud, but without him I'd have never learnt my way around. He got Bene trained up and it was because of him that Bene was made Overseer of Ashtan at like 30 or something (which was really young for the role at the time iirc). 

    • Being a part of the Sentaari in Ashtan, becoming GM and having Ravek as my partner in crime. 

    • Old Lleis washing Bene's mouth out with soap.

    • Getting retaliation by creating Fireskunks with Auresae and sticking them in Lleis' Temple.

    • Being one of the Ascendril/Naldareth clan a long unicorns time before the guild was created with @Ianus, Truft, @Tralendar and some other dude whose name began with K (Keldrion or something.) 

    • Me, @Tralendar‌ and @Ianus being the only members of Slyphes Order (who'd been torpor'd for like an RL year) when the shrines got wiped. We managed to have the second highest shrine numbers behind @Mazzion and the ridiculously large order of Galleus.

    • Bashing to endgame during this time (corpses for the shrines) and then kicking Kadvar to finish him off to get Tekal.

    • Meeting @Desian

    • Old school TBA. 

    • The numerous times me and Kadvar got jokingly engaged and waited to see who would notice first.

    • Me and Sryaen persuading Kadvar to do his ritual wrong so he'd become a woman and then me and Kadvarina bloodlining Sryaens alt with Kadvar as the mother. I was crying with laughter the whole time.

    Being named Slyphes 'Avatar' in an awesome RP. The title ended up becoming the title of the OH despite it being specific to Bene because it was associated with Bene being OH.

    • Bene and @Moirean and everything since then.

    @Rivas and @Talonnb and the Silverains. Two guys I love so much I actually think of them as brothers RL nevermind IG. 

     I've missed some stuff so I'll post again when I think of more.
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  • MeyvitchMeyvitch Member Posts: 684 ✭✭✭✭

    The first time I finished a character background, back when character backgrounds mattered.

    Being cat-napped by Procell and taken to Ve'kahi castle to discuss Sonn's ideas for returning to Slaver's Isle to find Kuetz. Wow, was I impressed.

    Taunting the harpies in the nest when it was still occupied. We were retrieving...someone? Don't remember why. I just put myself on distraction duty.

    Realizing Meyvitch has been active almost 16 months, and still not played out yet.  Seriously, no alts in that time, new record.

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