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Hey everyone! I've hopefully been around long enough to have gotten better at RP. *crosses fingers* So tell me what you think of Jas and any helpful tidbits for improving RP will be greatly appreciated!


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    I'm extremely lucky to have picked you to randomly bribe for some ylem wares that one random day, you've turned out to be a FANTASTIC player and character to interact with. Even in my (and Rivas's) worst of bad moods, Jasline never ceases to bring a smile and a pleasant word to my playing experience.

    I'm absolutely looking forward to see how Jas grows as a character, and what the future has to bring.



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  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Member, Guildmaster Posts: 2,066 mod
    Jasline is one of my absolute favorite people to play with.  I don't feel pressured to RP with you when I don't feel up to it and you let me just drag you along behind me while I kill things.  I wasn't 100% certain I wanted to adopt Jasline when Rivas brought it up, but I pretty much went along with it to make him happy and I haven't regretted it.  You have a way of making everything more enjoyable and helping out when I'm in a bad mood without even trying.
  • ArbreArbre Arbrelina Jolie Member, Guildmaster Posts: 2,066 mod
    Adopting Jasline is still not a regret.  I enjoy their relationship and I like how Jasline confides in Arbre; it has sincerely become a mother-daughter relationship instead of just friends who use the titles.
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    Who is this Jasline person you speak of?!

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