New to Aetolia, old to IRE

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Hello! Been around IRE for forever, always hear mixed things about Aetolia. Basically, looking for roleplay, people welcoming to newbs, and activity. Flexible in roles/beliefs I can do, I have been across the board. Without getting into it, started out in a city/guild that really just doesn't seem very welcoming/helpful to newbs. If anyone has some suggestions on where I might enjoy my start, I'd like it! :D


  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander PortlandMember Posts: 5,612 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Shamelessly gonna plug:

    Spinesreach is a huge RP city. We have tons of opportunities for newbs to RP. You can literally get a gold grant/your own room/lab in our Institute for "researching" a topic of your choice. We do tons of activities and one of my constant goals as CL is to promote RP interactions.

    Carnifex RP a lot. Most people in our guild will throw out emotes and we have a lot of ceremonies/rituals/etc that are basically emote scenes. Obviously I think we're great, as the GM, but I do think there is truth to that claim. At pretty much any random point in time, there is a Carnifex RP/getting drunk (same difference?) with someone. We're a dark evil death knight guild. We capture souls and use them against our enemies, and smash people's heads open with hammers. And we have war hounds.

    Cabalists are also great for RP. Eleanor is one of the game's best RPers, as is Akaryuterra, Aarbrok, Teani, etc - huge gang of solid RPers in there. They are a scientist/scholar guild.

    Syssin also have a ton of RPers and they have such a fun concept - shadowy spies? Hello, so much potential there.

    Areka does great stuff with Templars. If you're interested in the good guy role, I'd pick them. She's an absolutely stellar GM who really goes out of her way to interact with newbs. Templars are a good/holy knight guild.

    Mariena is also another great GM. She leads the Shamans and is super motivated and enthusiastic, and Shamans as a concept are REALLY COOL. Ancestral magic, animating plants to do wild things, summoning spirits, it's cool stuff.
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    I'm a refugee from Achaea, and I'm going to add to Moirean's shameless plug. I absolutely adore the Syssin and Spinesreach. Not to say there aren't other options, but give it a little bit of time and see what transpires! Maybe you like being a Templar or something, maybe you like being a Vampire! I'm not sure you can go *wrong* in Aetolia, unless you're impatient!
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    I think all the cities have pretty good RP potential... but everyone just defaults to Spines :p. Really, its down to what flavour you want to play. The RP is there if you know where to look (Come Duiran. We have many hammocks)

  • IsarayiIsarayi Member Posts: 5
    Spinesreach/Carnifex actually are a good combo for me as they seem to be similar to what I'm used to playing elsewhere. I wanted to start with something somewhat familiar so it would help with the 'take in the whole of an entire new game' concept.

    The undead, houses and stuff are all entirely new to me, so wrapping my head around anything like that may be a bit too much right now.

    Thanks to you folks that roleplayed and helped me out with my decision, by the way! It was so awesome to be met with a group of unique individuals that were able to answer my noob questions! :) Coming from Imperian, so I am already quite excited with the atmosphere! And of course, thanks for dragging me around with you Moirean! <3 appreciate everyone's help and look forward to digging in!
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