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I've been playing him a bit more lately, and actually interacted with a couple people. Thoughts, critiques?

I don't have bug eyes or a crazy neck piece, but I do hope to join @ashmer at the top of the creepy food chain someday.


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    I totally read his name as Dr. Men.
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    Definitely a trip to say the least. I am pretty intrigued with the Darmen vs Trager thing. Darmen doesn't have the same feelings towards death as others, but then Trager only really deals in death. It's an interesting stand-off to whom can cause the most damage to the other at this point, I think.
    Indoran'i is back baby. It's go-... Oh.

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    He is a bastard.

    Your writing is choice, and the creep factor is definitely there. I don't deal with the super-darkies very often, but I imagine the game could probably use a few more of them. Emelle, on the other hand, is disgusted by him and whatever logic is informing the choices he makes. His philosophy is very antithetical to her own, which evokes a strong reaction in her.

    I guess that in itself is a compliment to the strength of the character, though -- Emelle has pretty lukewarm feelings toward most people, and it takes a lot to push her emotions further toward either end of the spectrum. You've managed to do that within only a couple of meetings, which is unusual. So...kudos, I guess? :)
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