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My actions in the past have been... deplorable. I formally apologize for those actions, for anything I have done that has impacted anyone else's gameplay experience in a negative manner. I was in a bad headspace for a long time, but that is no excuse for the things I have done. I do not expect a clean slate going forward, but I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired about this, and am taking steps to curb the actions and behaviors that negatively affected so many. I hope this will be the first step on a better road going forward, and if there is anything further I can do to make amends, please do not hesitate to let me know. Again, I apologize for my previous actions, and will not engage in such destructive behaviors going forward. Thank you for your time.



  • It's rare that people own up to their actions, let alone so publicly. It's rarer still that people are forgiven for past transgressions. I'm a big fan of forgiveness and clean slates since we all make mistakes and are in need of them from time to time. I can't speak for anyone else, but the past is in the past as far as I'm concerned and I look forward to seeing the new and improved @Araseth
  • Having been off the forums for a few months now, I'm happy I stumbled upon this. I got the feeling we had some sort of beef, especially OOCly. I, for one, apologize if I ever made you feel like I had some personal thing against you as a player. I can assure you that was never the case, and I've come a long way from 10+ years ago when I took this game personally.

    So long as you don't make any more references to 'The Weakest Link', I don't hold anything against you. :tongue:

    Tell me how I'm doing!
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  • ArasethAraseth Where I am
    Haha, deal. And thank you.
  • Clearly not your target audience here, as there were times when you gave me really good vibes. And there were some other times that I didn't actually mind, because you just looked overly excited. It's good to read this though and hopefully it will make your Aet experience a better one overall. Because after some of our interactions, it was a sour surprise to see you retire.
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    This aged well in 5 short months.
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    Like fine wine. Thankfully unlike some I know I'm not perfect, so never bored, always room to improve. Thank you so much for sharing.
  • More like milk, judging from the events of the last few days.

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    Yeah well, I'm human. sometimes I slip hard and fall far. I'll claw my way back somehow though. This life stuff can be rough to tackle, I'm doin' the best I can with what I have, which ain't much, so expect much failure before success. I ain't no quitter though. *shrugs*
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    Araseth said:

    I'll claw my way back somehow though.

    I see what you did there...Shapeshifter...claw your way back...

    I dig it.

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