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Hey gang. So I like to write. I find myself taking writing classes, particularly because the deadline to have something tangible to share with others keeps me productive - and I bet I'm not the only one who likes that little bit of pressure to produce.

We've got a great bunch of skilled writers here, and I'd love to have us get a formal writing group going. I will happily do the leg work to set up some forums for us to use for it. Everyone would be welcome, regardless of what level you think your writing is at - every group I've participated in has taught me that even brand new writers can provide great insights. It's all about the interest and enthusiasm.

Here's my proposal for the group:

- Weekly writing prompt and quickfire writing thread (everyone will be welcome to contribute suggestions for this) and sharing/discussions.
- Weekly example piece (again, everyone welcome to submit ideas). Basically a published short piece we read as an example of a style, technique, etc, with space for discussion if desired. I'm happy to produce these initially as I've taken quite a few classes and have books and whatnot for reference.
- Shared pieces: I'm thinking we do this relatively slow to start with and do two pieces a month. Eg, on the 1st, so-and-so posts a piece, and we all read/edit/post feedback and have a discussion via forum posts about the work. On the 15th, the next person posts a piece. If that seems slow, we can always up the pace later.

The main thing is that this would be a legit group, not just something we do randomly and sporadically. I'm interested in having a solid group of people I can share stuff with for feedback, and help critique their work on a regular basis.

If anyone is interested, post a reply as well as suggestions if you have any for tweaking the setup. If there's interest, I will happily set stuff up.

- Moirean
- Benedicto
- Sollace
- Gwenith
- Setne
- Eleanor
- Rashar (maybe)
- Llok (maybe)
- Nola

Writers' forums: http://aetwriters.boards.net/


  • BenedictoBenedicto Tentacles Errywhere!
    I'm definitely interested in signing up for this. I'm always looking for ways to better my writing and I know there's plenty of room for improvement. Even if the only result of this is that it makes my emotes better I feel it will be worthwhile.
  • Count me in, I love to write. <3
    And I know I could use the help.
  • I really liked the 100 themes thread that happened a while back and seems to have been forgotten. Maybe we could tie the two together?
  • I would like to through my hand up for some practice as well. Anything to improve my writing style.

  • SetneSetne The Grand Tyrant

    Ingram said:
    "Oh my arms are suddenly lubed"
  • EleanorEleanor FOR SCIENCE
    I'll play. And yeah, could deffo roll the 100 themes into it.

  • Interested though kind of shy, long unpractised skill.
  • I'm down to participate. I'd like the 100 themes included too - I never really got into it but I wanted to, in large parts due to time and because I have trouble with extensive story-building. So much of my stuff is short, which is why I enjoy Aetolia.
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland
    Write-o (hehe pun) guys, sorry for the delay.

    Got us a site set up, and I'll be populating it with some useful references as well as setting up a schedule sign-up.

    Please sign up for the site, using your forum handle, so we'll easily know who is who:

  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander Portland

    Just tagging you guys, so you see this thread in case you missed it.
  • BenedictoBenedicto Tentacles Errywhere!
    Thanks Moi-Moi. I'm busy tonight as I'm gigging so it'll likely be tomorrow morning (GMT) when I get chance to!
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