IronCon 2014 - Possible Cancellation



  • Refunded my ticket due to the above post. Plz say it's canceled now.

  • </3 :(
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  • JensenJensen Corruption's Butcher
    Looks like Slyphe forgot about Drai

  • A day left to go. Still no news on whether we've reached the minimum amount of tickets, but silence is ominous.

    Have you bought your ticket yet?

  • AlistaireAlistaire Las Vegas, Nevada
    Today is the deadline. Did we make it?
  • RazmaelRazmael Administrator, Immortal
    Still a bit of time until the official deadline, but I can say that unless we sell a bunch of tickets in the next few hours, it's most likely not happening. Sad times :(
  • DaskalosDaskalos Credit Whore Extraordinare Rolling amongst piles of credits.

    That sucks, I was looking forward to begging for artifacts again this year.



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  • How many more are needed?
  • AlistaireAlistaire Las Vegas, Nevada
    So, I'm assuming that we didn't make it. But an announcement of some sort would be pretty neat.
  • PiperPiper Master Crumbs
    I preemptively bought sadtimes pizza to 'celebrate' getting my money back and Ironcon being cancelled. I cried over each slice of stuffed crust goodness.
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    Forums need a console button too.
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  • RazmaelRazmael Administrator, Immortal
    Sorry - still waiting on official word to be beamed down from the IRE mothership.
  • MacavityMacavity Chicago, Il
    beam us up Scotty!!
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  • RazmaelRazmael Administrator, Immortal
    Unfortunately, IronCon 2014 is officially cancelled.

    We're very sorry, but we didn't meet the ticket sales we hoped for and have to cancel IronCon. We ended up with 40 tickets sold, and we needed minimum 50 to risk not getting back the substantial deposit we made on the house rental.

    This does not mean we'll never try to host IronCon again! We very much want to have a second swing at it in 2015, and will be looking at hosting the event every second year.

    Personally, I am very very happy with the planned attendance Aetolia showed for this event. We had 13 players with tickets bought (we sold the most out of the IRE games), and 7+ Gods planning to go.

    Anyone who paid needs to email Matt Mihaly at, from the email address they signed up for IronCon with, letting him know whether they would prefer:

    o A refund.


    o Credits. In the case of the normal ($150) ticket purchase we'll give you 500 credits. In the case of having bought a premium ticket ($200) we'll give you 650 credits. That's actually more credits than you'd get for that amount, but we want to reward people who chose to back IronCon.

    In either case, you will still keep the 100 bound credits you originally got upon buying the ticket.
  • Weaksauce. That was my birthday weekend too.
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