Player Accountability and the lack thereof



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    Xiuhcoatl said:
    Hopefully I'm putting this the right way, but I THINK the type of group combat that I THINK you're talking about helps to produce more 1v1 combat. I use to do it all the time to farm reasons to PVP. You bump into someone somewhere, and start talking to them. You figure out their personally very quickly is xyz. With this realization you attack them based on mno. You delay the killing so they run their mouth somewhere and you get jumped by 4 people. Most likely you die. If you're smart about it, you will die. You lose 3 million experience. You have the right to 12 million experience.  If they get another group to kill you for attacking one of these members you get more rights. Usually not on the same exact people. That's the type of combat I THINK you're talking about. 

    That's just how I view it, but I also view being jumped by 20 people as a chance to get a 20 kill streak. So, I don't see being jumped by people as anything besides getting new people to pvp against when they're out and about. 
    I like this point. I actually try and follow it. Problem is it's almost a year later from when the last instance of this kind happened with me, (major one I instigated anyways) and I still haven't claimed all the pk on it. 

    And yes, I take notes on who I owe pk to and why, gets saved and edited every time I make a legit kill. Great method of thinking, and it does bolster some of that attitude that Edhain is talking about. But as was said, you really don't get the opportunity to claim a kill.
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    So what's being done? Are you all spreading the Good Word to your organizations?
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    Exodus said:
    So what's being done? Are you all spreading the Good Word to your organizations?
    Come back and play the game with us, old man.
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    I don't mind losing fights, but I refuse to let some glomp attack of half a city kill me, to give them the satisfaction. If I'm going to lose, I'm going to engage in epic Spartacus-style battle with someone and be crushed under the heel of a more worthy foe.

    This, similarly, is why I haven't PvP'd in a very long time. Why do we even have liaisons balancing skills when the very nature of group combat is inherently unbalanced?
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    Psh, ya, I get that. Cowards. I'm not the most seasoned player, having left the first time I played long ago (heh) and recently reincarnating as Tsvanni, I was in trouble with some Auresae Hunters over having spat and conveyed threats upon the entirety of the order (It was all in good role play, and I got what was expected, a hunter on me, Arbre, specifically) And so I lifted my chin up, and he killed me. Not One million times, and I didn't whine for people to go rush the hunter. Just the one, clean, punishment kill. If a player transgresses a law for role play or out of spite, it really should stay OFF HT and GT and they should be, if they do whine over what was obviously their own issue and nobody else, receive a swift bitchslap to the face. That's a humbling punishment, moreso than death. It solves wars, you guys.

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    Arbre's a female, by the way. Or so the rumor goes.
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    Are you sure?

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    For the record, much of what you said to me after could have been taken as smarmy (I still think you were trying to be smarmy) and given me PK cause, but I'm lazy and not into griefing.  When you offer to pay for someone to kill an Auresian, whether on HT or whatever, expect retribution.  Gods have a certain amount of omniscience - they're a -God-.

    Wait, is that what you were agreeing about?  Now I've confused myself.  I shouldn't post when I've just woken up.  I just wanted a groinrip, man.  Didn't even get that.
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    If Arbre doesn't get his morning groinrip, he's a very cranky fellow for the rest of the day.
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    I just lost ANOTHER one!
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    ;-; Let this thread die.
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    Haven said:
    ;-; Let this thread die.
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