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First off I just want to apologize for the number of RP logs I've been posting recently, I know that there's been a number of them. Secondly, I want to say thank you to @Phoenecia, @Moirean, @Nola and @Haven. This log would be nothing without your patience, your brilliant emotes and your ability to spontaneously go with the flow. Thanks for giving Bene this chance to develop his story further. All of the prelude to this log can be found here.

The Alabaster Rose - the Isle of Delos
A sigil in the shape of a small, rectangular monolith is on the ground. A tiny box with red stripes has been discarded here. Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair is here. You see a sign here instructing you that WARES is the command to see what is for sale.
You see exits leading northeast (open pine door) and down (closed pine door).

You have emoted: "Listen," Benedicto begins cutting off any words that Phoenecia might have. "I'm sorry for how I acted before, didn't deserve to be spoken to like that and I know you're only trying to help."

Phoenecia says nothing, simply leaning against the shop counter with her arms folded over her chest, her head turned away from you. She appears annoyed, her antennae twitching erratically, and her fingers tapping against her upper arm. "It's fine," she replies after a while, letting out her breath in a huff. "I...expected as much. I suppose I was just as moody to everyone when I was in the same position. Only I was more violent about it."

You have emoted: Benedicto remains silent at Phoenecia's words, his expression awkward. "Ahm, yes. Probably." He confirms, looking away from Phoenecia. "You were mad about...Cole was it?" He asks, smoothly changing the subject.

Phoenecia grimaces at his name and simply nods, her expression saying more than her words. "I...still am, in some ways," she admits with a sigh. "I'm not happy with the way things turned out, but...that's the reality I have to face. The reality I spent a long time not wanting to accept."

You have emoted: Benedicto gives a vague nod, walking past the rows of shelves, his webbed fingers idly trailing over some of the goods there. "You wish you could have him back?" He asks quietly. "Would you take him if he came?"

Phoenecia flinches again, and for a while, she looks hesitant to answer. "If there wasn't anyone else, and it was me he wanted," she replies quietly, a small, pained smile on her lips. "But I try not to think about what might be or what could have been anymore. It hurts to think about, and I'd rather not keep clinging to a hope that might never happen. I spent too long being angry at everything - now I just...want to move on. Have a life again." She lifts her head and nods to you, adding, "When I look at you and how you've been acting, knowing what's happened, I can't help but remember everything I went through."

Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair says, "I had to go through much of what I did alone with everyone telling me to just 'get over it'."

You have emoted: "You only see one facet, one face of what's happening to me Phoenecia." Benedicto says dully, his pearl-white gaze traveling absently from one good to the next. "You know about what happened with Moirean. The predicament that has arisen because of that, and yes, the situation is similar to your own with Cole." He gives a quiet sigh, full of weariness and bitterness. "But there is more going on. Things that I cannot talk to you about. Things that scare me." He turns back to Phoenecia and for the first time you can see the full horror and haunted look on his face.

Phoenecia simply watches you for a time, her own expression soft - sympathetic. "You're seeing things in yourself that you don't like," she offers. "You feel like you're slipping into a deep, dark pit filled with all of the negative things within you. And you know it. You feel it. Sometimes you feel like you want to let go and give in to it all, but another part of you wants to fight." She pauses, staring at you with a faintly questioning look. "Did I get that right?"

You have emoted: Benedicto gives a slight nod, but it is also accompanied by a half-shrug, the vague rolling of one shoulder. "You have the essence of it right, I suppose. There is certainly a grain of truth in what you say."

Moirean's high-pitched voice is underpinned by a mischievous giggle as she shouts, "Beeeeeeenediiiiicto."

Moirean's high-pitched voice is underpinned by a mischievous giggle as she shouts, "I still want your HEART, Bene, come out and plaaaay."

Vagabond Calipso, Trollsbane's voice resonates across the land, "It's called a tell...learn it."

You have emoted: Benedicto gives a hearty sigh of frustration. "Though you are right. With Moirean it's not just a minor headache. It's more similar to a migraine."

Arch Duke Xaldrin Lunare, Emerald Shadow shouts, "I believe that was "Calling him out", rather than just an idle threat in a tell."

Vagabond Calipso, Trollsbane's voice resonates across the land, "Still annoying to hear that voice."

Moirean's high-pitched voice is underpinned by a mischievous giggle as she shouts, "Shut UP you little mosquito. I am BUSY with more important things, too BUSY to come rip your tongue out. Shut UP and I'll get to you LATER."

Vagabond Calipso, Trollsbane's voice resonates across the land, "Gosh you're pointless..."

Phoenecia manages a small, wry smile. "I didn't need Chakrasul or Iosyne hovering over my shoulder or getting into my head and taunting me to realize that all of that's there," she replies, taking a few slow steps towards you. "Everyone has that darkness within them. Sometimes all it takes is one bad day for you to slip and fall into that hole." She stops just in front of you, tilting her head slightly to one side. "I...suppose that's part of why I'm here. To make sure you don't fall."

Glancing aside and adding guiltily, Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair says, "I mean...there's something in it for me too, I suppose. Helping you cope might help me in finally moving on with my life so it's win-win."

Moirean's high-pitched voice is underpinned by a mischievous giggle as she shouts, "And you are an idiot who has burned every bridge and shouts to try to feel important, to feel relevant in a world that has cast you aside and despises you. I shout because I want to tear my lover's heart from his still beating chest and consume it to feed his fetal baby. One of us is shouting for the right reasons."

Nola tells you, "Are you all right, Benedicto? That imp is always one for being as loud as possible, but I know she is also tenaciously persistent."

Moirean's high-pitched voice is underpinned by a mischievous giggle as she shouts, "Beeeeeeenediiiictooooo."

Nola tells you, "..I.. baby?"

You tell Nola, Oracle of Truth, "I don't want to talk about it."

You see Phoenecia shout, "Oh shut it, Imp. You sound like an incessant child throwing a tantrum over a lost toy. Get over yourself. Or is the leader of the Carnifex so weak and sensitive to not let such things go?"

Nola tells you, "You may not want to talk about it, but sometimes what you want and what needs to happen are two different things, Benedicto. The Chair of the North - Commander of the Carnifex - need I go on, is talking of your child. I know you've had relations with her in the past.. but. Your choices follow you like a shadow, it seems."

Moirean's high-pitched voice is underpinned by a mischievous giggle as she shouts, "Go spread your legs somewhere. This is not about ROMANCE or KISSING or whatever you silly women do. I will HAVE IT."

You have emoted: Benedicto grits his teeth, his anger slowly building as the various voices echo across sapience. His hands begin to clench and unclench, a pulse begins within the muscle at his jaw, throbbing in time to his growing rage.

Vagabond Calipso, Trollsbane's voice resonates across the land, "Oh the one who is shouting to feel some form of relevance. Remind me,..who is the one shouting for the attention of a man?"

Phoenecia sighs and reaches forward, grabbing your hand. "Come on. You need to relax. Ignore her. I know somewhere she can't get to you."

Moirean's high-pitched voice is underpinned by a mischievous giggle as she shouts, "GNAT. You are NOTHING. All of you are NOTHING. SHUT UP! I want...want...will- I WILL HAVE WHAT IS MINE."

Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair says, "I'd suggest following quick before she barges in here."

Moirean enters from the northeast, riding a long-legged ostrich.

Nola tells you, "..Or shall I go to the crying source herself?"

You tell Moirean Seirath, "Cease this annoying tirade. You're embarrassing your-."

Sharply, Moirean Seirath says to Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair, "HOW DARE YO-."

Moirean barrels in, halberd raised in a hacking arc, but skids to a stop as she spies you. Her eyes widen and her voice drops to a hissing tone, somewhere between icy hate and a seductive croon. "Bene," she murmurs.

You have emoted: Benedicto raises one of his blades and points it directly at Moirean. "Moirean. Stop this now. You're acting insane." His pearl-white glare made more disconcerting by his left-eye's setting within his crimson half-covered face.

Phoenecia rolls her eyes, her hand tugging at your wrist. "Come on, Benedicto. You're supposed to be relaxing, remember? Now let's go."

Murk begins to ooze from Moirean's chest as stray souls begin to seep out from the soulstone embedded there, softly wailing as they curl out - it's clear her control over them is wavering and weak, but she pays it no heed, taking a slow step closer. "Am not," she childishly retorts.

Haven Locke of the Black Sun's voice resonates across the land, "Look to Moirean and behold the madness behind those who cling to pain for too long. Behold the fear that binds those of corruption! Blessed is the Light and all those who reach for it."

You have emoted: Benedicto shrugs himself free of Phoenecia's grip upon his wrist, ignoring her completely. "Listen to yourself!" He snarls, his expression strained. "Stop this before things go too far!"

You see Moirean shout, "SHUT UP! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU! BURN!"

Phoenecia tells you, "Can we go? If you're not going to follow, or kill her outright, I'm going to start swinging at her."

Moirean lets out another hiss, giving her head a vigorous shake. She steps closer, a slide positioning herself between you and Phoenecia. "Too FAR?!" she echoes, letting out a giggle. The laugh slides up the scale, reaching a shrill, more-than-half-mad pitch. The halberd abruptly drops from her hand, wreathed in a smoky sheen of twisting, tormented souls, as her hand slides across her belly. "TOO FAR?!" she repeats, in a shrieking laugh.

Moirean ceases to wield a massive halberd.

Moirean drops a massive halberd.

Even as you shake off her grip, Phoenecia steps forward, a look of annoyance on her face, and a hand resting on the hilt of her sword. "Back off, Imp," she hisses, her eyes narrowing. "You lost him. He's not yours any longer. That's the reality of the situation. You have one man already. Don't be selfish."

You tell Nola, Oracle of Truth, "A shadow...yes."

Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair says, "Just let it go, walk away, and move on with your godsdamned life. Or is that too hard for you to accept?"

Nola tells you, "You know what we do with shadows, right, Benedicto?"

Moirean abruptly turns back to Phoenecia, her steel-and-stone arm jutting out to grab her around the throat. She's strong, right now, almost frighteningly so, and the grip crushes into the jugular as she lifts the other woman bodily off the ground. "SHUT. UP." she hisses. "This is not about LOVE, you fool. Are you so STUPID and PATHETIC that your life only revolves around such petty, tiny things?"

You have emoted: Benedicto presses his hands to either side of his head, his eyes scrunching tightly shut. "SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!" He begins to scream, though whether at any individual here or someone else is uncertain.

Moirean twists her body, flinging Phoenecia back towards the display cases with a dismissive sweep of her arm. Growling, she turns back to you, and her face twists, contorting into a sudden, sweet, wild smile.

You tell Nola, Oracle of Truth, "I can't THINK. Everyone is talking. Whispers. Constant. GO AWAY!"

Moirean takes another step towards you - the gap between the two is nearly gone now, the swell of her stomach almost grazing against you. Her smile widens. "I can make it quiet," she coos.

Phoenecia coughs roughly as she's hurled against the counter, a grimace of pain wracking her features. "B-Bene..." she gasps. "Don't...give in. Remember why I'm here. I'm here for you..." She attempts to stand, but lets out a cry of pain and sinks back down to the floor. "Don't listen to her..."

You have emoted: Benedicto whimpers, blind and deaf to everyone. His scimitars fall from his hands as he clasps the back of his head tightly, rocking back and forth.

Nola tells you, "If you can't think, then you must FOCUS. You're capable of that much!"

Haven tells you, "Brother.."

Fighting against the pain and hauling herself to her feet, Azure Rose, Lady Phoenecia Sinclair says, "You're strong, Bene. You won't fall. I won't let it happen."

The souls seeping out of Moirean's soulstones wail wildly, the sound rising up in a cacophonous torrent as the Azudim steps even closer. Her belly - distended and swollen from the child growing within - presses into you as she reaches out, gripping your arm, slowly tugging it towards her stomach.

Haven tells you, "Answer me."

The child kicks.

You have emoted: Benedicto stills, his whimpers suddenly cut off as a profound silence overcomes him. In what seems to be a blur of speed, he pulls his warhammer fluidly from it's holding upon his back and, gripping the top and tail of the weapon, brutally smashes the haft into Moirean's face, sending her sprawling backwards into some nearby shelves.

You have emoted: Benedicto walks past Moirean, towards Phoenecia. He grips Phoenecia's face in with his hand and shoves, forcing her onto her rump upon the floor.

Phoenecia manages to pull herself up to her full height even after being shoved back down onto the floor, her injuries seeming to gradually fade as an aura of healing washes over her frame. She draws her swords from their sheaths, shaking her head. "Don't. Just leave it, Bene. You've done enough."

Moirean's laughter stills, cutting off into a garbled scream as her face is smashed - teeth shatter and her nose breaks with a sickening crack. The bones in her wings snap as, even in her madness, her body instinctively, innately reacts to soften the fall, sheltering the unborn baby inside her.

Nola enters from the northeast following Haven.

You have emoted: Benedicto reaches the shop door, allowing Haven and Nola to enter, his face is set into a haunting aspect of stillness. No emotion registers upon his features or within his eyes. Both are dull and devoid of anything. He closes the door firmly, placing his warhammer under the handle to stop anyone from entering or leaving. "We will all burn together. Then there will be no more voices. No more whispers. No more desire." The toneless statement seems to come from far away, not from his barely moving lips.

You close the door to the northeast.

You move over to block the northeast exit.

"Go on," Moirean urges you through a mouthful of blood and broken teeth. Her wings are completely destroyed, shredded and torn, and her eyes are pure black and mad. Her hands rest on her swollen stomach and she begins to giggle again. Her head bows, tangled, blood-soaked hair falling across her face as she murmurs to her belly, "Daddy is going to destroy the world, now. Watch and be proud, precious." Her eyes shift up, shoulders still hunched, to fix on you, two inky pools within the crimson ruin of her face. Her giggle gets louder.

You tell Haven Locke of the Black Sun, "*In a crazed, sinister whisper* I'm sorry, Benedicto is not here right now. But if you'd like to leave a message, I'll make sure he acknowledges your concern as soon as he comes back."

Laughter rising, Moirean Seirath says, "So, so proud."

Phoenecia's eyes widen slightly at your words, and she quickly sheaths her swords, dashing towards you and making a grab for your arm. "Oh, no you don't," she hisses, her fangs bared. With a swift motion, she latches onto your arm and sinks her teeth into your flesh, biting with all the strength she can muster.

"Benedicto." Haven calls aloud, his voice gruff and strained, as he enters Phoenecia's shop with Nola in tow. The Azudim spares Moirean and Phoenecia both a glance but ultimately they settle upon you. "Brothers through arms. Kin in spirit. You will answer me!" The former knight curls his clawed fingers into his palms to shape nearly trembling fists.



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    There is a flash of pain, and a numbing feeling slowly spreads through your arm, seeping into the rest of your body. Within moments, you being to feel drowsy.

    You have emoted: A twitch, barely a flicker of an eyelid, registers upon the face of Benedicto at Moirean's proud crowing, his bellows with pain as Phoenecia sinks her fangs into his arm. With a roar, he swings one huge fist, smashing it squarely into Phoenecia's face before her venom can take proper effect.

    You have emoted: "Haven." Benedicto responds as he watches Phoenecia crumple to the floor. "Kindly shut theunicorns up. The light this, burn that. Blah blah." His voice has a maniacal quality to it, a hint of something more sinister going on beneath the impassive expression upon his features.

    Moirean's soul-and-steel arm tightens around her belly as her other reaches out to retrieve her weapon, dragging it towards her with a shriek of metal. Blue sparks trace its path as the souls wreathing the blade spiral upwards, joining the wails of the barely contained souls emanating from her soulstone. "Be strong, Bene," she urges, voice a sing-song laugh. "Be strong, for once!"

    Moirean picks up a massive halberd.

    Nola gives you a confused look, her brow knitting together as she glances aside at Haven. The statement doesn't seem to invoke any sort of urgency or fear from her, only bewilderment. "Fire cleanses and consumes all dark things.." she murmurs, then shoots a pointed look at Moirean, adding, "Shadows included." Before she turns her gaze back on the stoic man, "But.. Benedicto. We must own up to our choices to see our own shadows removed from us! You can not keep running from it, or trying to take this easy way!" Suddenly, she grows angry, her dark amber eyes flaring with heated fire, "FACE YOUR OWN CHOICES LIKE A MAN!"

    Phoenecia jumps up and wraps her arms tighter around you, sinking her fangs in deeper. The venom continues to spread throughout your body, the effects weak at first, but growing more noticeable the longer Phoenecia remains latched on. 

    "They whimper and whine and cower from you," Moirean coos. "Listen to them - be weak, be silent, hug and embrace in the Light." She spits out a mouthful of blood and phlegm and broken teeth. "All of them afraid. SHOW THEM!"

    You hear Phoenecia's voice in your head, weak and desperate. "Don't listen to her, Bene. I know where you've been. I know what you're feeling. Don't give in...-please-."

    "I won't let you fall...I won't."

    You have emoted: Benedicto seems to ignore Nola, though a vein appears at the top of his forehead as she shouts towards him. Whatever emotion is quickly quashed as he re-directs his attention back towards Phoenecia. He raises his arm, pulling Phoenecia with it so that he can lean down to stare into Phoenecia's eyes. "If you do not cease your efforts to try to put me to sleep," He states with a slight slur to his speech as Phoenecia's venom starts to have some effect on his huge form, "Then I will rip those pretty antennae from your head." So saying, he swiftly reaches forward and gathers them into his free hand, firmly yanking Phoenecia's head away from his arm. 

    Her voice ever louder now, Nola shouts to get the man's attention, "Benedicto, LOOK AT ME!" She cups one palm, a fire springing forth into her hand.

    Moirean struggles to stand - it's slow and awkward, but finally she gets a foot beneath her, using the halberd to lever herself upwards. Whatever madness is possessing her, pushing back the pain, also seems to be feeding her adrenaline, and she finally manages to lurch upright, letting out a ragged laugh.

    Phoenecia cries out in pain as she's yanked away, but she presses forward even so, her antennae getting stretched taut and threatening to rip clean out of her head. "I said I wouldn't let you fall, Bene," she cries, grasping at your arm and attempting to pull herself close enough to sink her fangs in again. "I intend to make good on that promise. I won't let you fall...I understand what you're feeling. Don't throw everything away like this..."

    Utter chaos! That's what is before Haven and the former Knight can only grimace at the sight. His lips gradually peel back to reveal predatory teeth as he studies you carefully. Each tremor. Each wrinkle. All change that stirs about the Yeleni's demeanor. "There is darkness in all of us, brother. There is no denying it. But know this simple truth: we are the masters of our own fate. The power is within!" The Azudim takes a heavy step forward, gritting teeth heralding the arrival a deep growl before Haven makes to draw your attention with a full bodied barge, hitting Phoenecia and all."Brother! Look within yourself! Know your spark! See your FIRE! YOUR LIGHT!"

    Smiling widely, Moirean Seirath says to you, "Yes, show them your FIRE! BURN us ALL!"

    You have emoted: As Haven hits Benedicto so too does he then drag Phoenecia crashing into Nola. Haven, Phoenecia, Benedicto and Nola all go crashing down in a tangle of bodies, glasses smashing upon the floor as the mass of bodies hits the wooden shelving nearby. Nola's fire-filled hand is knocked into some of the seeping fluid from one of the jars, the substance clearly flammable as it takes flame with immediate contact, spreading with deadly speed amongst the splintered wood of the shattered shelving units and the other fallen wares.

    Moirean falls into silence, watching as the flames begin to rage. Her arms settle more firmly around her stomach, slowly caressing the swell of the unborn child within as her hair begins to swirl around her face in tangles of blood-soaked crimson as hot updrafts blast through the shop. The flames consume the wood, roaring higher as they tear through the building, and she watches, eyes wide, and she laughs. Standing amidst the fire, she watches you and she laughs.

    The roaring inferno engulfs you as you fight to find a way out.

    You have emoted: Benedicto manages to extricate himself from the tangle of bodies, standing so that he can work his way unsteadily towards Moirean. "Moirean..." He murmurs, his voice barely heard above the crackle of the flames.

    The roaring inferno engulfs you as you fight to find a way out.

    Nola scrambles under the weight of bodies, shoving and pushing, "Haven, help me put it out!" she shouts over the crackle and roar of the fire, clawing her way out on her knees. She extends her hand outward, attempting to draw the flames into her.

    Phoenecia lies crumpled on the floor, her eyes half-lidded, and her body spasming. Her antennae lie in a bloody, bent mess near her unconscious frame, blood seeping from her head where the appendages used to be.

    As Haven falls with you, easily becoming entangled in the fray of limbs and fire, he roars with an ire to match the growing blaze. "Brother!" His voice is strained as he makes to pry himself from the mess and seat himself above the Yeleni. "You -are- the Dragon! Born of Fire and strife. Born to endure pain! To wield the Light and conquer the Darkness within! You are meant to sear away corruption!"

    Moirean giggles again and tugs you close, pressing her shattered, split lips against yours in a bloody, crushing kiss."You were strong," she murmurs, clear approval in her voice.

    Phoenecia tells you, "I'm...sorry. Bene. I couldn't...stop you..."

    Nola's eyes dart to the scene between you and Moirean, the anger that was there once before rising to the surface again. She stands, slowly, the smoke and ash swirling and filling the shop quickly as the fire surges through the framework of the building. She reaches down, to her thigh, pulling something from a hidden sheath - a glint of silver in the fire's light.

    You have emoted: Benedicto returns the kiss, his eyes falling shut as he steps into Moirean's embrace. One arm wraps around Moirean and he pulls her tightly into him. He breaks the kiss to lean back, a jade glimmer flickering through his pearl-white orbs. "Thank you for showing me the truth." He murmurs.

    You have emoted: None of you see where the dagger comes from, only that it has been suddenly speared into the bulge of Moirean's stomach. Benedicto twists the dagger vindictively, opening the wound further. He then releases it, leaving it buried in the flesh of her swollen belly. "Goodbye Moirean." He says with a mock pout before his lips twist into a vindictive grin.

    You have emoted: Benedicto steps back and watches Moirean with a sickening expression of glee upon his features, the jade light within his pearl-white orbs dancing.

    Moirean's eyes widen as her mouth forms a silent, gasping "O" - she staggers backwards, away from you, as her hands feebly press against the wound, doing her best to staunch the bleeding. Finally, she reaches the flames, her legs bumping into the shattered shelves, and she goes down, vanishing within the fire.

    Nola's hand, her own dagger clutched tight with it, drops back to her side, her eyes widening at the sight. A tangle of black hair brushing against her face as the increasingly heated air rises up. Then, in that moment, her expression falls, a mix of sadness and pain etched into them as her feet take her forward quickly, the dagger pointed towards your back for a swift wound.

    Haven draws himself at first to his knees and spares Phoenecia's crumpled body a glance before looking towards Nola. The blade. The fire. Such madness! His features contort and twist, the grimace growing more profound through barred teeth and knitted brow. The world be damned! What was worse was the seemingly willful act of you joining Moirean. The Azudim roars with a rage as he springs to his feet with arms outstretched to either side of him. "BENEDICTO!" He bellows, pouring his entirety into the scream as he draws upon the flames around him. Haven glows with a brilliance as he consumes the flames around him for their power before unleashing an arc of blinding light at you to envelop your frame entirely.

    Haven looks in your direction and begins to recite the holy verses. The words pierce your soul and it burns with purgatorial fire.

    You have emoted: Benedicto gives a happy, content sigh as Moirean vanishes. He begins to turn to direct his attention towards Haven and Nola, unaware of Nola's sudden lunge. He takes the dagger low down, the blade sliding neatly beneath the hem of his breastplate. He catches Nola's wrist in both hands, pulling her closer towards him, his pain-riddled expression twisting into a maniacal grin. "That...wasn't...very...nice.He grates out. As Haven begins to recite the holy scripture of Light, he releases Nola with a scream of pain and fury. He falls backwards, the dagger still lodged in his lower abdomen.

    You have emoted: Scampering away from Haven and Nola, Benedicto is heedless of the burns upon his hands and clothing as he heaves himself upright using a charred shelf as a support. He grips the embedded dagger with a grunt of pain. Hissing between gritted teeth he slowly pulls the blade from his flesh, his free hand clamping over the wound as he finally frees it of the weapon, the dagger hits the floor with a clang of metal upon stone. "You dare quote the verses to me, Haven?!" He snarls, his pearl-white eyes twitching within their sockets.

    A charred, burned and bloody hand reaches out from the rubble and ruin, snagging Haven's leg in a steely, clawing grip. Blackened nails dig into his flesh as Moirean - broken and shattered - pulls herself across the firey ground in a lurching crawl, disrupting the casting with her dying strength.

    You have emoted: Sensing a momentary distraction at Moirean's sudden re-emergence from the flames, Benedicto lunges towards Nola. With his free hand he grips her around the throat, taking a moment to secure his hold on her. He lifts her easily and with a sudden surge of strength, he flings her at Haven.

    Haven's eyes are glazed over in twisted reminiscence. There is no joy in him. No fear. That kiss between you and Moirean is what plagues his thoughts. The fall of you as Avatar. The malignant rage that seized you before Auresae's pillar out in the Peshwar! The Azudim can feel the searing well of emotions bubbling up within him as he holds to these thoughts with not only ire but a mournful kind of fondness. Benedicto's name is about the only words beyond the scripture that Haven utters as he does not relent in his advance only to be foiled by the imp! It is then and only then that Haven breaks his concentration to glare at Moirean, unaware of your advance to throw Nola into him.

    A bright, blinding light sprouting from her back, Nola twists around towards Haven mid-throw, a shattering of sunlight shards forming wings that stills the blow that would have occured from her collision with Haven. Instead it becomes a mere bump as her hands grasp at his shoulders to stop herself. She takes this moment to whisper something to the man.

    Nola murmurs something softly to Haven.

    You have emoted: "All of you will die by my hands." Benedicto snarls before he begins laughing in an unhinged manner. "You all want to whisper this and that to Benedicto. Do this. Don't do that. Why, why, why." He takes a shaky step towards Haven and Nola. "So -I- have been created, to rid him of all the incessant nagging and whining. The commands." He spreads his arms, grimacing with pain at the dagger wound as he performs a sarcastic bow before you all. "I protect him. Nurture him. Keep him safe from all your demands. Your pressures. Your betrayals."

    Haven chants arcane words and touches his weapon. Flames suddenly spring up along its length.

    Moirean strength seeps away after her final attack on Haven. Her fingers lose their grip and her body rolls sideways. At her chest, her soulstone flares, releasing another gout of uncontrolled, wild souls to swarm over her body, and then there is a flash of cold, blue light emanating from the stone to eclipse her form, a murky shape over her belly visible for a fleeting moment before it's lost in the smoke and flames. She falls still, black eyes open wide and lifeless as her soulstone pulses once more before dimming dark.

    You have emoted: Benedicto eyes the flaming weapon in Haven's hand with a speculative gaze. "I care for neither light nor dark. I only allow Benedicto to fulfill his most violent and depraved desires. He doesn't like waking up to see the results of his actions, tutututut," He wags one finger in a scolding manner, "No. No he does -not-."

    Nola watches you with a cautious, calculating stare, her hands remaining on Haven's shoulders as she stays close to his side. She looks at the man beside her, taking a moment amidst the chaos and fire and impending threat of death to really look at him. "How did we.." she whispers, "Was it words, was it action? What spoke loudest?"

    Nola murmurs quickly under her breath, "But we all have to face our actions. Facing them makes us stronger. Facing them teaches us the things we need to learn, to grow - or we never grow. We never .. " Her eyes widen as she turns her gaze back to you, saying, "You'll never Change, if you never grow! Don't you want to face the changes before you, Benedicto? Even if they're good, even if they're bad? Wasn't there Someone who taught you this valuable truth?" A rafter of the roof suddenly comes crashing down from above, the fire weakening it to it's breaking point in a shower of hot-red embers.

    Haven is slow to pry his eyes from Moirean's limp form before Nola's words draw him back to the matter at hand. With a snarl, Haven relinquishes his hold about Nola and steps past her frame as he intones, "Action, Oracle. A fire does not merely roar but consumes!" The Azudim strides towards you with heavy steps, his crimson cloak billowing behind him tattered, seared and torn where flames have touched the fabric. "You are meant to be free, Benedicto. Unbridled and unshackled! You want an outlet?! Let it be me then! Don't spit in the face of our love. Don't throw away the years of sacrifice we've made for each other! Fight til the end, Benedicto. That's what you vowed. That's what -you- told me before you brought me to the fold!"

    You have emoted: "HE BETRAYED US, YOU MEWLING RHYMES WITH GYM BUT BEGINS WITH Q!" Benedicto screeches at Nola, his features twitching erratically as gapes at Haven and her and his words sink in. "He cast us aside!" The hysterical tone of his voice breaks.

    You have emoted: "He cast -me- aside." Benedicto says in his more normal tone of voice, the words full of heart-break.

    Nola's brow knits together in empathetic pain, "Benedicto.. Truths are still truths. Divine come and go, just like people! I know They do! But the things taught.. are still important to us, otherwise, we wouldn't have believed in them!" She follows in step after Haven, steadily pressing forward, "We fight for a reason! We haven't gone through years of struggle for nothing!"

    Snarling, Haven Locke of the Black Sun says to you, "You blubbering tyke! Don't you see?! You would betray yourself! AND FOR WHAT?! Because of -another-. It is not flesh that makes us rise, Benedicto. It is not words or the touch of another. It is the spirit! The symbol. The ideal! That is the Light. That is what we strive to reach and grasp. Since when has the Dragon shackled himself to the weight of the world? Rise, Benedicto."

    You have emoted: Benedicto falls to his knees before Haven, the jade flicker within his pearl-white orbs gone now. Instead, he looks about himself as if seeing the flames and prone forms of Phoenecia and Moirean for the first time. His mouth opens and closes like a landed fish, his expression a mixture of horror, consternation and shock. His head jerks to look at Nola and Haven. "Brother..." He whispers in terror towards Haven. "What have I done?!"

    Nola finds her place at the side of Haven, fully facing you. "We all get lost, Benedicto," she says, her voice taking on a gentler tone. But the look on her face is still stern and cautious, not yet trusting, but not without compassion. "That is why we look out for each other, even if we reject it. We have all been there!"

    Even as you seem to return to his senses, Haven does not look quite so convinced. The inferno within still rages on. It calls and demands that its hunger be sated. With his lips peeling back, a growl still pouring from his depths, Haven raises his fist back as he says, "We do what we must, brother," before barreling his fist forward to meet you square on the nose.

    Nola's eyes dart upward as a loud *crack* starts from the ceiling of the steadily caving roof, a few more pieces falling down to crash onto the soot and ash covered floor, ".. Hey." She takes a few steps back, as if that would help, the light of her wings blinking out as they disappear from behind her.

    You have emoted: Benedicto falls backwards, spitting blood as his nose crumples under Haven's sudden, vicious blow. He turns as he falls, so that his hands prevent him from hitting the floor. "Oh Haven," comes the malicious, maniacal whisper. He hacks and spits crimson, the blood sizzling as it lands within the flames, his face hidden from you. "That was such a -silly- thing to do--"

    You have emoted: Rushing upwards suddenly, Benedicto's huge arms encircle Haven before he has a chance to react. He heaves Haven off his feet, and pulls his head back and smashing it, forehead first, into Haven's face. Once, twice, thrice, the solid skull of Benedicto smacks loudly into Haven's features before he finally lets him drop. He turns his attention towards Nola, the jade twinkle in his eyes glinting with anticipation.

    Nola's eyes widen as she watches the on-going violence, shouting out, "Haven!" The concern is etched into every feature of her face, but once the man is dropped, something else overtakes her. No longer calm or peace-minded, her gaze rises up to meet your, matching that jade light with her own fire, the blaze that has been carefully restrained within. "All right Benedicto.. we'll do it this way," she says, suddenly only business. She reaches down to her waist, ripping off the already-tattered and burnt skirt, leggings still partially intact. Her stance shifts into Dragon, her hands at the ready. Then something else happens, the fiery markings on her body, like chains wrapping her form, begin to retract in towards the center of her chest, and with the release a sudden wave of forceful heat rolls off her figure."You might be my comrade - but so is he. We had a duty to each other, Benedicto, as leaders in the Monastery, but.. some things.." There is a hint of pain, quickly retracted and replaced by solid resolve. The surrounding fire begins to be drawn towards her, whipping past the various figures in the room.

    You have emoted: "A-hmm" Benedicto gives a low chuckle, tilting his head to the side to examine Nola with a twisted grin. "Little Nola wants to play?" He rolls his shoulders and retrieves his scimitars from the ground. His jade-tinged gaze travels lasciviously over Nola's semi-covered form. "I always wondered what my brother saw in you, Nola. Now I think I see." His grin stretches to become a leer. "It must have been that tight little body you have, perhaps when I'm done with you, I'll get my turn?" He takes a slow step towards Nola, raising his blades.

    Haven stills at your words. Not out of fear or surprise. But in concentration! To see the jade return to your features causes the Azudim to manage a quiet and knowing smirk. The blows to his face darken his vision as he's wracked with pain throughout. Collapsed to the floor, one hand clutching his bloodied face, the other outstretched towards you, Haven intones, "Stop!" The command comes sudden, his tone echoing with a divine fervor as he aims to will you to pause in your advance and keep you still for Nola. "Do it, Oracle! Purge him!"

    You have emoted: Benedicto freezes in mid-stride, his neck corded with the effort of breaking free of Haven's sudden commandment. "Ohhh Haven, unicorns you!" He bellows, his entire body locked by the force of Haven's will.

    Nola lowers her torso, her weight shifting, ready to act, "I'd throw myself willingly onto your blade before that happens,"she cants her head to the side, a dangerous light in her eyes, "And if that's all you see in me, then you're certainly no better than my own father, scum that he was!" She roars, quick on her feet, as lithe as she is, and charges forward. The moment is almost reminiscent of when the two used to spar, but this is a different time from then. As she nears close, she dips down, careful of where the scimitars are as she remains watchful. Inner fire suddenly erupts from her form, carefully tempered within her body, like an explosion - the heat far more intense than any normal channel, "I have been saving this for a long time, I hope you'll appreciate it!" Comes her voice amidst the flames as one fire-encased fist darts forward to land a blow at the open wound, the other hand reaching out to grasp at your arm and engulf you in her searing fire.

    You have emoted: Benedicto screams, high and hysterical as Nola sets his body ablaze. The skin begins to char and blacken from where Nola's hand grips his wrist, slowly but surely, spreading up his arm. Pale blue veins bulge in his forehead and neck as he strives with even more fury to free himself of Haven's geas. His chest heaves and a spurt of blood decorates his lips as he throws everything he is into securing his freedom.

    Nola's hand that clutches the wrist tightens with a force meant to break it and leave it unusable, the woman showing her years worth of physical training in this moment. "I had good teachers, after all, right, Benedicto? Kylan, You.. I have some living up to do!" She whispers under her breath, swirls of fire dancing around her figure, so much so it almost seems as if she has -become- fire incarnate. Her other hand is quick to take advantage of the moment, clutching at your other wrist, but her voice comes soft again, faint words mixing with the sound of hot air radiating from the fire,"Don't focus on the Pain.. don't focus on anything, just feel the Fire.. This is my Fire - this is my PASSION!"

    You have emoted: The addition of Nola's other hand sends Benedicto into paroxysms of pain so intense that he almost lapses into unconsciousness. He manages to retain his wits however, and with a prodigious effort he turns to stare at Haven, a tendril of pestilential aura sneaking out to send Haven into the jerking spasms of epilepsy, shattering his hold upon Benedicto.

    You have emoted: Suddenly free to act, Benedicto smashes his now well-used forehead straight into Nola's face, breaking her grip upon his burnt wrists.

    You have emoted: Spinning, Benedicto slashes in a wide arc, catching both Haven and Nola with his scimitars. He slices Nola along the top of her chest, just below her throat. Haven he catches across the forehead, the skin splitting neatly to bleed profusely.

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