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  • There is an underlying desire here that isn't really being talked about.

    A request for a lorebank isn't JUST for the sake of making it easier for players to access the information-- it's also another comfort blanket to the players that put in a lot of time and energy into things in their orgs only to be told "you're wrong, because you didn't know about x document written 250 IG years ago and only stored in this one personal library that was CANNON."

    For some things (z.B. how a war started or ended, what political person did what, race wars ad naseum historical recordings) there is room for misconception and tall tales; that makes the game fun and feel real. There are other things though, that function a certain way all the time, and should be easily observable, but can't always be divine controlled every time it happens. The nature of what it's like to take on a Duamvi-- we know basics right now because it just happened, but not everyone interacted with that story, and if Fezzix wants to make an alt in Eno and take on a Duamvi (or a real newbie joins us for the first time), he shouldn't have to read 5 point of view accounts, two help scrolls, and talk to half a dozen people to know what the baseline RP for getting a Duamvi has historically been. Accessing neat aspects of the game shouldn't have to be a research project if the character should be able to accurately observe things from a single action.

    Additionally, instead of beating around the bush: we have a long history of what has been 'cannon' for years being suddenly wrong based on the whims of new pools that don't have all that information either. I would fail HARD if I was a new Celani and trying to run an event for the Teradrim; I know nothing about their history, culture, lore and current beliefs, and unless there is an easy: everything you need to know about Teradrim 101 that the pools have and we don't, then a lore vault would be invaluable to volunteers as well as the players. (If this does exist, then half your work is already done! Give us the watered down version and we're good!)

    It's a lot of up front work, but would eventually pay off in the long run by giving players agency and confidence in lore being right (instead of always expecting that rug to be yanked out from under our feet) and drastically shortening the lead time that a volunteer would need to understand an org/event/concept, PLUS cut down on the 'it's my ball, and I'm moving to another timezone' losses we suffer when a volunteer or player with all the golden nuggets of lore drops off the face of Sapience to never be seen again. If the entire pools hits the lottery and peace out on us tomorrow, will an entirely new batch of admin be able to more or less pick up where the previous left off?

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    If you have suggestions to help improve HELP DUAMVI (especially the subsection about Roleplaying a Duamvi), or specific holes that should be filled - those are things you can definitely request and we can work on to find an even ground.

    That is what skill messages, the forums HELP FILES thread, HELPEDIT, etc, are for.

    But for that, we need the communication. There are simply too many helpfiles and pockets of lore across the entirety of the game to get what you, the community, feel are priority up to date, unless you tell us that. Make the list, tell us what is confusing or what is needed. We can't read your minds. Again, these tools are available and not being used.

    We want to work with you. But again, our time is limited and filled with multitasking. The vast expanse of helpfiles will not cease being vast. If you, in your experience and as it becomes relevant in your storytelling, find holes that need filling: Tell Us. Use the tools available. Help us help you, which cycles back to helping us and the game again.

    For ease of access, here is the help files thread: https://forums.aetolia.com/discussion/990/help-file
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    It took me an evening of lazily checking through some to suggest updates to all files in three help file sections (1, 11, and 14), some that haven't been touched in a very long time. If Celani run through them now and then, a little at a time, it shouldn't have to be a massive burden.

    Plus, aside from revamps and class leads, I think the game would be much healthier if focus was given to stabilizing the existing environment rather than tacking on new content on unstable grounds. So if the Celani don't have enough time perhaps their focus is on the wrong things? I don't know. I know new Celani are usually given a project when stepping up, to learn and show what they can do.

    A suggestion:
    Instead of the usual "make a new area", give them an old area and ask them to check all quests (fix and add to the QUEST system), rooms (check references to other areas, make all rooms unique), NPCs (are they giving proper information, connected to quests), connections (if there are ties to other regions, do they make sense, are said connections brought up in dialog), previous events (are they properly documented, can the information be found outside of plowing through heaps of books in hidden libraries, scores of help files or news posts), and then tie things together with proper documentation and potentially a small event at the end. If you want the LOOKUP system to be a useful encyclopedia/lore bank and dictionary, have them add specifics from that area into that system.

    According to the Help file on Celani, it is their job to chronicle the game, which I interpret as updating help files and keeping the game informed. It should be set up so that all documentation in connection to an event has to be updated within 24 hours of an event (including an event post, which can be drafted before the event happens and modified with specifics after completion). Preparations can be made in advance for most things.

    Also, available documentation in the game is important for the reasons mentioned many times already: some people don't share information (sure, some mystery is fine, but not always), an event's importance is subjective (so documentation may be lacking). Sometimes it's difficult to know what to ask about and whom, and if you were not around for a specific event it is made even more difficult, because you might not even know that you have something to ask about, or that something happened that was connected to whatever is important to your character. 

    Sorry for the long post. I feel like part of me is on repeat, like a broken record or something, mostly because it seems like the message is not quite coming through clearly enough. 

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    I’m coming in from a personal point of view instead of a voice of the staff, and I don’t disagree with you on the importance of having our files more up to date. Or updating current content.

    Truth be told, we ARE slowly working through old areas and adding their quests to the quest system. We are revamping old areas, giving them a touch of love. 

    But at the same time, we are also trying to move forward with a storyline, too. So it’s a bit of a balancing act, because there is definitely other things that need attention, too.

    The purpose of the HELPEDIT addition, and the ability to make comments, was so we could have some help on filling in gaps. It’s easier to update the lore specifically when we are pointed at it. It takes out the time wasted of sifting through everything - it is like another pair of eyes highlighting for us. 

    Its purpose is just to try and speed the process up a bit. A conjoint effort.

    We are trying, and some better delegation would help churn the files around slowly, definitely, but I also think reaching out for help with HELPEDIT is also a bonus. Two birds, one stone. Lots of eyes, compared to a limited amount. 


    You get what I mean. 
  • There are a bunch of unknown things in the world that could be used for fun events, bit or small. Things that has just popped up and there has never been an (official?) story behind it, like the very odd door beneath the bridge to Esterport. And then there are old items/places from events that could easily be used for new events, such as the gates on Mostyn. I am still surprised that with all the shadow stuff that has been going on for the last few years, (with Ati and the Shadow mother and everything like that) the gates of Mostyn has not played a part at all. (For those who don't know the story, basically, the gates opened up and a bunch of shadows escaped and it was the home of something big and dangerous, I believe.)

    I would really like to see all areas get a look through, connect quests to the quest system and either remove the things that has no history in Aetolia, (for instance, who is Tad Vlad? And why does he have a statue in a non-combat room at the Prelatiorian highway?) or simply make them a part of it by making small events to actually connect them in some way.


  • That statue is there by royal decree of Emperor Mihaly and will never be removed. 
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  • It was my understanding that statue was put there because someone had died and it was a memorial of sorts, though who knows.
  • TekiasTekias Wisconsin
    S'Far as I remember, Oonagh is right. Might be an Achaea carry over, since it was there way back in 2004, and at THAT time, it actually had a purpose as well (Touching the statue would grant access to your cache)
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  • It's not a carry over. It was implemented in both games at the same time. Was one of Matts friends or something. I remember a fuss was being thrown over it because it broke peoples immersion or some crap.
    (Web): Toz says, "Emir's Express Evacuation and Existence Eradicator, Every Experience is Explosive - Experience the Entirety of your Existence!"
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