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    I need your guys help with some math.

    Now that I have been fired, there are two employees left in the store. Let's call them A and B. A is working 6 hours a day 5 days a week and has been doing this job for the last 4 years. B is working 8 hours a day and has been doing it for 3 months. Because B is new, and because of some other circumstances, he needs guidance and (have we been told now) cannot be given any responsibilities at all. We also have 3 attendees who has work practice, and one more coming soon.

    This means that A has to start work at 9.45am, since our first attendee starts at 10am, cause B can't be alone with the attendees. A then has to open the shop at noon, since B can't be responsible for the cash register. A also has to be in the shop when it closes at 6pm, since B can't be responsible for closing the shop.

    The rest of the time, A has to work with production, guide the soon to be 4 attendees AND guide B, plan coming events, work on coming events, take care of customers, find new customers, talk to old customers about coming back to be regulars, handle purchases and NOT BREAK DOWN!!!

    So, A is gonna have to work from 10am-6pm when only working 6 hours a day and then take responsibilities for everything.

    The thing is, we are parts of this company because we have issues one way or another. Mine is a social phobia and severe anxiety, A has anxiety and depression. B has a minor brain damage from birth, but it doesn't hold him back in way, he just has problems focusing when not being told what to do. The company is being given 70-80% of our paychecks for having us hired and to MAKE SURE we have a good environment that helps us grow and won't stress us out. They get money for it and they treat us like crap!!

    It's so frustrating and I want them to close down the shop to save my friend from the psych ward, but I don't know if that will happen. They will just keep using her until she quits or breaks down.

    EDIT: I was just told they won't shut the store down, because they can't get out of the leasing contract for the shop. They're just gonna milk it as long as they can. Oh, joy..
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    More medical stress. Yay. 

    Was visiting my parents yesterday and discovered that my dad has been taking medication for diabetes, or rather, for preventing diabetes. My grandmother had diabetes. My dad might possibly develop it. What this essentially means is that I'm at pretty high risk of developing it myself if I'm not careful.

    My husband has had to endure more doctor's tests and hospital visits. Now they're insisting that my husband has diabetes (he doesn't), but he's changing his diet anyway as a preventative measure. He's stressed out, which is stressing me out. I also have a massive sweet tooth, so giving up sugar has been hard. No more alcohol either.

    I may be somewhat irritable for a while.
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    Was in a good mood all day. Latent anxiety levels between 1 and 3. Went to work, made a bunch of members happy, got told half a dozen times that I was an absolute joy to talk to and helped them so much. Was content, mostly happy even, all the way up to about an hour ago. And now all of a sudden, apropos of nothing I feel like crying. :/
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    My friend's birthday is coming up and I wanted to surprise them with a cake that had this image on it.

    However, seems the bakeries near my house see this image as a threat to the family values they try to enforce. After attempting to persuade with charm and bribes, the issue was escalated to a manager, ending with me declaring my thoughts: "unicorns the family values of this establishment. This is Lil' Kim AND SHE'S AN ICON!"

    My mad: people telling me what I can and can't put on my cake.

    Also, I guess there's a joke in there about cakes and eating them. I dunno.
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