This is @Iesid 's fault. All the bad stuff is his fault. Tell me the good stuff!


  • Tythos was this kind of adorably odd kind of thing that drew me in, making me want to discover more about them. Friendly, energetic, and lover of sweets - now shifted into something else that I cannot wait to see more of. Hopefully soon(TM). Our interactions have been a load of fun and missed!
  • @Tythos !

    Iesid's favorite Laidir!

    Tythos is a character that has chapters and chapters of history locked away underneath the surface. The goal, in my opinion, should be to find the people most likely to draw that history out and let it change or effect himself or those around him. I think Duiran, the Sentinels, and the Nightmare's congregation are all effective vehicles for exactly that.

    Of Tythos, I can say only that I am fascinated. There are things there that are very interesting: he embodies a mindset of Sentinel or Duiranite that is quite alien to Iesid, but one that he tries to get along with nonetheless. Why? Because Tythos is friendly. He's warm. He's actually charming on a social level, despite social anxiety that I as a player can empathize with so, so heavily.

    I'm glad he's in the guild that my character is responsible for leading. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • I always seek to learn more about this character, and yet every time our characters interact, I become distracted in the moment of the interactions shared between the two rather than remembering to learn and ask questions more directly. I desperately want to know more of this story line and can't wait to see where it develops and is taken.

  • someone new to bother er learn with yay

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    Tythos intrigues me. I want to see more. Thoroughly enjoyed last night and the dynamics involved. You have an amazing character and your descriptive writing makes me feel -there- and see exactly what is happening. Keep it up!!!!
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    Every bit of interaction we have had has always been a pleasure. Your style of writing is wonderful and I am curious on this path that Tythos is walking. I look forward to so many more interactions! You do SUCH a great job of acknowledging that Sera isnt 'normal' but still treating her the same anyway. (Swimming, yeah?)

    Sera couldnt see Ty's the other night but she definitely felt him. <3

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