How many commands do you send?

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I've been having some trouble with combat and stupidity. I had these issues before I quit playing awhile back and finally decided to look into it. After looking into it, I learned that it's not what it's doing to my defense but what it's doing to my offense. So now I'm curious, how many commands does all the other classes have to send? Here is my longest block of commands:
secure whip, wield dirk, hypnotise target, envenom dirk with poison, envenom dirk with poison, dstab target, suggest target hypnoaffliction, shadow sleight target. That's a total of 8 commands.

What have others noticed on stupidity and sending commands? Does it seem to have the same affect on you? 


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    Well for one, your offensive aliases/macros seem to be pretty lazy. Why secure your whip every time when you could use GMCP to see if you're even wielding it or not? I don't remember the real name of the variable off the top of my head, but in Mudlet it would look something like:

    if gmcp.Vitals.Char.wield_right == "whip" or gmcp.Vitals.Char.wield_left == "whip" then
        send("secure whip")

    Similar checks with the "hypnotise target" command, so on and so forth. Unless I misunderstood you and this is just an example of the longest your offensive stack -can- get, then carry on!

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    Even if he uses gmcp, he needs to send 'secure whip' in event he is wielding a dirk. If stupidity blocks this, his offence is hindered.

    GMCP will make it cleaner, but it won't help his offence being blocked.

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    My post was in response to the assumption that he might be sending that entire stack every time he wants to double stab. Back in the day, people used to do that, if only because it was the simplest way to make sure everything was in order. You'd just gag the "you're not wielding a whip" or "you're already hypnotizing" messages.

  • BalzicBalzic Member Posts: 11
    No that was just showing the largest block. It varies from round to round but I'm at least having to do the following:
    envenom dirk with poison, envenom dirk with poison, dstab target, suggest target suggestion, shadow sleight target.
    Granted, with rebounding.. the secure/wield is going to be happening pretty often as well.

    Honestly, the topic is more just seeing how many commands most have to send. Wanting to get a bearing if
    we are the only class having to fight this problem.
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    Syssin have it worse than most due to having to switch weapons. Not counting doubled commands because of stupidity, my usual aliases have 4 commands in Bloodborn (envenom, slash, dwhisper, contemplate), 2 commands in Teradrim (sand attack and regular attack).
  • LinLin Blackbird The MoongladeMember Posts: 1,850 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Syssin are absolutely some of the worst. I think they'd greatly benefit from having some kind of "dstab <target> with <venom1> and <venom2>" syntax. Even as a monk, I rarely send more than three commands at once.

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    edited January 2013
    If I have stupidity, every command I send is sent 3 times for everything except for focus. 
    The largest block I have would be for Carnifex, which is stand; envenom, envenom, target, target,pole spinslash, hound target, hound bite. Times 3, if I get stupid. 

    On a side note, if I'm fighting in retardation stupidity>paralysis. Because for systems that's 1.5 seconds of of extra derp. 
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    I only think the Templar's have the worst of anybody. there's a lot of classes in general that have to send 1,000,000,000 commands for no reason instead of something like dstab target aconite curare. very simple condensation
    They didn't listen when I said Shamans were strong in groups. 
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    Easily Templars are the worst. Currently I've got

    Target head left
    target head right
    cleanse left
    cleanse right
    wipe left
    wipe right
    envenom left with x
    envenom right with x
    dsk target
    engage target
    envenom left with x *for when engage procs*
    envenom right with x *for when maingauche procs*

    And thats if I don't use a blade release, so you could add another, or 2 if i am using two hands. thats 11 possibly 12 or 13
    On a 1.96 weapon, its stupidly ridiculous.... but I've been asking for in-line envenom/empowering for a long time, with stupidity still factored into each action in the "combo" but so as to seriously take out some of the commands, also that with double target we can combine it into one syntax for both arms, such as target left arm and right arm, or target head and head, and I've "heard" that the venom empower stack will be combined finally, and that cleanse will clear the stack, and also not drain us of obsene amounts of mana...50 per cleanse, plus the mana for the empower itself, is a lot to throw around every 2 seconds. But our second batch of reworks, the parts where they actually balance out the sweeping nerfs they laid out. Been waiting almost a month, but I've got high hopes to finally get back.

  • BalzicBalzic Member Posts: 11

    Geeze, lol

    That was one fix I was thinking of submitting...

    envenom dirk with curare aconiate

    if (@venom) {Your weapon is already envenomed, you'll have to wipe it first.}


    {You envenom your weapon.}

    That way during stupidity you could stack without worrying about wasting poisons

  • BalzicBalzic Member Posts: 11
    Couldn't figure out how to edit but met aconite and not aconiate, hehe..
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