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So I'm going to use this as a thread to dump some useful scripts and plugins for people that use MUSHclient. Other MUSHclient users can of course contribute as well.

Installing a Plugin:

  • Download the Plugin:

Installing a plugin is a very simple process, and is probably the most easiest and safest way to insert another persons code into your own system.

Plugins come in the form of an .xml file, which will be supplied by the user passing along the script. You will need to first of all download this file and place it within the plugins folder of your MUSHclient installation directory.

The default location of this is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MUSHclient\worlds\plugins

However if you are using a 32-bit version of Windows, then you will find it in the non x86 folder for Program Files (you won't even have a x86 folder).

Once you have placed the .xml file in your plugins folder, you need to start up MUSHclient and crack open your world to install the plugin.

  • Install the Plugin:

Inside MUSHclient, first click on File, and then click on Plugins... to bring up the Plugins manager window.


Within the Plugins window, next click on Add... and find the plugin you just downloaded onto your computer. For my example, I'm going to use an old plugin that was created by Mygale that removes blank lines after a prompt.

Once you've found it, highlight it, and click Open. It should now look something like this:


And voila, you've now installed a plugin! That's how simple it is.

Installing a single Alias/Trigger:

MUSHclient also has an easy way to insert single (or multiple) aliases and triggers. This is a little less safe then a plugin as it will be pushed into your own set of aliases and triggers, but it can be helpful for sharing small scripts with others.
  • Copy to clipboard:

For this example, I'm going to use an alias I created that allows you to send a command multiple times.

The alias/trigger will be presented in an XML format, as shown below:

   match="#* *"
  <send>local i

for i = 1, %1 do

All you need to do for this step is highlight the above text, and copy it to clipboard, either by right clicking and selecting Copy or by pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard.

  • Paste to MUSHclient:
Inside MUSHclient, make sure you have your world opened, and then click on File follwed by Import... to bring up the Import window.


After that, all you need to do is click on Clipboard to import the data you've just copied. Once you've done this, you'll get a popup letting you know what has been imported into your world file, and those aliases/triggers will now be accessible to you.


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    Ok, so first thing I'm going to share is a small plugin I've created to let you capture the in game map to a small window within your game world. This will additionally omit the map from appearing to your output, so it's great for use with the MAPVIEW configurable switched on. You will need to exact from the .rar file, as our forums don't allow .xml file attachments.

    It looks something like this:


    I know someone asked for something like this some time earlier on, but hey, better late then never. Additionally I imagine it'll work with any IRE game as they all use the same format for their map display.

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    A long time ago, I created a module for Mudbot that allowed me to connect my G15 keyboard with it and display some health bars and information to the LCD screen on my keyboard. I've since lost all the source files for that, and I absolutely loathe the Logitech SDK too much for me to want to make another one, however I've been trundling around and found out I can do something similar using MUSHclient!

    The results have been mighty impressive thus far, and it looks something like this:


    If you happen to be a rare one of the few that use MUSHclient and have a G15 keyboard, then I highly suggest looking at this thread. Or perhaps you're from another game and want to modify the code for your own needs!

    I'm going to include my own plugin which I'm using to generate the above, but it won't work as a stand alone. You'll need to modify it to get it working for your own needs.

    • This comes with a .dll file that you need to place within your MUSHclient home directly (same folder as the mushclient.exe file).
    • There's a bug with it in that reinstalling the plugin will cause the display to fail. I haven't been able to fix it and probably requires modifying the .dll.
    • If you want the source files for the .dll, then head to here. You'll also need the Logitech SDK for the keyboard if you want to compile your own version.


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