There's a piano. In the Institute. To the southeast.

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This is a very silly log.


Arbre tells you, "Came to see you and you were not here."

You reach out and touch a starstone engagement ring wreathed in roses.
As you touch a starstone engagement ring wreathed in roses it begins to glow softly, and you feel a tugging at your soul.

You are pulled along by a starstone engagement ring wreathed in roses, warping through space to meet with Toz.
The Inner Gate of Spinesreach. (road)
A black marble pedestal has been knocked over, cracking the bowl that once rested upon it. The Inner Gate of Spinesreach looms high overhead here. A veranda has been constructed here, providing welcome shade to those in need of it. There are 3 clay golems here. A bright decoration has been hung here, Spirean colors proudly displayed. A wooden chest is here, carved to mimic the Spires of Spinesreach. A pine-lined iron bin has been set here, ready to be be filled with trash. A bleak and terrifying tapestry of snarling hounds hangs here. A Syssin Inquisitor waits nearby, blending in with his surroundings. Hands folded in the sleeves of his dark, voluminous robes, a cabalist stands ready to guard his city. Quiet and unmoving as stone, a lupine Atabahi stands guard here. A Sciomancer of the Spires stands here, his hands resting on a black voidstaff. A stout donkey stands patiently by, waiting for a burden. There are 2 feathery, red scintililys here. A delicate grish flower has been strewn on the ground. The decapitated head of Adaani has been discarded here. A starry-bodied mountain screamer blends silently into the shadows. Fyuree is here, pondering the situation. She is riding on a large riding dog. Arbre is here. Toz is here. He is riding on an immense plough horse. Meyvitch is here. Bold lettering hovers above a nearby chest: "SPIREAN COMMUNITY CHEST - Feel free to take what you need!"
You see exits leading north, southeast, and down.
Raising a hand casually to display his wrist tattoo, a Syssin Inquisitor gives you a grave nod, a form of recognition briefly visible in his eyes.

Arbre furrows her brows as she watches Medri sail away.

Meyvitch cocks his head, blinking away after images. "...Is that a snowflake coming out of the sky to the right?"

You nod your head at Arbre.

With an amused grin, Arbre says to you, "I -summoned- you."

Toz's eyes shut and his ears tuck back against his head as the firework detonates, maimed left ear flinching more than the right at the detonation, shrapnel clanking against his armor momentarily.

With a touch of apprehension, you say to Arbre, "Something's wrong? She's back to hurt you?"

Meyvitch's eyes widen as he observes Moirean.

Toz leans over to give you a peck as you appears beside him. "She is here for the piano I think, Commander," he tells you politely.

Arbre blinks at you in confusion. "No," she says, shaking her head, "You called for a party but I could not come immediately."

Frowning, you say, "Ah. It got called off on account of salt water."

Meyvitch's mouth opens, then shuts, and he looks confused. Deciding silence the better action, he tucks his arms behind his back.

"That is unfortunate," Arbre says with a frown.

You have emoted: Moirean jerks her thumb towards the southeast, off towards the outer sprawl of the city. "Piano's in the Institute," she explains.

Arbre gives Toz a slight look before focusing back on you. "I played in the Flagon for my task," she says, "I did not need to again; unless, I guess, you wanted me to." She shrugs.

You say, "Toz said you wanted a piano."

Toz says to you, "She mentioned a piano."

Arbre says, "I think he misunderstood me."

You say, "We have a piano."

You say, "It's in the Institute."

Meyvitch says, "Black Flagon has a piano."

Aoi says, "Ferrik plays the piano."

Toz frowns and says to you, "She is not you. It's harder to read other people."

You have emoted: Moirean point off to the southeast.

You say to Aoi, "Aye. He played the piano in the Institute."

You say to Arbre, "Did you hear that we got a piano?"

You say to Arbre, "It's in the institute."

Aoi says to you, "It is one of the things I miss about the Syssin, listening to him fill the halls with music."

Meyvitch stares at Arbre and blinks.

You have emoted: Moirean nods her head towards the southeast.

Arbre says, "You have a what?"

You say, "Piano."

You nod your head sagely.

You say, "It's grand."

A misshapen boulder on the ground reveals itself to be Medri hiding under her cloak.

Toz falls silent and clasps his hands behind his back once more, gaze flitting between Arbre and you.

You have emoted: Moirean helpfully adds, " the Institute." She glances off to the southeast for a moment.

Meyvitch shifts uncomfortably in place, squeezing his eyes shut.

Medri ponders the situation.

Arbre can't keep the grin from her face as she raises a brow at you. "Would it stop the cyclical conversation if I played?"

Tone almost bordering mournful, Toz says to Arbre, "No, likely not."

You have emoted: Moirean gives Medri a sidelong glance. "We also have Imps," she offers.

Medri says to you, "Yes ma'am! Three foot pianist, reporting for duty, ma'am!"

You say, "You play what? The piano?"

Medri says, "Well, I like to pretend."

Medri creases her brow in a frown.

Medri says, "I can play the ocarina!"

You say to Medri, "We have one, you know."

You say, "In the Institute."

Arbre says, "I have been looking for a piano to play."

You have emoted: Moirean lifts her hand in a sweep towards the southeast.

Meyvitch's eyes open again, pupils dilated. He glares at Arbre.

(Spinesreach): Aoi says, "It sounds interesting, no one is interested? There is something going on at the Inner Gate."

(Spinesreach): Aoi says, "All this talk of piano."

(Spinesreach): Medri says, "And pianists."

(Spinesreach): Cannan says, "12 inch piansts."

(Spinesreach): Cannan says, "Must be an imp."

Arbre says to you, "On a separate note, am I understanding correctly in thinking you have a -fountain- full of -liquor-?"

Medri says to Arbre, "Well, no."

You have emoted: Moirean suddenly scowls, dropping her arm (and the topic of pianos).

Bitterly, you say, "HAD a fountain."

Medri nods somberly.

(Spinesreach): Aoi says, "Talk about a winning advertisement for converts."

(Spinesreach): You say, "What, pianos?"

Medri says, "Lord Slyphe destroyed it! For no reason."

(Spinesreach): You say, "We have one. In the Institute."

Arbre says, "The Maelstrom ruined it?"

(Spinesreach): You say, "To the southeast."

(Spinesreach): Aoi says, "Come to the Republic! Our city is frozen to keep our fountains of liquor cold."

You have emoted: Moirean glances over at Medri and dryly echoes, "Yeah. For no reason."

Arbre glances over to Meyvitch for a moment before back to you. "I will help you fix it, if it can be," she offers.

Aoi says, "A vacuum left by the Mirthful's death?"

Behind his back, Meyvitch's fingers pick at the scars on his wrist, digging in his nails.

Meyvitch says to Aoi, "What?"

You have emoted: Moirean gives a grunt. "I don't really know how I ever got it to work to start with," she admits.

Gunther looking at the Commander he says "Well that is a shame. Nothing wrong with some good piano music.

You say to Gunther, "Oh? We have a piano, you know."

You say to Gunther, "In the Institute."

Aoi asks Meyvitch, "The God's wrestle their domains and control them, maybe without one to reel back the chaos, it is being split evenly among them?"

You have emoted: Moirean nods off towards the southeast.

Toz's gaze drifts down towards your metal arm briefly, seeming faintly amused for only the briefest of moments.

You have emoted: Moirean watches Gunther depart and frowns. "I wonder where he went off to?" she muses.

Focusing entirely on you again, Arbre asks, "So how have you been doing otherwise?"

You have emoted: Moirean's frown suddenly turns to a wide, bright smile and she enthuses, "Great! City's super active and the guild is booming. We're knee-deep in souls and slaughter." She chuckles, eyes shining.

Arbre shakes her head as required, smiling. "That is wonderful to hear," she says, "I have been spending most of my time hunting lately." She pauses a moment, unable to resist adding, "And playing the piano."

You have emoted: Moirean's eyebrows raise as she points out, "We have a piano, you know? I don't know if you've heard."

You say, "It's in the Institute."

Arbre bares her teeth in a feral grin.

You have emoted: Moirean gestures off towards the southeast.

Arbre shifts her weight to one foot, looking about the city for a moment. "It is quite a beautiful place," she says idly.

You have emoted: Moirean's vague enthusiasm about pianos dwindles away after a moment and she tilts her head to the side, studying Arbre. "Aside from the hunting," she asks after a moment. "Everything's ok? odd dreams?"

Meyvitch cocks his head at Arbre, an excited glitter in his eyes.

Offering, Toz says to Arbre, "Should you wish to appreciate its beauty for the rest of your life, permanent residence could likely be arranged."

You have emoted: Moirean merely nods off towards the southeast in agreement.

You have emoted: Moirean then mouths, "We have a piano."

Arbre thinks on her words before speaking. "Things got a bit difficult for a time there," she says, "But I do not believe I will be having any more. It is over, thank Varian." She gives you a serious look before focusing her attention on Toz. "This would be the first place I would go, if things did not work out for me in the Council."

Toz falls silent and simply gives Arbre a single nod of acceptance, rolling his shoulders briefly before he resumes his normal, statue-like pose: hands behind his back, standing quite still behind and to one side of you.

Meyvitch stands in similar position to Arbre, but he's growing fidgety, unclasping his hands and folding his arms over his chest, sidling a step closer to Arbre.

You have emoted: There's a faint flicker of something, some emotion that crosses Moirean's face at Arbre's words, visible for only a heartbeat, before she carries on with the vaguely happy chatter. "You'd like it here," she says. "You and Ferrik could play duelling pianos. I'll get a second one. In the Institute." She points off to the southeast.

Almost as if testing Toz's statuesque pose, Medri pokes at his leg once or twice.

Rakim gives the world a smart salute.

"I rather liked it when I was a citizen before, ages and ages ago," Arbre says, nodding to you, "Though there was no piano then."

You give Rakim a respectful salute.

You say to Arbre, "We have a piano now. In the Institute."

Medri nods her head emphatically.

Medri says, "There -is- a piano in the Institute."

Toz doesn't move an inch at the poke - either well disciplined and intent on standing still, or perhaps not noticing it through his armor.

Meyvitch mutters, "I n... some more fingers."

Exayne inclines his head politely to those around him.

Medri tests Toz again before shrugging and, abruptly, clambering up his plate armour, using the weapons attached to Toz's belt as handholds to climb.

Meyvitch stares at Medri and blinks.

Exayne smiles wryly at Medri.

Rakim peers about himself suspiciously.

Arbre frowns at Medri. "Leave him be, sheesh."

Meyvitch says to Toz, "She your daughter?"

You have emoted: Moirean's eye is caught by the jungle gyming use of Toz, and she turns her head to watch, eyebrows raising. She helpfully informs him, "You have an Imp. Just...there."

Toz doesn't react to the climbing either, steadfastly ignoring Medri. To Meyvitch, he replies, "No, she is not. But I am rather used to imps."

Rakim removes a simple iron helmet.

Rakin begins to wield a simple iron helmet in his right hand.

Rakim says, "Shquish."

Helpfully, Meyvitch says, "Incoming sentinel seeking tattoos. Leave them alive."

Exayne looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Arbre shifts her weight to her opposite hip, leaning a bit closer to Meyvitch. "They do not randomly kill people here without cause," she says to him.

Meyvitch says to Arbre, "I don't know if they have cause."

You say to Arbre, "Bordedom sometimes counts as a cause."

Medri finds her new perch balancing on Toz's weaponry, the hilts and heads providing footholds for her lightweight body. She waves down at Meyvitch. "Could be! Never know."

Aoi enters from the southeast.

You stare implacably at Aoi.

You say to Meyvitch, "That is not a Sentinel. That's an Aoi."

Bes enters from the southeast.

Meyvitch points accusingly at Bes.

Aoi points accusingly at herself.

Bes points accusingly at herself.

You have emoted: Moirean points off to the southeast.

Meyvitch says to you, "That's a Sentinel."

Bes says, "Only recently branded."

Exayne sneaks up behind you and taps you on the right shoulder before moving swifty to you left.

You say to Bes, "Are you here to play piano?"

Bes says, "I uh.."

Meyvitch peers at Bes suspiciously.

Bes says, "I can? It'll be awful, though."

Arbre says to Bes, "They have a piano, you know. Just over there."

Arbre points toward the Institute.

Medri nods her head at Bes.

You have emoted: Moirean glances behind her right shoulder, frowning. "We have one in the Institute..." she begins, trailing off as she searches for the mysterious tapper.

Bes nods slowly, "You just bang on the keys, right? Can't be too hard, really."

Arbre looks at Bes as her left eye begins to twitch spasmodically.

Toz shakes his head towards Meyvitch, "I have a daughter. But this is not her," he continues, still seeming intent on not paying Medri any attention.

Exayne taps you on the left shoulder struggling to suppress a laugh as he darts to you right.

You have emoted: Moirean frowns, whipping her head around to her left.

Arbre lifts her chin, looking back over to Toz. "Speaking of, how is she doing?" she questions.

Rakim says to Bes, "Those are some sultry lips you got thar."

Meyvitch glances up at Bes' face.

Rakim shrugs helplessly.

Medri wobbles a bit unsteadily atop Toz's secured weapons, admiring her new view of the area. "Not bad. SO this is what it's like to be tall!"

A short barking laughing comes from Exayne which he poorly conceals as a cough. Attempting to make his stance look casual he reaches out once more to tap you on the shoulder.

Bes says, "So I've been told. Handy enough for a dancer. Father was pretty damned good with a dagger, though, for those that got funny ideas in their head."

Toz gives Arbre a nod, "She is doing well. I intended to give her a helmet like yours, but decided against it. Given her...enjoyment of headbutting me." He frowns faintly and glances towards his leg, "It would likely result in an accident of sorts."

Meyvitch pokes Bes with the tip of a dagger.

Medri says to Bes, "Oh, lucky you! You see, I'm just an ordinary Spirean citizen, and nothing more."

Rakim asks Bes, "And who oe your father?"

You have emoted: Moirean responds to this tap by a wide sweep around, the staff she's carrying in her hand swinging quite firmly towards Exayne.

Bes says, "Nobody known well in the lands. Runs a bedraggled company that supposedly had some notoriety generations back. Now they are pleased when they don't get chased out of the small towns. No respect for the traveling artist these days, if ever there was."

Bes says, "Told me to go out and find a better occupation. So I did."

Exayne's attempt to look innocent fails as the staff connects with his thigh. A short cry of pain escaping his lips he snatches his hand back a little too late and gets his thumb whacked also.

Meyvitch's nostrils flare and he nods curtly at Bes. "Aye, Sentinels are always better than traveling folk".

You have emoted: Moirean twists back to face Bes, Exayne already forgotten. "We have a piano here!" she chimes in. "If they want to play. It's just over in the Institute."

Bes nods slowly at the exuberant imp, taking a few steps away from Meyvitch. "Well, uh... not too many piano players amongst them. Not so easy to haul about from place to place."

Bes says, "In any case, a pleasure to meet.. uh... the lot of you."

Bes smiles and says to Meyvitch, "And thank you."

Exayne looks at Bes and licks his lips.

You have emoted: Moirean gives an understanding nod. "That's why we keep ours in the Institute. The piano. It's just over there, in the Institute." She nods off towards the southeast.

Exayne asks, "Can we eat him now?"

Exayne says, "We've been nice."

Medri nods her head emphatically.

Exayne looks around imploringly.

Meyvitch says to Exayne, "She is female."

Rakim smacks his lips rather obscenely.

Bes leaves to the southeast.

Meyvitch says, "And no."

Medri says, "You can play the piano over there in the Institute, where the Piano is located."

You say, "Where'd she go?"

Medri says, "Probably off to the Institute."

Meyvitch says to you, "Somewhere more sensible. Or Duiran."

Medri says, "You know, to go play the piano."

You say, "Oh, there's a piano there."

Arbre says, "I was thinking about playing a piano, but I do not know where one is."

Medri says, "Which is there, at the institute."

You say to Arbre, "Try the Institute."

Meyvitch's eyes sparkle with amusement as he gazes upon Arbre.

You point off towards the southeast.

Exayne asks, "We have a piano?"

You say to Exayne, "Aye. We added one in the Institute."

You have emoted: Moirean jerks her head towards the southeast.

Comprehension flashes across Exayne's face.

Exayne says to you, "Piano."

You say to Exayne, "Institute!"

(Spinesreach): Medri says, "Attention, comrades! There's a piano in the Institute, to the southeast! You can play the piano there."

--- Quick run to the Institute ---

You say, "It's still there."

You say, "The piano."

You say, "In the...uhh...Institute."

Arbre says, "I was beginning to worry."

Medri nods her head emphatically.

Medri says, "Gods help us all if that piano disappears."

Medri says, "Then what would we do?"

You see Medri shout, "Come one, come all to the Spirean Institute, located in -- you guessed it -- Spinesreach! There's a piano here that you can play! In the Institute."

Rakim asks, "There is a piano in the Institute?"

Medri nods her head emphatically.

Medri says, "There is. You can play the piano there!"

Rakim says, "Hell of a deal."

Medri says, "It's to the southeast."

Returning unexpectedly to a previous conversation, Arbre says to Toz, "I am mated to a Luminary. I cannot join the Spires."

Medri says to Arbre, "Well, stop mating with the zealots and come join our fine northern establishment!"

Medri says, "Either that, or convince him to turn tail."

Meyvitch growls menacingly.

Toz says to Arbre, "I can understand that. I left the Templars for the Commander."

Medri says, "I can help with that, being an ordinary Spirean citizen, and nothing more."

Simply, Toz says to Arbre, "Things change. Should they, I am certain you would find the city to your liking."

Zaephlyn's voice resonates across the land, "Unless our guards dislike you, then don't come.. We'll just laugh."

The virile, gravelly voice of Rou reverberates throughout the land, "HROAGH!!"

Arbre cuts her eyes over to Medri for a moment before turning back to Toz. "I will follow where he leads," she replies, reaching over with one hand and pulling Meyvitch around to the other side of her.

You see Medri shout, "Don't listen to him, come anyway! We can always enjoy the show as you get blasted into a chunky slurry of meat paste by our technologically and magically superior defense force!"

Exayne winces at Medri in pain.

Meyvitch shakes Arbre's hand off too as soon as he's positioned to her liking, muttering to himself and folding his arms.

You say to Medri, "What's the shouting about?"

Medri grins a razor-sharp grin, her interlocking teeth reminiscent of a pearly white bear trap.

Exayne shrugs helplessly.

Medri says to you, "Inviting people to the Spirean Institute. Where the piano is."
Toz ignores the shouting Medri, presumably still climbing on him somewhere, and instead continues to reply to Arbre, "Again I understand the sentiment. I refrain from asking people to do things I would not, when possible."

Eyebrows raising, you say, "Oh, yeah. We got a piano."

Exayne frowns at you.

Exayne asks you, "A piano?"

Nodding, you say to Exayne, "In the Institute."

Comprehension flashes across Exayne's face.

Exayne says, "You could of said something sooner."

You have emoted: Moirean abruptly turns to Toz, stating, "You never ask anything."

Arbre nods to Toz, her eyes lingering on him a little longer than natural before she turns her attention to you, listening.

Arbre says, "Perhaps he is unwilling to do anything."

You have emoted: Moirean frowns, mulling that option over. Her brows knit together.

Arbre shrugs helplessly at Meyvitch.

Meyvitch shrugs helplessly at Arbre.

Rakim shrugs helplessly.

Rakim gives the world a smart salute.

You give Rakim a respectful salute.

Exayne gives Rakim a respectful salute.

Meyvitch tucks an obsidian dagger in his armpit, trying to clean his fingernails nonchalantly without stabbing himself.

Medri thinks for a second, then reaches down to try and tug Toz's warhammer free from his weaponbelt -- the weapon being quite possibly bigger than her.

As he feels his warhammer shift, Toz reaches behind him with a large, taloned hand and grabs hold of the haft. "Imp. If you damage any of my weapons, I will use your skull to re-forge them," he rumbles, gaze remaining on the present company that isn't currently scaling him.

You have emoted: After a rather long time thinking, Moirean simply shrugs, dismissing the topic. Her attention wanders a bit, an absent sort of interest in her eyes. She gives one of the guards on duty a nod.

You nod your head at a Syssin Inquisitor.

With a curt nod, a Syssin Inquisitor says, "Comrade. What do you need?"
 [*] (say) I'm looking for a specific guildhall.
 [*] (say) I have a city function I need to complete.
 [*] (say) I'm looking for somewhere to relax or be entertained.
 [*] (say) I need to do some shopping.
 [*] (say) Tell me about some general points of interest.
 [*] (say) I'm looking for the Institute.

Thoughtfully, you say to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Hey, where in the city do people go to be entertained?"
 [*] (say) Where's your pub?
 [*] (say) Where are the public baths?
 [*] (say) I'm in the mood for bloodsport! Where's the arena!?
 [*] (say) Where is your library?
 [*] (say) Just a place to rest, please.
 [*] (say) I'm feeling creative. Where can I listen to music?

Meyvitch says, "Prison."

Medri says to you, "To the institute, ma'am. There's a piano there."

Arbre reaches up, pushing her hair out of her face only for it to fall back in. "To the Wintersbreeze, I thought," she answers.

Carefully juggling, Meyvitch exchanges the stein for the dagger. Sticking the blade between his teeth, he tucks the stein in his armpit and rummages in his pack with his free hand.

Ears perking up, you say to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Music?"

A Syssin Inquisitor says, "We have a piano that you can listen to and play within the Spirean Institute. If you spot a crocodile playing though, I suggest you stop and listen before butting in."
Comprehension flashes across Meyvitch's face.

Medri stops in her tracks, the abrupt shifting of force causing her to topple off Toz and land on the ground in a heap.

Meyvitch snickers under his breath.

Meyvitch says, "Like this?"

Meyvitch points accusingly at a snapjaw crocodile.

You say to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Piano."

Sagely nodding, you say to a Syssin Inquisitor, "In the Institute. Good man." 

Toz's hand smoothly drops back down to re-clasp behind his back once he is free of imps.

Medri says, "It's to the southeast!"

A snapjaw crocodile's beady eyes settle on Medri, and it snaps its long jaw hungrily.

Medri greets a Syssin Inquisitor with a sincere smile.
With a curt nod, a Syssin Inquisitor says, "Comrade. What do you need?"
Medri says, "I wanna hear some music."
A Syssin Inquisitor says, "We have a piano that you can listen to and play within the Spirean Institute. If you spot a crocodile playing though, I suggest you stop and listen before butting in."

Gunther gives Toz a respectful salute.

Gunther gives you a respectful salute.

Meyvitch says to a Syssin Inquisitor, "You're well-trained. How many people exactly butted in before Ferrik learned em?"

Meyvitch clears his throat.

Meyvitch says, "Taught them better?"

Arbre narrows her eyes at Meyvitch, though there's little threat in them. "That was -terrible- Aetolian," she says, "I will rip you if you do that again."

Meyvitch crouches and pats the crocodile's shoulder. "Thank you for coming, my friend, I know the cold makes you uncomfortable. But you can't eat her. Go home, please."

Meyvitch sniffs Arbre, trying to decipher just what that smell emanating from her is.

You give Gunther a respectful salute.

Meyvitch says to Arbre, "Meh."

Medri peers at Meyvitch suspiciously.

Medri says, "Why does everything want to eat me?"

Meyvitch says to Medri, "You're small and edible looking."

Meyvitch says, "Full of fat and meat."

Meyvitch shrugs helplessly.

Medri says to Meyvitch, "I'm not full of meat!"

Medri peers at Meyvitch suspiciously.

Meyvitch says to Medri, "You're meat."

Medri says to Meyvitch, "YOU'RE meat."

Meyvitch says, "I'm a fox."

Exayne says to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Piano."

Arbre says to Exayne, "There is one in the Institute, you know."

Toz says, "Fox is edible."

Exayne asks Arbre, "Oh, is there?"

Meyvitch says to Medri, "I apologize. You aren't meat. You look like a sack of potatoes."

Medri stares implacably at Meyvitch.

Meyvitch creases his brow in a frown.

Meyvitch says, "Still coming out wrong. Potato-sack sized imp."

Arbre rolls her eyes over to Meyvitch. "I am not saving you if they decide to kill you."

Meyvitch's lips curls and he growls softly to himself, deciding to shut up.

Exayne says, "Relax he's safe."

Exayne says, "We don't eat mutt."

Medri stares daggers at Meyvitch -- almost literal daggers.

Toz says, "That particular imp does have a habit of using explosives, however."

You tilt your head curiously at Toz.

You say, "There are Imps who do not?"

Arbre shifts her weight again, her tail swaying back and forth, high in the air behind her.

Toz says to you, "I would not consider myself an expert in Imp warfare, Commander. So perhaps?"

With a stern from, you say to Toz, "I will banish them all to Enorian. That city refused the treaty with the Impire. They can have all the undeserving Imps."
Fyuree ponders the situation.

"Speaking of, I doubt you will get anything from the Council either," Arbre says to you, shrugging helplessly.

Medri says, "So, what do Atabahi do when they perform the Rite of Unity? They tie the knot!"

Medri sniggers evilly.

A shudder runs through Meyvitch and he narrows his eyes at Medri.

You nod your head at a Syssin Inquisitor.
With a curt nod, a Syssin Inquisitor says, "Comrade. What do you need?"
You say, "Music!"
A Syssin Inquisitor says, "We have a piano that you can listen to and play within the Spirean Institute. If you spot a crocodile playing though, I suggest you stop and listen before butting in."

Rivas enters from the southeast.
A Syssin Inquisitor follows Rivas with a cold gaze before slipping further into a nearby shadow.

You say to Rivas, "Did you come for the piano?"

Medri says to Rivas, "We have a piano!"

Medri says to Rivas, "It's in the institute."

Medri points off towards the southeast.

Arbre looks over to Rivas. "In the Institute," she supplies.

You say, "To the southeast."

Exayne adds helpfully "To the southeast".

You say, "There's a piano there."

You nod your head at a Syssin Inquisitor.
With a curt nod, a Syssin Inquisitor says, "Comrade. What do you need?"
Brightly, you say to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Tell Rivas about being entertained!"
You say, "...with music."
A Syssin Inquisitor says, "We have a piano that you can listen to and play within the Spirean Institute. If you spot a crocodile playing though, I suggest you stop and listen before butting in."

Exayne asks a Syssin Inquisitor, "Oh we have a piano?"

Medri nods her head emphatically.

Medri says, "We do!"

Vix emits a small gasp of elation.

Medri says, "It's in the Institute, to the southeast."

Arbre says, "In the Institute."

Comprehension flashes across Exayne's face.

Rivas gives a soft nod. "I heard, aye, but I was invited by my wife here," he says. "Besides, I hear plenty of piano music being married to her."

You say to Rivas, "Institute. Southeast."

Rivas says, "...yes. I know."

Exayne says to Rivas, "Oh did you know."

Exayne says to Rivas, "We have a piano!"

Grumbling irritably, a Syssin Inquisitor says, "You'd think y'all would get by now we've got a damned piano. I said it once I said it a thousand an' one times."

Exayne says to Rivas, "It's in the Institute to the Southeast."

Vix snickers under her breath.

You say to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Where was it again?"

A Syssin Inquisitor stares implacably at you.

Medri attaches a mushroom sigil to the decapitated head given to her, and it explodes in a tremendous chunky slurry of meat and brains, splattering everyone around her.

Exayne asks a Syssin Inquisitor, "Wait, we have a piano?"

A Syssin Inquisitor says to you, "If you weren't the Chair of the balls I'd sla-."

Exayne says to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Why have you not informed us of this before now."

A Syssin Inquisitor stares implacably at Exayne.

Exayne mutters "Just sayin..."

A Syssin Inquisitor says to Exayne, "I should garrote you, y'know? But you're helpin' to pay my salary, so I'll let it slip this time."

Scowling, you say, "I'll Chair YOUR balls..."

Medri hands a chunk of skull back to Vix. "Whoops. Broke it."

Meyvitch glances down at himself, eyeing the slurry stuck to arms and a bit of brain stuck to his loincloth.

Arbre says to a Syssin Inquisitor, "You could have -told- us there was a piano."

Exayne says to a Syssin Inquisitor, "So this piano, where is it exactly?"

Medri says to Arbre, "The piano! You mean the piano that's in the Institute?"

Medri says to Arbre, "There is a piano there, you know. In the Institute."

Medri says to Arbre, "It's to the southeast."

Medri points off towards the southeast.

Exayne asks Medri, "There's a piano in the institute?"

Medri nods her head emphatically.

Meyvitch wipes off some of the slurry from his skin. The piece of brain he flicks at Rivas in a fit of irritation.

Comprehension flashes across Exayne's face.

Exayne says, "Interesting."

Medri says to Exayne, "Yep. A piano's there. It's to the southeast!"

Exayne peers about himself suspiciously.

You have emoted: Moirean clears her throat. "RIGHT," she says loudly. "We don't want another riot on our hands, folks. So."

Sharply, Arbre says to Meyvitch, "Behave."

A Syssin Inquisitor's fingers curl around the whip at his side, measured patience showing itself upon his countenance.

Exayne asks, "Do we have a harp?"

Medri says, "No, but we do have a piano."

Exayne looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Exayne says, "Interesting."

Medri nods her head emphatically.

Medri says, "It's in the Institute, to the southeast!"

With a nod, you say to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Future requests about the piano are something you can deal with I trust? It's in the Institute. Just off thattaway."

Vix signs: I do believe there are other instruments as well.

Meyvitch bares his teeth at Arbre, then resumes trying to scrub himself off with an old shirt.

A Syssin Inquisitor says to you, "Permission to toss the short little'n into the piano, Chairwoman?"

Medri peers at a Syssin Inquisitor suspiciously.

A Syssin Inquisitor indicates Medri with an unsubtle jerk of his head.

Meyvitch says to you, "PLEASE."

Swiftly, you say to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Granted."

Vix gives a Syssin Inquisitor a surprised gasp.

Exayne says to a Syssin Inquisitor, "People may ask you directions to the piano later on, please make sure you inform them it's in the Institute, to the Southeast."

Arbre says, "It is in the Institute. To the southeast."

Medri shrinks back into her cloak, becoming nothing more than a length of fabric with wings and ears poking from it.

Exayne says to Arbre, "You should join us."

Exayne smiles and says to Arbre, "We have a piano."

A Syssin Inquisitor turns to approach Medri with a grin, his hands extended. "C'mon, you've committed crimes against the Spires an' her people," he solemnly states with a beckon.

Meyvitch perks up, studying the inquisitor.

You have emoted: Moirean nods firmly. "Onwards!" she declares. "To the piano!"

Vix points off into the wild blue yonder.

Exayne asks, "Where is it?"

Medri backs away defensively, stammering out, "B-b-b-b-but I'm just an ordinary Spirean citizen, and nothing more!"

Meyvitch says to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Lead on. I have to see this."

Somewhat confused, Exayne creases his brow uncertainly.

Arbre smiles at Exayne. "I have one in my bedroom, so you will have to come up with a better temptation."

Exayne says to Arbre, "We have one too y'know."

Arbre says to Exayne, "Where?"

Exayne shrugs helplessly.

You say, "To syssin make sure you PITCH her well. She's a bit KEYED up. Might try to SCALE away, too."

Exayne says to Arbre, "Damned if I know, the guard wont tell me."

Vix signs: I want to push buttons on this piano.

You say, "Piano!"

--- Run to the Institute ---

You yell, "It's in HERE."

Arbre yells, "No it is not."

You yell, " it's not."

--- Back to the Inner Gate ---

A Syssin Inquisitor comes in slowly, trudging the piano behind him with a grimace. It's quite the wonder he clearly made it here with it all on his own.

Exayne yells, "The guard stole it."

Sweeping out in a large, curved shape, this grand piano is ready to be played, with a bench sitting directly before it at the perfect height for a night of musical performance. Both instrument and  bench are constructed from a strong hardwood, painted a deep ebony, with a glossy coat of enamel  giving the piece a bright gleam beneath light. A long keyboard of ivory and ebony keys sits waiting  to be played, with the piece's heavy lid opening to reveal the magnificent inner workings - a large  iron plate serves as the interior frame, polished, painted and molded with decorative adornments,  while steel strings and felt-topped wooden hammers sit above a large soundboard for a loud, swelling  resonance. Ornate legs support the entire piece, the elaborate carvings mirrored in the bench, with  leonine paws sturdily gripping the floor in a final flourish.

You stare implacably at a magnificent grand piano.

Medri's ears droop as she watches the piano come into view. She gives a Syssin Inquisitor her best puppy eyes, yellow-and-red eyes wide.

You say, "...what the Pit..."

Exayne lets a short giggle at the word 'Pit' before regaining his composure.

Meyvitch watches the scene unfold with an excited glitter to his eyes.

"You," a Syssin Inquisitor declares, leveling a finger at Medri. "In," is the succinct, final command issued from the man as he lifts the cover to reveal the series of strings therein.

Exayne says, "No nono."

Cheering up, Meyvitch exclaims, "SLAM IT DOWN ON HER HEAD!"

Exayne yells "WAIT!"

Exayne asks a cabalist of jherza, "Will you cover the cost to get it retuned?"

You have emoted: A touch of concern ripples across Moirean's features. "I dunno how pianos work, but that might not be good for it...?"

Giving Arbre a short peck on the cheek, Rivas says, "You all have a lovely piano, no matter where it is."

--- Rivas wings out ---

Medri whines pitifully, backing away a little in reluctance. She gives a Syssin Inquisitor a firm shake of her head.

A Syssin Inquisitor turns an almost expectant gaze towards you, an eyebrow arching.

You tell Rivas, "Oh. I get it. You don't like it when pianos are played in public!"

You chew thoughtfully on your lip.

Exayne says, "Caught between a rock and a piano."

Exayne nods his head sagely.

A Syssin Inquisitor stares at Exayne and pointedly says nothing at all.

Arbre says to you, "I can fix it. Masters used to make me after they would get drunk and botch ours up."

You say to Arbre, "Which will it hurt more: the piano or the Imp?"

Arbre says, "The piano, likely."

You have emoted: Moirean looks a bit dismayed and lets out a bit of a sigh. "Fine fine fine," she concedes. "Don't put her IN it." She furrows her brow and then declares, "Put her ON it. Make her PLAY!"

You say to Medri, "Showtime."

Arbre says to you, "That will hurt -us- more."

You say to Arbre, "We're easier to replace. I had to trade an arm and a leg for the piano."

Medri shrinks back even further, eyes wide, tail lowered, ears flattened back against her hood. She looks almost like a hurt kitten.

--- Teani joins the gathering ---

"What's with the southerners?" a Syssin Inquisitor queries, now casually leaning backwards against the piano. With one quick movement, he pushes himself to sit upon the lid, a foot nonchalantly perched on one of the keys in such a way that elicits a low, droning note.

Exayne says to a Syssin Inquisitor, "I know! It's making me hungry."

Arbre says to a Syssin Inquisitor, "I draw a crowd wherever I go."

A Syssin Inquisitor says to Arbre, "You'd expect the opposite with that smell."

You have emoted: Moirean shrugs. "We're just more interesting, I suppose," she says.

A Syssin Inquisitor grunts noncommittally.

Exayne looks at Teani, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Arbre stares implacably at a Syssin Inquisitor.

Teani raises an eyebrow at Exayne.

Defensively, Arbre says, "I smell just fine."

A Syssin Inquisitor releases a disbelieving snort towards Arbre.

Exayne nods slowly "Perhaps it our world famous personality."

Exayne exclaims, "Or the fact we have a piano!"

Exayne points accusingly at a magnificent grand piano.

Medri says, "Ooh, yes, the piano!"

Medri perks up.

Medri says, "It's in the Inst-no, wait."

Exayne says to Medri, "Play."

Cannan enters from the southeast.

Dramatically, his hands flying skywards, a Syssin Inquisitor says, "OH YEAH, THE PIANO! BUT WHERE IS IT!? YOU SHOULD PROB'LY ASK ME!"

"We have a piano...?" Cannan asks, completely lost.

Medri nods her head at Cannan.

Cannan looks about himself, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

A Syssin Inquisitor raises his hand threateningly.

Medri says, "We have a piano. It's in the ... well, it's right here for now."

Medri points accusingly at a magnificent grand piano.

Cannan says, "Huh. We have a piano at the inner gate."

Medri distinctly refuses to play the piano. She sits there in a mess.

Arbre looks up. "Hope it does not rain."

Teani ponders the piano, running a finger along the top. "It seems like a rather odd place for a piano, if you ask me."

Exayne says to Teani, "Well you see."

Exayne says to Teani, "It was in the Institute, to the Southeast."

Exayne says to a Syssin Inquisitor, "Wasn't it?"

A Syssin Inquisitor's shoulders slump somewhat, followed by a stomp of his foot that ushers forth another discordant chord as it to emphasize his dreary demeanor. He mutters something beneath his breath, but the only immediately discernible word is something along the lines of, "Quitting."

Arbre looks back down at the piano, releasing a huff of breath. She moves over to bench, taking a seat and pushing a Syssin Inquisitor's feet out of the way. "No you are not," she informs him, before beginning to tap idly at the keys, slowly forming chords and scales.

Medri takes this time to dart into a nearby snowdrift, vanishing out of sight.

(Spinesreach): Kikon says, "Anyone like some free moss?"

(Spinesreach): Medri says, "Sure. I'm at the piano!"

(Spinesreach): You say, "It's in the Inst-."

(Spinesreach): You say, "Wait."

Kikon enters from the north.

Kikon eyes a magnificent grand piano, giving it the once over.

A Syssin Inquisitor crudely positions his feet so that his legs are spread, one foot perched upon each surrounding raised lip of the keyboard.

Exayne emits a loud "SHHHHH" to everyone, his gaze lingering on Arbre expectantly.

You have emoted: Moirean takes a step closer to Toz, leaning against him as she listens to Arbre begin her playing. Her expression grows more pensive as her ears twitch, following the music.

Arbre looks pointedly at a Syssin Inquisitor's crotch, then at his face before beginning to play a melody. It isn't complicated, but it's well performed, slow and haunting. "This is about the only thing of use I can do," she comments.

Teani murmurs a low, "I wonder if I remember how to play."

Toz moves automatically to slide his arm around you as you nestles in close, glancing over briefly. He gives you a small nod before his ears swivel towards Arbre's playing, listening attentively.
Exayne begins to sway and attempts to hum along to the melody he does not know.

You have emoted: "It's not," Moirean says, quietly, in objection to Arbre's remark.

"Wasn't bad," a Syssin Inquisitor notes with a shrug. "For a southerner."

Arbre looks over her shoulder at you, fingers still moving over the keys. "I never bedded you, so I do not know what you would claim as my other talents," she says with a toothy grin that doesn't quite match the somber tone of the music.

Meyvitch snorts arrogantly at Arbre.

Exayne continues his humming providing a complete contrast to the beauty of the sober music coming from the piano.

In one fluid motion, a Syssin Inquisitor slides from the top of the piano and into the accompanying bench, pushing Arbre just slightly aside with a light nudge - evidently he brought the bench with him! How talented! He gives his fingers a light wiggle before taking to the keys on the higher end of the spectrum, bringing to life a cheerful counterpart to the haunting measure that spills forth from Arbre's playing, the melody wavering as if taking turns to create an almost story-like experience.

Cannan blinks.

Cannan says, "And here I thought the guards just ate all the food and smelled like shite."

Cannan says, "Apparently the've got somethin to offer."

You have emoted: Moirean leans in closer to Toz. "You do other stuff," she softly insists, her hand finding Toz's.

Arbre always thought a Syssin Inquisitor was talented, and easily scoots over, giving him room.

Medri tumbles out of a snowdrift, stands up, and brushes herself off. Even she's enthralled by the duet!

Toz gives your hand a small squeeze in return, glancing briefly towards you.

In a sing-song voice, a Syssin Inquisitor says, "Ohhh, Carnifex Postulants givin' me qualms, thinkin' I'm useless and can't write no songs! He says that I'm smelly, he says that I eat, but at least in the end I ain't kissin' Imp feet!"

Toz tells you, "I tried to convince her to join us, at least. You two get along well."

Exayne's eyes widen slightly as the Syssin Inquisitor sits. His humming coming to a halt as he becomes enthralled with the music.

Exayne laughs joyously at the song, his hands coming together in a premature applause.

Arbre grins, shaking her head, and shifts her hands, trying to match her music to a Syssin Inquisitor's tune a bit better.

You have emoted: Moirean gives Toz a faint nod, her attention fixed on the music.

Cannan opens his mouth in mild shock and blinks, then scowls darkly and spits on the ground. He mumbles something obscene and taps his bardiche in a nervous tic, his hair obscuring his eyes.

Exayne cheers urging the Syssin Inquisitor onwards.

Medri thinks for a second, then whips a small ocarina out from the infinite volumes of her cloak, scrambling up onto the side of the piano without causing much disturbance -- she's awfully lightweight. Following the lead of Arbre and a Syssin Inquisitor, she plays out a middle ground, keeping the melody.

His tone wavering, yet surprisingly tolerable, a Syssin Inquisitor says, "The wolf from the south comes up here and now plays, leavin' her city 'cause she's run out of lays! I can't right complain, no I can't quite at all, 'cause with the Commander it's always a ball."

A Syssin Inquisitor sways with every keystroke, a grin lifting his lips as he continues matching Arbre's lower notes.

Cannan smirks in spite of himself, flicking his eyes towards you. "Balls..." He mutters a little too loudly, and bundles his coat more tightly around him.

"-Council-," Arbre corrects, not making mention of the other comment on her.

You have emoted: Moirean blinks, eyebrows raising. "You left Duiran?" she blurts out in surprise.

A voice from somewhere in the general direction of Kikon wonders, "For the piano?"

Arbre shakes her head at you.

Toz says to you, "He means physically walked here, I believe."

Exayne gapes in surprise "Everyone, Arbre left Duiran!"

Arbre rolls her eyes, continuing playing and not bothering to argue.

Clearing his throat before continuing onwards, a Syssin Inquisitor says, "And by her side now is the big mighty hammer, followin' his wife in a servant-like manner! She's got a little kid but it's scary you see - killed more folks than Desian when younger than three!"

Cannan snickers under his breath.

Medri sways left and right, eyes closed, wings flittering for balance. Her ocarina's tune accompanys the two piano players while she sits on the edge of the piano.

You have emoted: Moirean gives a slow nod, falling silent again. She nods again, in approval, at the verse about her family, and glances up to give Toz a faint smile.

Toz's lip curls upwards in a faint smirk at the verse about him, and he glances back towards you and inclines his head very slightly towards you.

Singing much louder than before, proudly bellowing, a Syssin Inquisitor says, "You come here for joy, you walk down that road, there's no place like Spines, HROAGH, HROAGH!"

You see Exayne shout, "HROAGH."

You have emoted: Moirean rises up onto her tip-toes, lifting her arm into the air as she echoes the cry.

Arbre winces away from a Syssin Inquisitor's volume, fingers still on the keys.

You shout, "HROAGH!"

Cannan taps his bardiche loudly, and lifts it in the air, "HROAGH!" He shouts, proudly, grinning like a fool.

A Syssin Inquisitor practically pounds the last few concluding chords upon the keyboard, leaning back exaggeratedly as the melody comes to an end.

Exayne raises his flail as he shouts, quickly ducking as the iron ball swings towards his head.
Medri pulls away from her ocarina, grinning her signature beartrap-like grin.

You see Medri shout, "HROAGH!"

Arbre lifts her hands as a Syssin Inquisitor does, turning around on the bench to face the crowd.

You see Arbre shout, "Aroo!"

Roux's voice resonates across the land, "Aroo!"

Elwyn's voice resonates across the land, "Aroo!"

Burdened with madness, the cacophonous voice of Aarbrok resounds, "Aroo!"

Daskalos' deep rumbling voice resounds across the continent, "Praise the Light!"

Toz doesn't join in on the shouting, simply remaining still and quiet at your side.

You see Cannan shout, "HROAGH!"

The crashing of waves resonates throughout the atmosphere as the Maelstrom's words echo, "...Ngh. Enough."

(Spinesreach): Exayne says, "All together now."

(Spinesreach): Exayne says, "HROAGH."

(Spinesreach): Medri says, "HROAGH!"

(Spinesreach): Cannan says, "HROAGH."

You shout, "The HROAGHs will rain down until they wash away that foul bracken stagnating the fountain. H-R-O-A-G-H!"

You see Medri shout, "HROAAAAAAAAAAAAA---kaff!--kaff!--wheeze!--guh."

Cannan smirks.

Exayne leans over and whallops Medri on the back.

Medri is sent tumbling off the piano, spinning mid-air before landing on the ground.

Arbre shakes her hair out behind her, taking a long swallow of a glass flask etched with a stylized "v" with traces of an emerald splash of 'Liquid Death'.

Cannan says to Exayne, "Nice one..."

Exayne winces and mutters "Oops..."

A Syssin Inquisitor releases a quick bow before trudging away with the piano behind.

"Oof!", Arbre sputters weakly, gasping for air.

Cannan says, "...that was odd."

With a smirk, you say to Cannan, "That was Spirean."

Cannan clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth and winks at you. "Uniquely so."

Exayne stomps over to Medri and picker her up by the back with one hand and places his back on her feet, clumsily attempting to brush off and snow and dirt with his earthen hands.

Arbre pushes herself up from where she landed on the ground, succeeding in flashing everyone in the process. She either doesn't notice or doesn't care, brushing her skirt in a way that is more habitual than purposeful.

Exayne asks, "Where'd the piano go?"

Arbre says, "The guard took it off."

You say to Exayne, "To the Institute."

You point off towards the southeast.


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    I got -way- more attention when I sat down at the piano than I was expecting.  I said something about this log being long to Ansnom and he was like, "You were giggling for several hours."  Doublepostftw
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