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Hello there!

I'm a Starmourn player that's looking to relocate as it feels the game isn't going many places.
I probably shouldn't make this into an attempt at comparison but I'm thinking to find a new home in either Aetolia or Lusternia.

Is there anything you could advise me to make my choice glide to Aetolia? I'm not really the best PvP'er, usually prefer a good RP environment where people get involved and one can grow. I do not forsake PvP but it's just not my main focus, just want to feel I'm part of a good, involved community and that the RP, be it short or paragraph, is out there.
This is the reason I do not consider Achaea since, in time, it grew to be more of a pvp game with less focus on proper roleplay and stories.

I guess I'm just looking at the community, RP potential, pve and admin dedication.


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    Hello, Amreen!

    *insert blowing smoke up orifices in an attempt to lure you in*

    That being said, I think Aetolia would be great for you if you're looking for all of that. Admin is doing its best to provide for the playerbase (sure there's missteps here and there, but the effort is clearly obvious), the community is one of the better ones once you get involved, RP is pretty dang good if you ask me, and PvE is actually being worked on slowly but surely (we even just had a revamp in how bashing works). PvP is a big part, but not the ONLY part, and we have multiple PvP avenues that are actually consequence free should you wish to indulge but not risk anything, as well as avenues that are -not- consequence free.
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    If it's RP you're looking for, Aetolia is a really good place. A large portion of the playerbase enjoys engaging in short or long form RP, and there's no shortage of stories to get involved in, be they large or small. You'll also find no shortage of people willing to help you out both with RP, PvE, or even PvP - there's a fair bit of support.

    The only difficult part is choosing the organizations you want to throw your lot in with as there's a lot to choose from.
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    Aetolia has a good balance of RP and PVP, you'll definitely find people on both sides of that field here. Though I'd point out that our PVP is less on the 1v1 side and more in the "Group Combat pretty much exclusively" so not being a top-tier pvper won't preclude you from participating, as even people just piling in damage helps.

    To notate some of the issues out that would be the 'biggest' problems here. Our playerbase -can- feel a little small. But that just means we are a little more tightly knit, and some of our cities do feel a bit in a slump, and in a place where they might be losing their identity, but I feel like its just a rough patch we'll cross eventually! Our producer and his team are working -hard- after all, and we try to do our best to help ICly when we get the chance to!

    We're currently moving through some RP events going on actually, with Bamathis, a new shadow-aligned god having emerged to help us combat these foreign gods that subsist on worship instead of essence (Think if the greek pantheon started fighting Cthulhu) while we root out any worshippers of these foreign gods on Sapience before we turn our eyes on the other major continent in our game, though its only partially accessible.

    A good number of our godmin are also frequently online. I know I've noticed Chakrasul and Bamathis (as noted above), and I -thought- I saw a few spirit aligned godmin online too (being a shadow-side player, admittedly less social than others) so it's not as if there's a shortage of godmin RP if you know where to align your character.

    Additionally! Endgame is actually attainable in literally a few days after you create your character, with help of high-end players who are usually happy to help. And our end-game content consists of choosing between one of 3 races, which are the Yeleni (The life essence race), the Azudim (the death essence race) and the Idreth (the "perfection" race), and the beauty of our end-game races comes in that they have -zero- guidelines as to how you look, beyond a vague sense of "You are tied to this source of essence", which isn't going to affect how people treat you whichever side of the divide you fall. So as long as you're not a literal skeleton walking around Enorian (our theocratic city focused on worshipping the spirit-side gods and on life), you can be an Azudim in Enorian, and a Yeleni in Bloodloch (the city of vampires and undead, though you don't gotta -be- undead to be a citizen in there).

    In fact, I'll give you a few examples of my own characters just to prove how open your options for description are in the end-game races!

    Axius (the account I'm logged into here) is an Idreth actually designed to be akin to a Xenomorph who lives in Spinesreach (the northernmost city, frozen and focused on the ancient lore of the people who came -before- us on Sapience), and began his life as a Nazetu before becoming an Arqeshi (lore stuffs here, up until maybe a year or two IGly, there won't be any born arqeshi to my knowledge, though that deadline might've passed when I wasn't paying attention. Most arqeshi are converted Nazetu), so he's a scientist xenomorph with a penchant for experimenting in both his personal laboratory (Archivist class) and in the kitchen (His cooking license), and his fiance and soon-to-be wife is delighted with the house he's worked to build and the life he's brought her into, and helped to provide structure to her own when hers seemed to be in a situation that was less than positive!

    Where as Xandren, the -other- chibi you'll see below, is a Yeleni who was designed to be a deku scrub, he had some in-game obtained relic pieces that granted him additional quirky stuff involving the vines you see on his avatar, but he definitely had his own life in Duiran (our local forestal commune, focused on protecting Nature, and the plane of Dendara from encroaching problems). He lived as a sentinel, a class that's akin to a ranger, if rangers wielded dual-bladed weapons (like that dual-bladed lightsaber that Darth Maul wields, but instead made from a stick and a piece of obsidian for the blades). He did his best to protect nature, first practicing his talents with his wrist-mounted crossbow (mechanically a thing), then later, after getting comfortable with using it in a pinch in melee combat to open with, he started practicing with his other weapon (I can't remember the name >.<), and became somewhat okay at fighting! He was a combatant and it was fun!

    The playerbase can range from being ICly unfriendly while OOCly being good people, to being ICly cuddly and OOCly cuddly. If ya ever need someone to just brighten up your day and RP at you, even if its just light surface level RP, go find Didi! She's our resident true neutral mascot, and will fluff at you and be super friendly! Unless you're mean to her. Then she might get huffy, but she's the type to forgive once you apologize 'n all that. Either way, I do hope you give us consideration.
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    Hi Amreen,

    I haven't lingered around Lusternia's RP very long to enjoy it but I've found Aetolia's RP much more exciting. Word of advice, as you can see from some of the posts here already, try to get sucked into one place and restrict yourself from other factions because you'll be limiting your the type of fun you can have.

    Recently Aetolian players came together and wrote some good advice in these two forums, take a look and good luck!



    Edit: I meant to say "try -not- to get sucked into..."!
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