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    So we've had some pretty interesting interactions between Nola and Rashar - from silly to serious.

    Nola has come to care a great deal about Rashar - viewing him first as a reckless little ruffian, and then later as a valued student, and even edging onto something even more (not spoiling!). While they always end up in disagreement about the Light and their beliefs, Nola sees a lot of potential in Rashar and she wants him to genuinely find it out for himself. He's shown to be incredibly stubborn, but also loyal and curious. Nola wonders often how much he takes seriously though, even in his job - but doesn't find it to be a bad quality. He just doesn't give little issues big attentions, and instead focuses on the important work, which is something she respects because of her own view on dutiful work and prioritizing to get things done. It means to her that he is dependable in his own way. Which is where unexpected similarities between the two of them surface.

    I'm loving their relationship so far and I feel like the connection of a student-teacher is one of the strongest out there and has great potential for growth and development in both characters. As well as lots of fun, entertaining stories! But we need to RP more for that.
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    So, after a pretty horrendous couple of months and a few nights of regrettable and irresponsible drunktolia, there are quite a few changes here. Some of them made in a different manner than I might have wished, but it is what it is. I can't say he's in a place I hadn't considered, or planned as an option.

    Anyway. Trying to crawl back into being a somewhat respectable figure here. I'm also interacting with quite a few people I never have before, and I'm interested in thoughts across the board. Mostly writing critiques, but I'll take what you've got!

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    I know you asked for some ironmaw RP and I haven't given it to you yet but it's still on my mind. Im havin a hard time of thinking up what I need and where it'd go. I run the place pretty dark and it leaves me as a player wondering how you'd fit into a role there. Ill try and think up something though
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    I think your play style is pretty fun. I enjoy the little spats Rashar and Z have right before you roflstomp my face into mist.

    I also appreciate that you help my with my combat where you can.
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    I really enjoy watching Rashar do Rashar things.

    I've got mondo respect for how you handle Rashar. A badass who knows he's a badass, but doesn't always act like one.

    I don't know man, words are hard. Just keep doing what you're doing.

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    Col and Rashar's interactions have been pretty brief, and on top of her already mounting personal frustrations he's just that much more irritating. Rashar is basically Han Solo, and like part psychic maybe? He really knows how to pick up on her weaknesses and piss her off.

    I hope we have more rp time, even though Col will probably try to avoid Rash like the plague.
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    Haha, yeah. I haven't interacted much with him lately, apart from his (weak) attempt at bringing Teani to Enorian, which basically only resulted in pissing her off. He has a way of doing that, even though I don't think he means to. He's an interesting character to interact with, has been since the very start.

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    Holy fffffff, did I get @didi's first post?

    I have no words.

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    yeah. I am intensely jealous.
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    @Lim no jealousy only friendship huzzah
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    Rashar, I sort of enjoy the casual manner in which our characters will interact. Very matter of fact with one another, a slowly formed, cordial manner the two have developed. While it's hard to expand on this too much, given the political nature of the two characters, it's always something that makes a mudding session fun and spontaneous when they interact.

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    Feelings, sensations that you thought were dead. No squealin' remember, that it's all in your head.
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    Aymah and Rashar pissed each other off, and it was SO much fun (at least for me, heh).

    I really enjoyed the couple interactions these two had, and I hope there's more. Keep up the good work!
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    hrngnnnn I'm saving my real esteem for when they finally actually interact more. Consider this a place holder because, well, you know it's just a matter of time!

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    You have this unique way of playing a character that's very easy to interact with on the surface -- casual, charming -- yet has an apparently unlimited amount of depth broiling underneath. For a character that's relatively young (at least compared to SOME OF US), Rashar seems to have a rich backstory and history. I say "seems" because I've just realized that, despite the things I know about him already, there's so much more there I don't know yet! And I want to know it all. ALL OF IT.

    You're also a talented writer. You're able to throw in a lot of descriptive imagery without it being too heavy-handed, and you have the ability to use lots of colors to express things. I haven't encountered too many people who are willing to push their characters to raw, vulnerable, emotional places, and you do so with what seems like incredible ease. Your writing has socked me in the gut more than once.

    Writing with you has pushed me to think deeply about Emelle as a character, which is really special for me because of her advanced age -- at a certain point it starts to become harder to achieve real growth, but Rashar has been a catalyst of his own, from convincing her to rejoin Enorian to many other smaller (but no less significant) things. I love this story we're writing together.

    I'm so happy you're back!
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    I am pretty sure I bored you (sorry!), but I could tell right off the bat that Rashar is an interesting character, and I hope we get more chances to interact.
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    We have some really good rp, even if instances where Rashar and Rasani agree seem to be few and far between. It's really interesting to see them interact, two stubborn and bullheaded people trying to speak is always good for dramaz.
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