Slice of life.

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(Duiran): You say, "Hark my hat has fallen apart. So begins a quest to find a new one."
A potato hat comes falling down from above to land with a thump.
You pick up a potato hat.
An overly large potato has been hollowed out and flattened so that it can be worn upon the head in place of a
It can only be worn in the following location: head.
It has 2 weeks of usefulness left.
It weighs 5 ounce(s).
It appears to be lacking in nourishment.
[HINT]: You can find out more about this item by using LOOKUP POTATO.
(Duiran): You say, "Who has done this dark act..."
You have emoted: Aishia stares at this fel hat with great trepidation.
(Duiran): You say, "Someone has crafted a giant potato into a hollowed out hat..."
(Duiran): You say, "And dropped it from the very sky..."
You have emoted: Aishia glares skyward with defiance. "I shall not wear such a hat!" She declaims to the very
skies above. With the ferocity of a cornered badger she attacks the potato-meat with sharp tooth and claw,
stuffing the vegetation into her hungry mouth.
You quickly devour a potato hat.
(Duiran): You say, "I appth thph poththo hpht."
(Duiran): You say, "I wph nph be made a fool of."


  • PazradymPazradym Member Posts: 129 ✭✭✭
    I feel like an Aishia sitcom is something we could all enjoy.
    By the divine might of Omei, you are restored to life.
    Omei gives the corpse of a headless cadaver to you.
    Omei offers you a quick wink.

  • IatanIatan Member Posts: 26
    Potato... Hat? I've heard of couch potatoes, but Hat Potatoes? I think Aishia just dissed the newest trend in lazy people fashion. I'm offended.

    #Justiceforthefat #HatLivesMatter
    -The Axeslinger
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