help with Indorani combat

KasenKasen Member Posts: 6
what is the best way to defeat a person while having indorani skills.


  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander PortlandMember Posts: 5,612 ✭✭✭✭✭
  • MoireanMoirean Chairmander PortlandMember Posts: 5,612 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    More seriously, if you want combat help, you need to narrow it down. Ask specific questions ("What's a good way to set up a vivisect?" "How do you guys handle devil pausing?") instead of asking for blanket combat help - it's a lot easier to give advice when the questions are more focused.
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    that is a good does one handle devil pausing?  I am trying to work that into my Indo system but having issues on when to or not to use it.
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    For now, I use it mostly for capitalizing on aeon procs, eg a devil proc of aeon stripping speed followed up with an aeon throw combined with monkshood, kalmia, aconite, etc.

    I'm also trying to play with using it for epteth/epseth throws with warrior, but I haven't really gotten much practice in with that yet, so I'm not sure if the extra second is worth another salve in there.

    TBH, the speed is still really bad, so you can't directly use it to build up any sort of afflictions on a person. Maybe if you went wise + crown to get it down closer to 3 seconds?
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