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So after a few years, things have come full circle - Phoe's in a guild and city again, and has regained a lot of old qualities she had way back near when I first began playing her. Been meaning to get out and interact with more people, but for those of you I have interacted with lately, however brief the interaction was, I'd like to know what you guys think.

And before anyone complains about how long it takes for me to emote, I get easily distracted, so I get up and walk around a lot. Just kind of an excuse/explanation for that. >.>


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    Or you go and make desserts. Then brag about them. Jerk.

    As somebody that roleplays with you often, and like I posted last time. You are amazing, I don't even mind the waiting for emotes, because they're always awesome, great imagery and very narrative. I've been trying to copy you lately, and I find myself often going..Ooh..she did emote (blah blah) to precede..I'm gonna do that wait..have to do that after she does one not like that.. It's weird, and I'm neurotic. Also love that you're keeping up with the memory loss thing in little quirks, because I forget about it, and then Phoe reacts in such a way that brings it back to mind.
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    Phoenecia is pretty cool. While I haven't RP'd with you lately, I'd say the character is one of the more consistently real ones in Aetolia. I like her angry flares and almost elitist attitude (lol, almost). It's fun watching her interacting with others and how she portrays herself to the city at large.

    As for the player, you already know I like your whimsical writing style.
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    Phoenny has become one of my go-to people for quality RP, even if it's just idle conversation. Her emotes are solid, not overly detailed and add a realistic quality to the (antennaed fairy) character...and each time it challenges me to get on the ball and keep pace. I've noticed a distinctive change (for the better) in character since Rivas and Phoe first became friends years ago...much more laid back, great sense of humor, all that noise.

    Now if I could just figure out when she's flirting and when she's not, life would be so much easier...



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    I'm coming for you* (at some point)

    *for rpz

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    The above post, combined with the above signature picture, is SUPER creepy.

    Just saying.



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    For the few times that Kale has met Phoenecia, I can say she's a bit afraid of her. Not sure if that's on purpose or not. 
    In terms of the RP, I've heard great things, and am sure that with time Kale would overcome her fear and everything. 

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    Bumpity bump.

    So I'm at a bit of a crossroads and wondering what to change about my RP, if anything, and what to keep the same since I'm kind of worried about her lapsing back into her old, bitter, grumpy self - especially lately. Regardless of how short or long the interaction or the nature of the interaction, I wanna hear feedback.

    Also, any critiques on my emoting (aside from my emote speed; yes, I know I'm still slow >_>) in addition to feedback on RP is appreciated.
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    Shameless bump. >_>

    It's been a while, and I think I've gotten to interact with some new people in that time. Just curious to see how I'm doing.
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    I could pretty much echo the things you said in my own self-affirmation. Phoenecia and Katszia could be the best of friends (yikes), if they weren't busy being mortal enemies. There's always this amazing tension when the two of them get together to actually talk. It's like those moments in movies where you see the two women smiling over a cup of tea and seeming amiable while thinking to themselves, "Do me a favor, and choke on it." while saying aloud, "I completely understand you, it's nice to feel like someone gets it." I'm pretty sure there hasn't been a single genuine moment between the both of them since they met, at least not entirely. But the RP is great when it happens (uh, except that one time we'll sweep under the rug yah?) and I feel like I actually get as much detail from you as I try to put in my own emotes.

    Now if only Phoe had a "steam release" valve someone could press when she gets pissed... >.> Just saying
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    I think an appropriate term would be 'frenemies'? XD

    And yeah, I've noticed the little undercurrents of hostility and tension whenever they talk, and it's kind of funny. Sometimes I half expect them to snap and start strangling each other or pulling hair. They might become friends at some point, but it'll probably take a long time.

    And it does feel like they do have some semi-genuine moments, but at the same time, they'd probably still be more than happy to stab each other in the back if the opportunity came up. Either way, I've been having fun now that Phoe finally has a rival.
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    Bumping this since I've been back for a bit now and been interacting with more people. 
  • PhoeneciaPhoenecia The Merchant of Esterport Somewhere in AtticaMember Posts: 538 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Been a while, and been interacting with a lot of new people, so I thought I'd give this a bump. Have at it.
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    Huh. She's interesting, really. In all honesty, Xan's first, real interaction with her occurred out of sheer dumb drinking. But every so often he seems to gravitate back to her. Their date in the Black Flagon was...interesting, too. Showed a side of him that rarely is exhibited. I think Phoe can be really superfluous one moment, very...surface-level, and the next really show some depth that invites a desire to dig and figure out what her story is. There's always a second layer to the history she tells, and it intrigues Xan
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    Somehow Phoenecia's become one of the most important people in Kodaza's life. They're still very different, but in a way where they respect each other's differences, and Kodaza hopes that reflects well on Enorian and the Light compared to what Phoe might be used to.

    Really, by having no obligation to talk to each other beyond the friendship they formed in the right place at the right time, Kodie's learned more about who she is and who she wants to be from talking with Phoenecia than she has by doing anything else. Even when Phoe says something she disagrees with, it only sharpens and confirms her own feelings, while at the same time allowing her to practice her tolerance.

    Kodaza asked for her job at the Rose to give her a place to practice virtue, to learn humility through doing meager chores and refusing to be paid. It hasn't worked out that way at all, as it turns out! But by Phoenecia giving her chances to trust, learn, and respect, Kodie feels like she's growing in her faith all the same. If she ever finds success later in life after becoming more mature, she'll always think of Phoe as a driving influence behind that.

    Sorry for the mini-essay, but there's a lot to work with!

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    Phoenecia's pretty awesome. Paz and Phoe are in kind of weird spot. They're friends, but there are both a lot of similarities and couple major differences in their ideals. Makes for some interesting interactions. Paz has been kind of probing around to learn more as they've met. Its been a lot of fun, and still so much more for them to learn from and about each other. Also there is the whole looming practice sessions. :P Anyway, its been a blast so far and looking forward to more.
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    I can say more, later, when I have the space and time and I'm such a bad headspace at work. But, Rhoynn wards himself with Phoe. She's really intriguing, and every hint of depth she shows him is met with a lot of interest. Whereas he is constantly, almost unabashedly open, he's always careful to try and parse out when she is, and isn't being sincere, and how best to approach her. He took a really wide berth in treating her the way he does, since she was such an unknown variable in his life.

    I think that's the best way to put her, too. To him, she's an unknown variable, whose value is constantly changing. She's a pattern unto herself, something to be observed as much as it is something to sink his (Metaphorical) teeth into and try and decipher in that way only he goes about things. She's absolutely brilliant in creating these moments where she reveals just how similar she is (Or, in most cases, was) to him, putting him sometimes at ease, other times on his toes or on edge. Sometimes she borders on mothering or placating, and he doesn't know how to respond to that either, since, yes, she's far older than him, and yet she has such a youthful air about her.

    He has a strong fondness for her, though he's still trying to figure her out. There are moments where he'd like nothing more than to tear his own hair out because of her, and others where he's glad he can turn to her for any number of reasons.

    In short, she's multi-faceted, fluid, sometimes duplicitous, and all around fascinating. *thumbsup!*
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    One of my first real instances of RP in Aetolia was walking into the Azure Rose and getting Phoe and Koda to help dress and dye all of Jaymi's clothes. What could've been bland and quick ended up taking like... an hour or more and was super fun. I'm not even that into fashion (I like my sweaters and jeans), and honestly picked some weird things just to see what they'd do, and they rolled with it. Phoe's great, even if she scares the skirt off Jaymi.

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    Sigmund and Phoenecia have only interacted briefly. And quickly for that matter. The event between the two did bring the two of them into contact however, and I'll admit, Sigmund had no idea what to expect, and regardless of how civil/formal the Spirean is, I feel that the engagement between him and her ended the way it was meant to.

    More interaction in the future, provided it's legitimate in it's prompt and basis, would be worth engaging upon.

    Thanks for the RP.
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    Ah, Puppeteer! Where do I start?

    Phoenecia is great! I was pleasantly surprised with how she's become a crucial part of Haven's support system over the years. She's always been there for him in her own weird way. Even when they were at odds and didn't get along. There was always this underlying measure of respect.

    Your writing has changed a lot though since I was last around. I don't see the whimsical style in your writing so much any more. Not that it's a bad thing. You've always had a kind of "less is more" approach but this time I feel like there's an added emphasis on precision. I'm not sure if I'm properly describing it but I still enjoy it regardless.

    You've always been good fun to roleplay with be it for idle conversation or otherwise. I think Rivas described you best above and I'm hoping my project I've got planned for our characters takes off and gives us an opportunity to RP more together.

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    About as close to a Guild or City leader that Lycurgus has. Polite, friendly, and to the point. Hardly beats around the bush and leaves Lycurgus to his own devices and work. Look forward to moar interactions! :3
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