In confidence. -Elliana's first meeting with Omei.

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[Omitted most of the prior log, but @Emelle and Elliana were discussing some things, and about @Omei, when the Nightmare appeared. ]

Omei purses Her lips carefully, watching the two of you as She casually struts down the rocky path towards the garden. It's not entirely certain where precisely She'd appeared from, but Her growing silhouette in the distance makes itself immediately noticeable as She approaches.

Tilting Her head, Omei, the Nightmare says, "Isn't that just the thing though? Suffering, revenge, the dramatics of it all. Justice."

As the last of twilight fades, the stars become visible in the vault of the heavens, shining down
upon the land.

Emelle sits up on the bench, her eye on Omei.

You have emoted: Elliana pales slightly and tenses turning her gaze to Omei. Furrowing a brow she looks unsure what to say for a long moment. "I think everyone wants justice for what has wronged them.." She whispers her gaze following the subtle movements of the Nightmare.

A multitude of floral fragrances invades the senses, calling up memories from times gone past.

A hillside garden (62391) - The Havens (Unmapped)

You find the weather around you imperceptible. A rocky path leads one to enter the garden, full of life and the botanical scents are overwhelmingly peaceful. Small flowers are blossoming amidst the lush green of the grass. Placed carefully, a pine bench offers comfort from under a tall oak tree, to allow on to appreciate the gift of nature. Softly the wind blows, a refreshing aroma embraces its currents as it wafts past the nose. The tranquil atmosphere broken only by the soft burble of a small stone fountain. Mixtures of day and night flowers pepper the room in no true orderly fashion. Emelle Silverain, the Seer is here. She wields a lit thin black cigarette with violet banding in her left hand. Reality twists and contorts in slivers of fragment-like visions around the form of Omei, the Nightmare.
There are no obvious exits.

--LOOK Omei--

She is an Immortal. Tall and slender, She stands at the height of a Human, but everything about Her screams larger-than-life, Her very form harshly breathtaking. A shaved head frames Her face, each side shorn clean, while the mane atop Her crown itself seems to be formed from the stuff of Dreams - a cloud of moths one moment, writhing tendrils of Nightmare the next. Her skin is a deep purple, the hue of a forest's vespertine shadows, and Her complexion is dark, Her angular cheekbones creating sharp planes across a thin face. Sunken eyes rimmed in kohl-dark earth are a piercing, pure violet, with dilated pupils star-flecked and fathomless. Her dark, bruise-purple lips are full, bisected by an intricate tattoo slicing down the middle of her lower labrum and chin to twine around her neck, unfurling in stunning swoops and slashes across her shoulders, breast and belly. Inked in a rich, lustruous black, the tattoos scrawl out words in every language, from common Aetolian to Rajamalan to words and thoughts only known to the denizens of the Dreamworld. A soft haze hangs over the markings, a faint purple fog that seems to gather and recede of its own volition - and, as the mist skims the Goddess's skin, there are whispers, faint and susurrant, murmuring half-heard prayers of battle and glory and war.

"Mm," Emelle intones, nodding once in apparent agreement with you. Her gaze never leaves the Goddess.

Emelle takes a long drag from a lit thin black cigarette with violet banding.

Emelle exhales a pale cloud of smoke, redolent with pleasant scents.

"Oh but isn't that just the truth," Omei offers forth with a sly grin. Her limbs blur as Her body
alights itself in the blink of an eye next to the bench upon which you sit. "Take My Seer here," She regards as She drags a clawed finger along the length of Emelle's shoulder blades from end to end. "Mercilessly ripped the eyes from one who'd scorned her - she didn't even -flinch- as she did it," the Goddess gushes, like a proud parent marveling over a child's achievements. "Justice is important. It spurs growth. The pursuit of it is a motivator unlike many others for triumphing over that which troubles you."

Her gaze lingering upon Emelle for an uncomfortable extra moment or two as She speaks, Omei, the Nightmare says, "Justice seeks out those whom are worthy of its wrath. Those who fail, and do wrong. They always get what's coming to them for their wrongdoings."

Emelle's gaze drops to her lap, where her fingers toy with her half-smoked cigarette. "Yes, Mother," she murmurs.

You have emoted: Elliana scoots a bit to make room for Omei her gaze lingering between the two. Taking a long moment to consider before running her fingers over her cheek. "How would You..." She pauses trying to form the words through the mass of thoughts that seem to be shifting through her mind at rapid pace. "What can I do when...the man..the thing, he does not walk amongst us?" She furrows a brow bringing her gaze to her hands.

Collecting moisture on local plants brings the subtle glitter of dew to the flowers around you.

Emelle hunches over to rest her elbows against her legs, slumping as she smokes.

Emelle takes a long drag from a lit thin black cigarette with violet banding.

Emelle exhales a pale cloud of smoke, redolent with pleasant scents.

"Shhh child," Omei interjects as She lifts a finger to tap lightly upon your lips. "You wallow too
much in the details, the nitty gritty bits and pieces that obfuscate the goal." She leans in closely,
uncomfortably so to you in a way that seems to amplify the effect of Her starry, smoldering gaze. "I see it in you," She informs, Her tone a hushed whisper. "Just like I saw it in her." The Goddess' chin tilts upwards as She swivels Her focus to land upon Emelle. "Do you see it too, Seer Mine?" She regards as She takes in a deep breath through Her nostrils. "The weakness and pain that lies upon the surface, hiding from sight the courage and drive that sits beneath skin and bone."

When she is addressed, Emelle sits up again. There is something distinctly uncomfortable about the set of her shoulders, the trajectory of her spine. Meeting the Goddess's gaze, she nods once. "Aye."

You have emoted: Elliana falls silent as Omei taps her lips, much like a child would in a calmed
effect. She doesn't shy away from the closeness, rather she studies the extent of Her gaze. A frown tugs at her lips as she listens, her gaze never drifting from the Goddess. Tilting her head up to look to Emelle only when she speaks. Gaze going back to Omei she nods slightly. "I trust in You, I want to overcome..I want to see what You see in me." She murmurs softly.

"I will break you, little moth Mine," Omei calmly states, Her voice little more than a hushed murmur as Her attention is brought fully back to you. A hand lifts to gently caress your cheek as the Goddess releases a slow exhalation through Her nose. "You will suffer, agonizingly, and you will beg for it to end, but when it's over you will be born anew. You will be a monster to those that see you,unleashed upon the world with knowledge you hadn't before owned." Her lips push into a thin line for the briefest of moments. "But you will be -My- monster," She follows. With that said, Her form begins to slowly peel away like tendrils of smoke that are drawn skywards until there is naught of Her left behind.

Emelle takes a long drag from a lit thin black cigarette with violet banding.
The final part of Emelle's cigarette burns away to ash.

Emelle exhales a pale cloud of smoke, redolent with pleasant scents.

Emelle is staring straight ahead. Her demeanor is brooding, a sharp contrast to her usual placidity.

You have emoted: Elliana brings a hand up to touch her cheek where the caress had formerly been. Gaze following the tendrils skyward before moving back to Emelle. Searching for an answer to an unspoken question before closing her eyes. "She is both reassuring, and ominous. I don't want to fail Her." She finally lowers her hand back to her lap.

"Good," Emelle states, a simple declaration. Crushing the end of her cigarette between thumb and forefinger, she drops it into her pocket and rises. "I need rest." She looks down at you. "Take care, aye?"
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    First interactions with Gods are always so -mysterious-.

    This was a cool read, and I look forward to seeing "Monster" Elli!
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    Interesting! I enjoy reading God interaction and seeing how the players behind them weave complex and interesting characters that feel both very real, and yet, very distant and distinct from the mortals they interact with.
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